One Dream, One Story, One Obsession, One Direction

Mia, Lizzy, Alie, and Elena. The four best friends whose life change when they meet the one and only One Direction. Some say when you found love, your life would be perfect but would it be for them? The question is who will fall in love with who? And with presence of some psycho girls who would do anything even if it kills to have the boys, will they survive the battle of love? Or will it ends with someone dead?


7. Intruders



We closed our bakery at eight o’clock as usual and made sure that the ‘magic’ door was completely locked and not even the wind could pass through. We were going back to our wonderland home to clean up ourselves because tonight, we were going to have a pajamas party at our secret lair here at Mizzy Aliena’s bakery.

“Can you please lock the door faster?” complained Mia behind me as I was fumbling with the key out of excitement.

“Be patient, okay?” I replied over my shoulder. “I know you’re excited. We all are.”

Mia growled. “It’s scary to stand outside here in the vacant street at times like this. I can only hear crickets,” she whispered the last line.

“Done.” I threw the keys up in the air and caught it back before I said, “You happy now?”

“Guys,” Alie chuckled. “Stop acting like kids. Now, who’s gonna drive?”

“Me!” Elena raised her hand up in the air before I did.

“Oh no no.” Alie denied, shaking her head. “The last time you drive us all, we were inches away from death.” And then Mia and me burst out laughing as we remembered the night when Elena insisted to drive us to dinner. Alie was right, we nearly died. 


“Yay, at last we’re in!” cried Amanda in excitement punching her fists up in the air the moment we entered the bakery wearing all black like a ninja.

Earlier this evening, when Victoria, Amanda, Serena and Lusiana were busy complaining about this bakery to the girls, I managed to sneak into a room at the back, which seemed like an office, to look for a key to the entrance door. Well, I was born with an ability to find hidden objects (says my mom) and she might just be right because just in a couple of shake I found what I was looking for.

“Shut up!” Victoria said, clenching her teeth as she slapped Amanda’s head. “We have to be quiet. This isn’t an ordinary bakery. I can feel it.”

     We tip-toed tentatively into the bakery as sneaky as a mouse and went to the ice-cream work station. Since they were going to have another interview about their bakery tomorrow, we decided to ruin their ice-cream because we heard that they were going to serve it tomorrow.

We brought along tons of salt to alter the deliciousness of the ice-cream from heavenly sweet to hellishly salty.

As I looked down through the transparent glass of their freezer, I felt a smirk on my face. “Tomorrow will be the worst day that could ever happen in their life.”




“I can’t wait to have our snazzy pajamas party!” Alie shouted as she jumped on the bed. Well, she might be the Mom in our group but we’d corrupted her mind a bit to be a little bit childish. Well, more than a bit actually.

“It’s going to be ‘grantastic’!” Mia said, mixing up words again. Well that’s the special thing about her. Try to figure that word out.


     We packed our things together with our excitement and got into our red-hot mini cooper (another thing that we bought with our own money). Lizzy was the one who drove it because a) she loves to watch fast and furious but of course she wasn’t driving like one and b) it’s safer than to let me drive it.

So, we arrived at our bakery and I was about to unlock the door but when my finger touched it, it suddenly creaked open like someone had intruded our bakery and forgot to close the door back when he or she left.

     At first, we were so taken aback until we couldn’t even feel our heartbeat. It’s almost like we’re half to dead! Then, without thinking much, we rushed in to check if anything was missing. It was really dark inside so Alie had to turn on the lights.

“Anything?” I asked anxiously after a few minutes of searching for any clues or missing things.

“No, I think they didn’t get the chance to steal anything, though I don’t know why,” Lizzy replied. “Anyway, this is a bakery not a jewellery store. So what did they want?” She was checking the cabinets at our work station. She’s right though, this wasn’t a jewellery store so there must be something else they were up to.

“Seems like nothing’s missing,” said Alie. “C’mon, let's just forget about it and enjoy our pajamas party!”

Alie tried to cheer us up but I was so worried and lots of things were running through my mind.

 “Hey, what’s up with the long faces?” said Liam entering our bakery out of the blue. He made us jumped a bit because we didn’t expect them to be here that night.

“You looked like you just got hit by a truck!” said Louis giggling as he came in along with the other lads.

“It’s because our bakery might just got intruded by someone who’s obsessed with cakes,” said Mia, rolling her eyes.

“Wait a minute,” I cut in, narrowing my eyes at the boys. “Where did you guys come from? You’re not a wizard or something that can just appear anywhere and anytime, are you?” I didn’t know why but I could feel something fishy was going on.

 “Pfffftt, that’s ridiculous,” said Zayn. “We came here because we miss…”

“Your ice-cream!” interrupted Niall. Zayn looked at him with a why-did-you-do-that-for look.

“Great. Just now, Mr. Nobody was here and it almost ruins our party and then you guys appear from nowhere saying that you miss our ice-cream?” Lizzy was agitated.

“Why don’t you guys just run along and come back here again tomorrow because we don’t want to waste our time serving you ice-cream at times like this as if we’ve got nothing else to do!” said Alie looking furious because her party was ruined.

“Obviously we’re closed and we’re not vampires to be working at midnight. We’re more to like, Barbies,” said Mia making a cute face and spinning around like she was wearing a ball gown and was dancing with her ‘Prince Charming’.

“We don’t care. We’re not going anywhere without having our ice-cream” said Louis, crossing his arms over chest and pouted. He’s so stubborn!

    They all went to sit at the mushroom-shaped table, still refusing to go back home. They wouldn’t budge until we gave them what they wanted and they’re acting like babies asking milk from mommy dearest.

“Let’s just serve them what they want or else there won’t be any party going on and we’d have to stay up with them all night long and don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like their company but I really wanna have some…”

“Alie!” I shook her shoulders, stopping her from ranting on and on and on. “Stop it! You’re making me nuts and if you keep on ranting like that we won’t get the party started anytime soon.”

“Okay,” she nodded, taking a deep breath. “Okay.”

So we started preparing ice-creams for them with hopes that they would go home after we gave them what they wanted. Each cup, we decorated it with GO-H-O-M-E words so that they knew we really want to have some girls night together.

“Here, enjoy your delightful ice-cream sir,” Mia said, pretending to be a waitress with a smile on her face.

“Thank you, my lady.” Harry thanked her with a slight nod and Mia bowed like a princess. Those two could be a perfect actor and actress I might say.

I thought we were done and finally get to spend some time with the girls but then, when the ice-cream started to react with their saliva and melted in their mouth, something terribly wrong happened.

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