“Tell me what this is,” Jaco demanded, holding the key out upon his flat palm. “I can’t...I can’t…” I struggled against the force of my body. I felt my body beginning to grow faint, and if I refused much longer, I’d die. I fell to my knees in defeat and looked up with tears in my eyes. “It’s the key to my heart.”


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I ran. I ran as fast as I could. It was dark enough out where the street lights had come on as I passed each one. I could tell my dress absorbing the dirt from the ground, but in that moment I didn’t care. My feet pounded the sidewalk as I began to feel tears run down my face once again. I clutched the rose and key to my heart. My Charming, my key. The most perfect night turned into the worst. Jaco knew now, and that scared me. What would he do with it? Would he do if he knew I had to follow anything he said? I nearly stopped when I thought that. But I remembered my mission: to get home. I was almost there. Mom said she was leaving for a few days because she had finished her book and she wanted to get it published with her others. So she left to meet with her publisher, so I had the house to myself. After tonight, I was glad. I didn’t want her asking questions about why I was so upset. I clapped my hands when I reached my house and the porch lights appeared. I went to the plant hanging on the house and reached up for the keys. I chose the right one and pulled open the door. I closed it behind me and sank to the floor. The dressed poofed out around me and I raised the rose to my lips.

“Oh Charming. I don’t even know who you are,” I trailed off petting the petals. Then I lifted the key to my heart and hugged it. I still had the traces of pain in my chest from Jaco touching my key. But I knew the pain would go away soon. I looked down at it wondering if Jaco knew he could make me do anything. Sashay liked him so much, and she doesn’t usually like untrustworthy guys, but I didn’t know. I gathered up the skirt of my dress and stood up, refusing to cry anymore. I made my way into the kitchen and opened a cabinet above me. I reached for a thin glass vase and filled it with water. I placed the rose in it. I then took it to my room and placed in on my dresser. I changed into my pajamas, and went to my bed slamming myself down. I turned slightly to the right to look at the clock. It read, 11:11, so I made a wish.

“I wish everything will stay ok,” I whispered and slowly fell to sleep.

“Look, she’s coming back!” Emmiale said excitedly. I awoke in the same corduroy purple sphere chair. Kineri seemed excited as well and Seian actually seemed to be semi-interested in my appearance. I wore the same white gown as well. I shook my head and smiled at the three sitting in front of me. “Amberlin, you’re back,” Emmiale spoke again.

“Yes, I am,”

“You have worried us,” Kineri said scratching his small goatee.

I shrugged, “I’m sorry, I guess I haven’t slept deep enough for this.” Emmiale nodded her head in agreement.

“Before we continue our conversation from last time, there is something we need to show you,” Emmiale said snapping her fingers. A screen appeared and I saw Jaco sitting with another guy. I gasped when I realized it was my Charming.

“Is this live?” I whispered. I pulled my knees up and wrapped my hands around my legs. Emmiale snapped her fingers again and the sound came on, loud and clear.

“Calimo, there is something we need to reveal to you,” Jaco reached down to pull his brother up. Calimo’s knee was still bleeding so Jaco led him to one of the benches. Calimo sat down and Jaco began to wrap his leg with a handkerchief he had with him.

“Calimo! He’s my Charming?” I nearly shouted. I saw him all the time. How did I see him nearly every day and not know it was him? Emmiale shook me from my thoughts when she cleared her throat and gestured to the screen once again. I pulled myself from my thoughts as Calimo, my Charming, started to talk.

“Did you just say ‘we’?” Calimo questioned uncertainly. Jaco nodded and wiped his hands on the grass below them.

I could see Calimo’s blood on the ground. I felt bad for leaving him on the ground with his knee bleeding like that. I felt my cheeks redden a little.

“I am a part of a secret association called the Eternal Knights. And so are you,” Jaco began to explain and Calimo’s eyes bulged.

“I never signed up for whatever you said, the Eternal Knights?” Calimo shook his head.

I was just as confused. I looked toward the guardians and they all were watching the screen intently. So I turned back as well.

“But you are because you are in this family. For generations, our family, along with many others, has been inducted as Eternal Knights. You aren’t quite old enough yet to be let in on the secret but because of your situation…” Jaco trailed off leaving Calimo with a puzzled look on his face.

“What situation?” Calimo looked up at his brother. Jaco sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

“You know that girl you came here with?” Calimo nodded at Jaco’s statement. “Well, she’s a Key’d person.” Calimo’s confusion showed on his face.

“Oh no!” I yelled and the guardians shushed me.

“What had that got to do anything? And what the heck is a Key’d person?”Calimo demanded.

“Ok well sit back, because this is going to take awhile,” Jaco watched as Calimo adjusted himself and stoically placed his hands in his lap. Jaco slouched a little, losing some of his masculinity as he placed both his hands on the bench for support.

“Let’s begin.”

“The Eternal Knights started when the first Key’d person was found out. She was ruthless. She killed many of our members with her powers.” Jaco stopped for a second.

“What was her name?” Calimo dared to ask.


I looked in surprise at Emmiale. She had tears in the corners of her eyes. She swallowed and noticed I was looking at her. She smiled sadly. I turned back toward the screen.

“Emmiale was brutal. Going around, threatening normal people. So these normal people formed the Eternal Knights to make sure no Key’d person could do that again. We have been searching for the most recent Key’d person, and she’s the girl who met up with you. She obviously knows your family is a part of the Eternal Knights and was tricking you into liking her so she could make you join her side, before you were old enough to join. She’s tricking you,” Jaco stated with a stern face.

Tears rolled down my face. How could he say that about Emmiale and then me? I had no such intensions, I just really liked him. I thought maybe even loved him. But, after that explanation, I knew Calimo would never love me. I wasn’t going to let him know it was me, ever.

“Are you sure you don’t know who she is?” Calimo asked with fire in his eyes, his blonde hair flowing in the wind. Jaco didn’t know how to answer.

I was so upset. I didn’t want Jaco to tell him. A word came to me out of the blue, “angaloria,” I said with force.

Jaco felt sometime enter him and he knew it was magic. He had to tell Calimo before he forgot. “It was, it was,” Calimo leaned in. Jaco tried to spit it out, but the magic stopped him. Instead of saying Amberlin, he said, “Cheri.”

I felt as if someone hit me with a stone in the stomach. I gasped for breath. I didn’t know he was going to say my best friend’s name! Why couldn’t have he said mine? I rocked back and forth.

“Amberlin, this is serious. You must tell your friend she is in danger, and the two of you need to get out of town. I’m sorry we cannot continue our original conversation tonight. But, come back as soon as you can. You are growing stronger, and you need to know how to control your powers,” Emmiale said with confidence. I nodded and Kineri came over and gave me a hug.

“It’s going to be okay,” Kineri rubbed my back. I pulled back and forced a smile. Emmiale came over and touched my forehead.

I started awake noticing I fell out of my bed sometime in the night. I rubbed my head, and pulled my knees to my chest. Today I had to run away. But where?

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