After Tris' death Tobias is left devastated but does he know the truth?


4. Tell-Tobias

I wait with her until I am sure she is asleep and safe. Even then I stay sitting down, brushing her hair with my hand. When the Helena comes in for about the fifth time she ushers me away and tells me to get some rest. I make her promise to tell me if anything happens to her and she gives me her word. I just hope her word is enough.

I walk up and down the hallways several times, recalling the events of the day. She is alive, she is alive, even after an hour I can't get my head around it. After two years of aching pain she is still here. I decide I need to tell someone.

Christina got her new apartment shortly after we arrived in Dauntless. I've only been to it once, to walk her home, but I know the way like the back of my hand. Once I get there I knock three times and step back a little. She opens the door hesitantly.

"Four?" She questions, "What are you doing here?"

I wait a minute before speaking again.

"Follow me" I whisper


"Just come!" My voice is getting tense.


She doesn't question me anymore on the way to the hospital though I can see how curious she is to find out where I'm taking her by the way she is walking.

I hesitate outside Tris' room and drag two chairs out.

"Sit" I say, gesturing towards the chair.

She does. I tell her all about Tris and she bursts into tears. When Helena leaves the room we decide it will be best to see her now.

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