My Neighbors in New York

This is just what we needed. A fresh start, no one knew our names. Our only traces were those YouTube videos from when we were thirteen. We were 21 now. It was our first day in New York when we met them. Who are we... and more importantly, who are they? Find out in thornsonroses’s new Movellas story, My Neighbors In New York.

I somehow messed up the chapters 14 and 15 I'll try to fix them tho


12. The Hang-Over-Story

Alice woke up on the bathroom floor at the boy's place next to Jax. They were both naked but she didn't remember having sex. She had the worst headache she could remember. She sat up, leaning over the toilet seat to puke. Jax woke up, "Ugh! The lights! Turn them off." Alice leaned over and flipped the switch. There was now only dim light coming in through the window. Alice threw up in the toilet again. Jax sat behind her, holding her hair back and whispered, "I never knew you were such a great dancer." Then Alice realized what had happened. She had pole danced to Blood on the Dance Floor music and gone streaking. "Oh shit." She mumbled. "What is it?" Jax asked. "I pole danced, didn't I?" "Yes. And let me just say, I'm glad you did." Alice returned to vomiting.

Carter was in bed when she woke up. Marky was there, so she figured he must have took advantage of her drinking. She went into the bathroom and took her pills along with some painkiller for her hangover. She sat back down on her bed and Marky woke up. "Hey Converse queen." "Marky, did we have sex last night and did you use a condom because I really don't want to be pregnant." "Carter. We were drunk but I'm no idiot. Chill, you're safe." "I love you Marky." "I love you too." They drifted back to sleep.

The Bitter-Sweet-Chapter

Rain ran down the widows and the four were gathered on the couch at the boy's place. Carter was playing with Marky's hair and Alice was catching the popcorn that Jax was throwing into her mouth. They were watching an old horror film that wasn't all that scary. Jax's phone buzzed. He grabbed it, "What is it?" The phone man said, "Hello. My name is Pablo. Would you like to buy some pants?" Jax hung up. Marky kissed Carter's cheek and asked, "Wanna go and write some music or something?" "Sure." They left for Carter and Alice's apartment.

Alice and Jax were still on the couch. Jax poked Alice's rib cage, "You're getting pudgy." Alice bit her lip, "Sorry." "Be a babe and get me a sandwich?" "Anything for you." Alice went into the kitchen, grabbing some bread. "What do you want on it?" Alice called. "Uh... bacon, ranch, pickles, tomatoes, romain, American cheese, and mayo." Alice started frying bacon and grabbed the pickles from the fridge. "Oh, and babe, when you're done, can I have a back rub?" "Anytime."

Carter and Marky were drinking tea and listening to My Chemical Romance. Curled up under a blanket, sitting on a beanbag, they watched the rain. Carter took a deep breath, inhaling Marky's lavender scent. Marky pulled her onto his lap and kissed her neck. Carter turned around and pecked a kiss on his nose. He cupped her face in his hands and brought his lips to hers. Marky bit her lip and Carter opened her mouth slightly. She slid her hands into his back pockets. Marky ran his fingers through her hair and realized they were alone. He pulled away from the kiss and opened his eyes. Carter smirked and pulled Marky's shirt over his head. She took off her own, laying them in a pile next to the beanbag. Marky wrapped his arms around Carter's bare waist and leaned in for another kiss. Carter pressed her finger to his lips, stoping him in his tracks. She slid the bracelets off his wrist and ran her thumb over the cuts. She kissed his wrist and whispered, "I love you and I always will." He wrapped her into a hug as tears ran down his cheeks. They sat there crying for a few minutes until Marky worked up enough guts to move. He unbuttoned Carter's jeans and pulled them down slightly. He slid her underwear to match her jeans. Marky kissed Carter's lips lightly and then wiped some fresh blood from Carter's cuts. "I can't let you do this to yourself. You are too beautiful and perfect. I love you no matter what anyone says. Please don't do this anymore. Nobody I love deserves this." Carter started crying harder and buried her head in Marky's chest. He stroked her back and let her cry.

"Pass the sauce please," Marky murmured. It was spaghetti night at Alice and Carter's place and the four were eating at the peninsula. Alice passed the sauce to Marky and started to put more spaghetti on her plate. Jax glared at her. She put the tongs back in the pot. "Excuse me." She stood up and headed for the bathroom. Carter rushed after her. "What's up?" Carter crossed her arms, inside the bathroom. "Can't I go pee?" Alice wined. "No. What's wrong?" "Nothing." "You've been my best friend for almost 10 years. I know something's wrong." "Fine. I'm just watching my weight and I asked Jax to remind me." "How are you loosing weight?" "Would you believe me if I said eating healthy food?" Alice shrugged. Carter sat on the closed toilet seat. "Alice, you aren't aloud to do this. I won't let you. Now tell me exactly why you're trying to loose weight." "I don't know. I'm ugly?" "You have to be fucking kidding me." "Fine. Jax said I was getting kind of chubby." "Alice. You can't change yourself just for a guy." "I can do what I want. Now you can be a good sport and hold my hair back or you can be an ass and leave." "Or I can tell you a story." Carter pulled her shirt off. "Alice. You don't want to look like me." "Carter, I want to be skinny. Not walking thinspo like you." "It's addictive once it gets into your head. You can't do this." "Just this once? Please! I promise I'll start loosing weight the healthy way tomorrow." "Only this once?" "Only once." "No. Now let's go eat spaghetti."

Alice and Carter where in the bathroom and Marky had a feeling he knew why. "What the hell Jax? First you abuse her, then you make her go through fucking bulimia?" "At least I'm not the reason why Carter cuts." Marky ran from the apartment and locked his bedroom door. He tore a blank page from his notebook. He took a knife and cut three long slits on his wrist. He dipped his finger in the blood and wrote out the words, "I love you." He put a cute little bandage on his wrist and took off his shirt. Marky was beginning to be satisfied with his figure. He could see his spine and could almost count his ribs. He unlocked the window and breathed in the fresh air. He climbed up to the window ledge. Marky remembered something. He grabbed Carter's Killjoy shirt and smelled it one last time. Marky put the shirt by the note and jumped.

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