The extraordinary life of Anne

A young youtuber gets notice by a famous band member, they than meet up and start a relationship.


2. The message.

-Hi my name is Anne, i am 17 and just moved to London this summer, I use to live in France, I also am a youtuber, and, i finished school last year -I am quite smart-, I give dance classes (Hip-Hop and Belly dancing) to teenagers and adult. I said to the women.

-Did you quit school early? Shouldn’t you be in College or University or something?

-I finished school this year, and I am taking a year gap for College.

-Well alright here are your papers.

I had finally moved to London, one of my biggest dreams, i grabbed the information packet, my apartment keys and visa. I arrived into my apartment turn my camera on and like always started vlogging about my day: "Hello Babes, i just arrived in London, it is soooo wonderful here, i am so excited to visit, I’ve never come here before so i am really happy. [...].. Okay guys and girls, that’s all for today xoxo, I adore each and everyone of you and remember stay strong and keep your head up no matter what!"

I finished editing to video and posted it, I left the apartment to meet my all time best mate Jay, he was tall blond, had snakebites* and tattoos, but he was really shy, and he was adorable. He had been living in London for two year so he proposed to show me around, and to present me his new boyfriend Cameron.

-Jay! Oh my god you look so good, I am so jealous.

-Shut up boo, I missed you so much, so how do you like London so far?


-Oh yeah here’s Cameron, he also does youtube videos expect that he just does cover.

-Nice to meet you, I am Anne, you better take good care of my babe!

-You did not change –at all- *cough cough*! okay, lets get going.

-What’s that supposed to mean, yeah we should get going, I still got a lot of unpacking so have to get home early.

-Let’s go! xD


When I got back home, I checked my fan mail and youtube channel as always, but there was I mail sent from an unknown sender, I opened it and it said “I do not know where to start or how to explain to you who I am without you thinking I am a liar, all I can tell you for now, is that I really like and if you knew me we’d probably have some kind of bound, you are someone very special, keep doing what makes you happy in life, and hope to see you around, Hint: I have blue eyes”. I then went to bed and I could not forget about it was it just I sick joke? Or someone out there really wanted to meet me, this mail was different than other even tho I lot of people have been telling me they liked me.


I had been receiving mails for about a month, they were all pretty similar but this one specific mail asked to meet me at some hotel room, I didn’t know if I should go or not it said “Would you accept to meet me at Roseloop Hotel at 4pm tomorrow”. After 10 minutes of thinking I called Jay and Lucy and asked them you come with me but to make their selves discrete I never know who I will fall on; it was more secure this way.


*Lip piercings.

**Places are completely fictional and random.

*Lip piercings. 

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