One Dream, One Story, One Obsession, One Direction

Mia, Lizzy, Alie, and Elena. The four best friends whose life change when they meet the one and only One Direction. Some say when you found love, your life would be perfect but would it be for them? The question is who will fall in love with who? And with presence of some psycho girls who would do anything even if it kills to have the boys, will they survive the battle of love? Or will it ends with someone dead?


3. Dreams Come True



We all turned slowly, and the moment I saw who the voice belonged to, I felt like the time stopped and everything around me was frozen. I couldn’t believe my eyes and neither the girls. It’s like we’re looking at the most beautiful and wonderful thing in our life. It’s… the…

            ONE DIRECTION!!!

            The moment they walked towards me, my hearts was beating faster than usual like I’d just ended a 100 meters marathon and almost fell to the ground. Almost went numbed, paralyzed.

            “Are you guys the owner of this bakery?” Louis asked with his husky voice, but neither of us spoke or answered the question. We’re speechless, wild-eyed, jaw-dropped you name it! Like who would act normal if they found themselves standing in front of their idols? That would be insane! And what we did right there and then was so embarrassing.

            “Um hello?” said Niall breaking the silence as he waved his hand in front of us.

            “Dreams come true!” Mia muttered under her breath.

            “Okay girls. Don’t be nervous, just act normal and chillax. They don’t like screaming fans,” reminded Elena.

“Oh yes! We’re the owner of this bakery.” Lizzy started, flipping her hair back flirtatiously. “I’m Lizzy and this is Mia, Elena and Alie.” She introduced nervously as she gestured toward us. We all waved awkwardly at them like a sick beauty pageant.

Then Harry said, “Actually, we’re here to…”

            “Eat!” interrupted Niall, grinning from ear to ear.

            “Well,” Zayn chuckled. “He loves to eat a lot but that’s not the reason we’re here. We’re here for the interview.” He ran his fingers through his hair and when I looked at Elena, she looked like she was about to faint and her chest was moving rapidly up and down.

            “We’ve been informed that your bakery has various types of cakes, delightful ice-creams and since Louis and Harry are desperately into it we decided to take the offer for the interview,” said Liam as fast as he usually did. “So…”

            “Wait!” I blurted and it made them jumped. “Let’s just all sit first, and then we’ll start the interview.” There were some shrugs and nods from them. We walked together with them to a mushroom-shaped table as we’re nudging each other since we’re so excited and we were being a little too loud until it caught the boys’ attention. Embarrassing to be honest.

            As we’re about to settle ourselves around the table, Elena’s phone rang, “Baby, you light up my world like nobody else…”

            “The way that you flipped your hair gets me overwhelmed,” continued all of them and that had literally made us swoon.

            OMG!!! My face started to color and when I took a quick glance at the girls, their faces were red too! Especially Elena’s. This time, she really caught Zayn’s attention, her Prince Charming. Except for, this Prince Charming wasn’t riding a horse.

            “Well, that’s her favorite song,” said Mia, trying to cover things up. Elena’s hands were sweating and shaking as she took the phone out of her purse. She looked at the caller ID and then abruptly looked at us wide eyed. And I was pretty sure it was a bad news.

“Macon,” Elena mouthed. What made our hair stand on end was that’s the call from Mrs. Macon, our history teacher! And there’s no doubt she was about to remind us about our assignment that we needed to hand it in today by four. We had totally forgotten about it because of the perfect faces of the One Direction lads. If we didn’t hand it today we’re going to have to spend our entire summer doing the assignment all over again! That would be hell! 

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