The extraordinary life of Anne

A young youtuber gets notice by a famous band member, they than meet up and start a relationship.


1. Characters

Anne Gray: Main Character/ Narrator 1

Age: 17

Nationality: French

Location: London 

Job(s)/ Hobbies: Youtuber, Part time choreographer.

Languages spoken: French/ American English

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Luke Hemmings: Narrator 2

Age: 21

Nationality: Australian

Location: London 

Job(s)/ Hobbies: Singer and guitarist

Languages spoken: Australian English

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Lucy : Anne's best friend

Age: 18

Nationality: German

Location: England

Job(s)/ Hobbies: University/College Student (Senior)

Languages spoken: German, English english

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Jay : Anne's best mate

Age: 19

Nationality: Half-German Half-English

Location: England

Job(s)/ Hobbies: Tattoo artist, drummer

Languages spoken: German, English/Aussie english

Sexual Orientation: Gay

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