One Dream, One Story, One Obsession, One Direction

Mia, Lizzy, Alie, and Elena. The four best friends whose life change when they meet the one and only One Direction. Some say when you found love, your life would be perfect but would it be for them? The question is who will fall in love with who? And with presence of some psycho girls who would do anything even if it kills to have the boys, will they survive the battle of love? Or will it ends with someone dead?


6. Plastic Divas



We weren’t single anymore. The whole world already knew about our sweet, romantic relationship with One Direction. Since the night at the beach, we had become really close and finally started dating. We did a lot of video diaries together that might as well make you guys jealous. Sorry, but we got them first! But the fans were really acceptance and they did support us. And because of that, Mizzy Aliena’s Bakery became more popular and we became richer than before. A lot of people came everyday and we even have a regular customer now who would come every morning and ordered two chocoberry muffins with extra chocolate chips and a cup of hot mocha. Even Johnny Depp had tasted our superlicious cakes, mouthwatering ice cream and fluffy cupcakes. Yeah, he ate a lot! And we had also moved from our small apartment into our own enormous double-storey’s house which we bought with our own money. It was so big you could even fit an elephant in there. The house had like four bedrooms each with a super size bed but we still shared one bedroom together because we were used to it and we just loved to sleep and cuddle together. Everything was falling perfectly into place until some uninvited people crashed it.



            “What the heck! Who are these girls? They aren’t supposed to be with our true and only love!” I cried as I stared at a picture of four ordinary girls being so close with the boys, on my computer screen. "And the caption below this picture says 'The One Direction lads with their girlfriends'.

"What?!" Amanda cried, getting off the chair and stomped toward the computer screen. "Ewww!!! Ugh, this is so unfair!" she cried in her annoying high-pitched voice.

            “Yeah! We are the most loyal and truthful directioners and are meant to be with them, but how come they got to date them first?!” said Jessica, backing me up as the leader of the group.

"I don't see they're any more special than us." Serena chimed in. I pointed toward her and nodded as if to say 'you got the point'.

            “Well to be honest they look really cute together,” interrupted Lusiana, sitting in bed as she flipped through a teen fashion magazine. Then me, Serena, Jessica and Amanda all turned to look at her in unison. Lusiana had always been the dumbest one in our group.

            “What? It’s true,” she said once she looked up and saw that all of us were staring at her.

            “Ugh! Whatever! I can’t stand much longer seeing them together,” said Serena, who was head over heels for Zayn.

            “We must get rid of them ASAP!” said Amanda, scowling as she got up to her feet and with that we all nodded with each a plan in our heads.



Another busy day in our bakery. A lot of people were crowding outside waiting for us to open the magic door to the Mizzy Aliena’s - now famous - bakery. But somehow I had the feeling that something bad was going to happen. We were lending some hands to our workers serving our customers, when suddenly we saw five unusual, weird and freakin’ looking girls were walking into our bakery. They were wearing weird puffed up dresses with faces full of make-ups and high heels that looked a little too high for them. They looked like plastic divas and I didn't know why but they seemed to be walking in slow-motion with the wind dramatically blowing their hair. But the fun part was, no one in our bakery was paying any attention to them and not even a quick glance because they were too busy enjoying and savouring our delicious and scrumptious desserts. Now that's historical and hilarious!

            “Uh, hello? Anyone? We come to eat, not to sit and stare. Take our orders now!” Victoria insisted the moment they had comfortably seated at a table. She was snapping her fingers in the air as she spoke probably trying to get some attention. Poor girl.

            One of our workers, Josh, went to take their orders. “Yes, may I take your order?” He said in a flat tone as he stuck a pencil in his ear and holding a small notebook.

            “Five munchy chocolate, blueberry top with durian icing,” ordered Amanda.

            “Durian? Chocolate? With blueberry?” He had never taken any orders as weird as that before. Like seriously who in their right mind would order something like that? You could end up in the toilet the whole day and night trying to get rid of those things from your tummy.

            “Yes. Do you have any problem with that?” said Serena, raising one of her perfectly curved eyebrow.

            “Um, just wait a sec, I’ll be right back,” responded Josh. He came reporting to us about their weird meal choice. After hearing that, we all went to see the plastic divas ourselves.

            “Sorry…um…ma’am, we don’t have that kind of weird and alien type of food,” said Alie, giggling.

            “Just like them, weirdo girls!” whispered Mia just loud enough for us to hear. We could've laughed so hard right at that moment but as professional we managed to control ourselves. Just like we always did.

            “What kind of bakery is this? I want to see the owner. I insist!” said Amanda as she banged the table with her fist.

            “Well, you guys are looking at them right under your nose,” I said, stepping forward, crossing my arms over my chest.

            “Good. Now sit, shut up and listen. We’ve got a lot to say about your not-so-good bakery,” said Victoria, mortified. She stood up in front of us and snapping her fingers in front of our faces as she crapped and crapped. We didn’t know why they loved to snap their fingers so much. Like hello? That’s so last year.

            We’re fit to be tied as they kept talking and complaining about how terrible our foods were as if they’d tasted it! And we knew all that wasn’t true! Not a single bit. If our foods tasted like they said "rubbish" then why would there be lots of customers flooding our bakery? Seriously, what's their problem with us?

            Elena looked like she was about to explode like a teenage volcano. If only she could stuff her sweaty feet-flavored socks into each of the girls mouth and watched them vomit until they got nothing left inside their stomach, she would. But well, we have to respect our customers since there's a saying 'Customers are always right'.

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