Bullied by Magcon now their property?!


1. Bullied by Magcon. now their property?

----I'm gonna skip past the bullying because y'all know how it goes----

"Hello is this Miss Riley Nicole Paige Jorden?" Asks the man.

"Yes sir it is. This is Riley Paige."

"I was wondering if you'd like to join Magcon?"

I know that group. With my bullies, but hey! I have fans there to and I can't let them down so I'll go.

"Omg! Yes! I-I would love to join!" I say happily.

"Um when can you leave for North Carolina?"

"I'm already packed. I was suppose to go on a trip somewhere but it got cancelled. So I can leave I guess tonight at about 10 and I'd probs get there about 2 or 3."

"Perfect! They have a ticket ready for you. I will have a taxi waiting for you to take you to the house we are at. Also the boys and Mahogany might still be up."

"Ok! I'm I guess since it's 9:30 I should get my sister to take me to the airport."

"Ok. I'll see you when you get here! Bye Riley."

"Bye Bart." I say hanging up.

I start screaming and my cousins Nik, Natalie, & Sophia and my brother Ty all run into my room.

"I'm joining Magcon! I'm going to North Carolina tonight! And Soph, I need you to take me out to the airport please."

"Ok, when?"


------ skipping to on the plane ------

"Miss would you like something to drink. We only have about 30 minutes until were landed."

"Um I'd like some water please. And do y'all have any pepto by chance?"

"Yes we do. This your first flight?" She asks.

"Yeah. It is." I say chuckling a little.

"Well it'll get better sweetie. Don't you worry."

------- Plane landed, found taxi, now 2 minutes away from house. It's beautiful!!--------

"Thank you sir. I have my bags. Here's a $20 tip." I say getting out and heading to the door. I knock and Bart answers the door.

"Hello beautiful. I'm Bart, your 'manager'. Come in come in. The guys don't bite. Well One might but he's calmed down right now." He says laughing.

I walk in with him to see 10 guys acting crazy.

"W-Where's Mahogany?" I say.

"Oh I'm right here. Sorry for the dumb founded idiots." She says fixing her hair.

"It's fine. Hi I'm Riley." I say with a Texas accent.

"Hi Riley, I'm Mahogany. And those 10 guys. Hold on, let me introduce them to you." She whistles and every single boy sits down and looks straight at her. Some on their phone actually.

"Alright. So this is Riley Paige. She's joining Magcon. Riley, this is Cam, Nashty, BandanaBoi, Matchu the dinosaur, Cartah, Haaayyyeeeesss the baby, Shawn, Carpenter, Guhlinskee, & Jack Johnson."

I instantly jump onto Nash wrapping myself around him.

"You complete asshole." I say as he hugs back, one arm around my back and the other hand holding my head with his face in the crook of my neck.

"I'm so fucking sorry Riley. I really am." He says as he cries into my shoulder.

"You should be lucky that I actually forgave you. Because if not, you would have gotten your ass completely kicked and you'd be 6 feet under the ground"

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