One Dream, One Story, One Obsession, One Direction

Mia, Lizzy, Alie, and Elena. The four best friends whose life change when they meet the one and only One Direction. Some say when you found love, your life would be perfect but would it be for them? The question is who will fall in love with who? And with presence of some psycho girls who would do anything even if it kills to have the boys, will they survive the battle of love? Or will it ends with someone dead?


1. Where Everything Starts




Everything started in High School. Me and my besties met unexpectedly when we were in Ninth Grade. We were being put together in a same class and since we sat close to each other, we started to be friends and started to hang out whenever we got nothing to do until we became what we are right now, best friends forever. We even create a name for our group by combining parts of our names so it became ‘Mizzy Aliena’. What’s special about us that made us stick together is that we are OBSESSED–well more to dedicated actually–of the same things.

Now, let me introduce myself and the rest of the group. I’m Elena Evweet, I’m the tallest among the girls, imaginative and sort of quite. I’m not good at making friends since I’m not that talkative but if you knew me I’m very friendly and playful. So don’t judge the cake by its topping (I know that’s not a correct idioms but I just love cake so deal with it). And I hate butterflies. The way they flap their tiny wings and fluttered around just freaked me out. Next is the most proactive, talkative, hyperactive and sometimes emotional girl is Mia Valentine. We all loved her sexy lips that looked like Angelina Jolie and she’s very loud. Then there’s Rosalie Thompson. We like to call her Alie, and even from the name you could guess she’s a lovely, kind, caring and understanding friend but she could be unexpected sometimes. You will never know what’s on her mind. Completing the group is Lizzy Brooke. She’s small, cute, smart and loves purple so much. It’s like she’s living in a Purple World and not to mention she’s funny too. She could crack you up anytime. 

We’re living in London, ENGLAND and currently studying in a college and we had just turned 18. We’re living under the same roof in an apartment. Even though it’s small, but it’s big enough for us to create our own “Wonderland” or maybe “A Jurassic Park”. Alie and I were studying for medical course. As for Lizzy, she was making her steps to be an ICT lecturer. Have you ever imagined Angelina Jolie flying a plane? That’s extra awkward but our Angelina Jolie a.k.a. Mia was training to be one. That’s it. It’d get boring if I continue to describe about us. So, we owned a bakery. Not a big one but it looked awesome to us. We named it “Mizzy Aliena’s Bakery”. Of course we sell cakes, donuts, cup cakes, buns, muffins and don’t forget our delightful ICE CREAM!! 

Oopss! I didn’t tell you about our OBSESSION yet, did I? It’s the ONE DIRECTION!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! We’ve been dying to meet them! Ok now I’m excited. As you know or maybe you don’t know there were five members of One Direction. Handsome Zayn, Sweet Niall, Cute Harry, Cheeky Liam and Playful Louis. We were desperately head over heels for them. 

Louis Tomlinson is the eldest in the group and Lizzy is the youngest among us. Why Lizzy? Because she had a thing for Louis. If only they were really together that would be so cute. Lizzy is as funny as Louis and they would be a great comedian together. And not to forget, pranksters! 

Harry Styles, the cute and romantic guy with a curly hair. Harry is very close to Louis like a ‘love couple’ just like Mia and Lizzy. And Mia, with her sexy Angelina Jolie lips always dreamed of kissing Harry’s perfect cherry lips. 

Niall Horan. Niall, Niall, Niall, Sweet, Sweet, Sweet. The ‘One Thing’ you can describe him. ~You’ve got that one thing~. The special thing about Niall is his charming blonde hair. He is the only blonde in the group, and he loves to eat and fart like a lot! Niall, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry. But Alie loves you very much! She could talk about him all day all night without even getting tired. She’s so into him.

Zayn Malik! The most handsome and mysterious lads in the group. And because of that I’m obsessed with him! Screaming is what I always do whenever I heard about him. The most adorable thing about Zayn is that he likes to bite his lips when he is nervous, and that’d always drive me crazy! Works everytime.

As for Liam, he’s the sensible one in the group. And because of that, he’s been called the “Daddy Direction”. He’s like a hot and charming and endearing, the most awesome daddy any kid would have ever wished for. But just one thing about him that makes him special. He’s scared of spoon. More like a phobia. But that’s what makes him different. And different what makes Liam Payne special.

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