After Tris' death Tobias is left devastated but does he know the truth?


1. Dauntless- Tobias

After scattering Tris' ashes we decide it's time to head down. My heart aches and I feel the same pain I did when I first found out that she had left me. I remind myself of why I did what I did- she came to dauntless to be free and now she is completely free. I take a deep breath and carry on walking.

Once we are all down we go our separate ways. I take a slow walk back to my old apartment. I see her everywhere I go. Sometimes it is so convincing that I run after her, screaming her name. I thought it would get better after a while but it hasn't. I pause by the chasm and look Down at the water. That's when I see her. I shake my head and tell myself that she is gone and that she's not coming back but, this time, she doesn't go away.

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