“Tell me what this is,” Jaco demanded, holding the key out upon his flat palm. “I can’t...I can’t…” I struggled against the force of my body. I felt my body beginning to grow faint, and if I refused much longer, I’d die. I fell to my knees in defeat and looked up with tears in my eyes. “It’s the key to my heart.”


11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“We have to what?!” Cheri screamed at me. I placed my hand across her mouth to shush her.

“Cheri, be quiet!” I whispered as I removed my hand. Her eyes were still filled with anger. I wanted to cower in the corner; I’d never seen her quite this mad before. I watched her anger slowly die away to sadness as she began to think about all that she had to leave behind.

“I just met him last night; Jeremy is perfect,” Cheri sighed. I tilted my head as I tried to remember his face. Ahhh, Jeremy. He was about 5’10”, with dark brown hair and matching dark brown eyes. I had briefly seen Cheri dancing with him before I left to be in the moonlight and meet Charming. Well, I guess I should start calling him Calimo. Cheri was sulking, but she smiled sadly.

“Honey, if it helps you, I’ll come with. I don’t want to see you hurt. Plus, not getting hurt myself sounds good,” Cheri punched my shoulder, just enough to hurt.

“I guess I deserve that,” I smiled. Cheri gestured with her head to Sashay, who was standing by the wall with Jaco, obviously deep in a conversation. Jaco kept throwing glances our way, and we were feeling it.

“What are we going to do about her?” Cheri asked. I shrugged. I knew we were going to have to tell her, and soon. We were planning on leaving on Saturday and that was four days away. Five days, if you included today, Monday. It was still lunch, but I didn’t feel like eating. I could tell Cheri didn’t either.

“Hey guys,” Sashay wandered over to us. We both avoided her gaze. “Alright you two. Spill. You know I can tell when you are hiding something from me,” Sashay slammed her food on to the table. Cheri looked at me and I sighed.

“Ok, Cheri and I are leaving,” I said looking into Sashay’s eyes. Her eyes grew big and round.

“Why?” She said trying to hold her composure. I proceeded to tell her what happened. She seemed shocked when I told her about Jaco.

“But I don’t know what side he’s on, so don’t get too worried,” I smiled trying to lift her spirits. She sadly smiled back and then she continued to tell us she was coming too. Cheri and I looked at her in surprise. “I can’t let you guys have all the fun,” Sashay laughed. I shrugged and we all laughed.

“Guess we’re all running away together. We leave on Saturday,” I stated standing up. “So start collecting your things, and keep it quiet. We can’t have Jaco or Calimo know where we are going.”

“So, you finally found out who your Charming was, huh?” Sashay nudged my side and I blushed.

“Yeah, and now he thinks I’m Cheri, and now we have to leave,” I said unhappily. They patted my shoulders, and I grinned in spite of it. I’d live. 

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