Half a Heart (One Direction)

She's long dead. It's been four years and I thought I had moved on until I met.....another her.


2. Amusement Park

Author's note:

First of all, I am not very confident about this chapter (even the first one). I think it's boring and I don't know what to call it. It's just that I'm completely bipolar when it comes to these things, one moment I like what I'm writing then the next minute I hate it. It's just that I hate sudden emotional breakdowns but a part here in this chapter has an emotional breakdown and I hate it so much but I can't remove it. Otherwise it would be the boringest (that's not even a word!) boring. So I'm thinking of rewriting this chapter and hopefully I'll come up with a better one. 

By the way, I have completely mapped out the main plot of the story. Only the main plot like the real meaning behind the blurb, what happens in the end, what are the plot twists etc so even I have no idea what will happen the next chapter. Another thing is that I'm having a hard time building up my characters and it's an absolute necessity for the plot. Maybe you guys could help me and give me suggestions. I know I'm not good at writing but I just have good plots in mind and I want to share it. A co author would be amazing as well ;)

One last thing. Magical Kingdom does not exist. I have searched though and found out that there is an amusement park called Magic Kingdom, that's in US and I haven't been there. Magical Kingdom is made up because I haven't been in England so I have no idea what kind of rides they have there so I based Magical Kingdom from  Enchanted Kingdom. I've been there so yeah.

Sorry for the long rant. If you don't like this chapter, don't say I didn't warn you. (If I even have readers)

Chapter 2 - Amusement Park



The lads made themselves comfortable on the seats that were vacant. We were seated on left side so they occupied the right. The guy who introduced himself as Zayn Malik sat beside Zack. He has an olive skin complexion that match his hazel eyes and a jet black quiff hair. I must say that he has a great facial structure but way too perfect if you ask me. He could be a god or something. 

On the right of Zayn is where Louis sat. He wore a blue striped white shirt, some suspenders and red pants. He had a tousled light brown hair and sea green eyes just like Harry's who have these really cute curly hair and was seated across from Louis. On the right of Harry is Liam who has these pair of chocolate brown eyes that complements his hair. Niall sat between Harry and I, he has these gorgeous baby blue eyes and a messy blonde hair. After a short introduction, we ordered some food.

We were talking about Louis saying something in one of their video diaries that he likes girls who eat carrots when I saw in my peripheral vision that Niall was staring at me. When he first saw me, he had this shocked face as if I'm from a different planet. I looked at him and asked "Is something wrong? Do I have something funny in my face?" 

"Have we met before?" He asked completely ignoring my question. He furrowed his eyebrows like he's trying to remember something. I gave him a confused look "I don't think so. Maybe we did but I couldn't remember" I stated. He looked as if he was about to say something when Peyton interrupted by shouting "Food!". She really is the queen of interruptions.

We all cheered and ate our food. The lads continued telling their stories and so did we. 

"Hey Zack, can you pass me the pepper" I reached my hand to him. To my surprise, Zayn passed it to me and said "It's Zayn" For a moment I was too dumbfounded to speak. A second later I found myself cracking up with the other guys. "I meant Ari. He's full name is Zackhary Ford. We call him Zack. I don't even know why he introduced himself as Ari" I said in between my laughs. Zayn's cheeks heated up, obviously embarrassed. 

"Hey! It's not my fault. Our names sound alike so I didn't want any confusion." Zack defended sticking his tongue out. I just laughed and continued eating.

After an hour we left the restaurant and got inside their large van. I was the last to go inside so I had no choice but to seat at the back next to the Irish lad. 

"So, I never knew there was someone with the same appetite as myself. And that is to say a lot." I smiled at him, trying to start a conversation. He sighed and smiled. "Yeah, I should say the very same thing" he replied while running his hand over his hair.

Thirty minutes later we arrived at Magical Kingdom, the amusement park Simon had rented. I've had a conversation with Niall for the whole ride while the others are engaged on their own. I have to be honest, I'm not really the social type because I get shy very easily to random strangers. It takes a while before I get comfortable with someone. But I just had to befriend this guy, and that is for two purposes: I have to make sure I'm comfortable with the guys I'll be spending the next few months with and the most important: I need a partner in crime. 

Nick, Charlie, Zack and Peyton are surely planning the most insane dare they could ever think of. They've purposely left me behind a while ago so I had to seat at the back and if I ever have to do the most embarrassing things, I'd surely have to get back at them.

So far I can say that Niall and I have been quite close. At first, I can sense that he was a bit anxious with me although I don't know why, but after telling him stories about me and my friends, he became comfortable and told me something about his life and his best mates. I learned that Louis is also a master of pranks so I noted to make him my best friend later. Niall also told me that Liam is the 'Daddy Direction' of the group and that he is the total opposite of Louis. Harry is the cheeky but not much of a flirt, not like how the tabloids make him seem at least, and Zayn is the mysterious one. 

We got off the van and made our way inside the reservation booth. Liam gave him the ticket and they put bracelets in our hands for confirmation purposes.

"So, where do we go first?" Liam asked. 

"Rio de grande!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. They all agreed and we run through the entrance as if having a mental agreement that who ever gets there first wins. 

I quickly removed my bag and put it in the counter before jumping in the watercraft while screaming "I win!" I even raised both my hands.

The staffs were going hysterical telling us to be careful and all but everyone was too happy to care. There were only a total of 6 seats per ride so Liam, Charlie, Zayn and Peyton got on the next one about two meters away from us.

The ride took off and we were laughing feverishly. A wave hit us and got us all soaking wet. I laughed harder when Niall, who was seated beside me got hit by the falls. I realized that karma really do strike fast because before I even know it, the watercraft turned and I got hit as well. 

We jumped of the ride and went to the exit where there's a souvenir shop. They all looked at the items displayed. I saw that there's a monitor at the counter and looked at it. There, it flashed a candid shot of me and the guys having fun at the Rio de grade. The next one was Peyton with the others. 

"How did you get this?" I asked the girl at the counter. "There's a camera in every ride so that everyone can have their pictures taken without trouble. There's a free viewing in every booth. We can print them out for you guys and give you a soft copy but of course it comes with a price." she smiled sweetly at me. I nodded and told her I would get our pictures printed and saved on my phone before we go home. I told the lads and Peyton that we should do some souvenir shopping later and went outside. 

We sprinted to the next attraction which happens to be the Flying fiesta, the we hit the Disk-o-magic which gave me a heart attack when we were so up high. 
Later on, we decided to play Xtreme Paintball. False Alarm vs. One Direction. 

At 3pm, we went to eat some snacks at Mini Donuts inside the theme park. I felt my phone beep inside my pocket so I pulled it out and saw that Harry had mentioned me.

@Harry_Styles: Does the paint taste good @MackenzieWard? xx

I groaned and looked at his other tweets.

@Harry_Styles: Xtreme Paintball: One Direction vs. False Alarm. And of course, we won! Beat that.

@Harry_Styles: Please accept my deepest apologies for beating you @FalseAlarm. We just can't help being so amazing xx.

He even attached a photo of us covered in paint. "Harry!" I groaned. "You just have to let the world know you beat us?" 

"They were asking for it." Harry laughed. Louis came with our orders so I quickly replied  to his tweet before shoving my phone in my pocket.

@MackenzieWard: We both know how it taste like @Harry_Styles ;) pic.twitter.com/shBhskem

"So, you guys all have girlfriends?" Nick asked out of the blue. I sipped my milkshake and moaned with pleasure. Milkshakes are the best. "No, Niall and I are single." Harry answered. "What about you guys?" Niall asked.

"Well, Nick is the only one who's committed. " Charlie answered swallowing his mini donut. Peyton and I became silent. We never really liked Nick's girlfriend. It wasn't just because Peyton likes Nick but also because she's a total slut. Yes, you read it right. Peyton likes Nick and to make matters worse, his girlfriend knows it. I mean, Nick is such an idiot when it comes to love life. Everyone, including his bimbo girlfriend knows about it except for him. So when Nick's not around, she's back into her old self, being bitch and all but when he's around, she makes it seem as if we're bullying her. She's freaking mental I say.

"Well that's a shock. Who would have thought that these two young women doesn't have boyfriends?" Harry said. 

"It's because we would rather be single than be with the wrong person unlike someone" I rolled my eyes shooting Nick a glare that he never really noticed since he was busy devouring his mini donuts. 
"Feisty, I see" Harry grinned like a mad man. "Cliche remark, I see" I shot him a sarcastic smile.

"So, who's up for some Rialto?" I asked sending them a cheeky smile.


The rest of the day passed by quickly. I never really noticed because I was having such a great time. I couldn't even remember all the rides we've gone into but the best one was space shuttle. I couldn't get enough of it. I also liked the Haunted house mainly because it totally scared the hell out of the boys. 

"So, last ride let's hit the wheel of fate. I heard it's really good at night" Liam offered and we all agreed. 

 "Hey guys, let's split up. Let's go by pairs how about that?" I suggested. I didn't really like to go in pairs but I want Peyton to at least have some moments with Nick. She'd gone silent for the past hour and I wanted her to cheer up a little. Thankfully the guys caught up "I'll go with Liam" Charlie declared positioning himself beside Liam. I noticed that the two have become quite close and I could totally see why. 

"Then I'm going with my twin Zayn" Zack grinned and put his arm around Zayn.

 "What the...How could you leave me behind Zack. I though we were twins!" Nick wailed like a little girl. Zack ignored him and he pouted. 

"I want to go with Macky" Harry put his arm around me as if we've known each other since forever which I tell you, is totally not. I rolled my eyes and said "It's Mackenzie and please get your filthy hands off me" I shoved him away and he chuckled. Who knows where those hands have gone through.

"What about me boobear?" Louis pouted like Nick. I've watched how they fight like little kids over it. In the end, Lou agreed to pair with Niall so as Nick with Peyton.

Harry and I was the last to go. He sat beside me and I watched how we were lifted up high.

"So, you and Niall?" He stared at the sky hovering above us. The sky was exceptionally beautiful tonight. The stars were shining brightly, sparkling like diamonds. The cold wind was even better. The bright full moon hung in the sky giving us enough light.

"What about us?" I asked him.

"Oh I don't know, you guys seem so close. He's always sitting beside you, you guys are always talking and laughing. It seems that he fancies you" he stated still looking at the sky. I loved how he looks so calm and peaceful outside. I moved closer to him and looked at the stars as well. "Oh, that. We were just planning my ultimate revenge to the other guys." I smiled proudly at him. He looked at me and raised his eyebrow. "What revenge?" He asked. I quickly filled him in with details about this morning's happenings. "Why, you jealous? Is my Harry Bunny jealous?" I chuckled tickling his sides. He shoved me off and said "It's not that, I'm just worried about Niall. He's a nice guy and...." 

"And what?" I asked him totally confused.

"And I don't want him to be with some mental girl who's a total loser at xtreme paintball! That poor guy have to endure a lot being with you" it was the last thing Harry said until I smacked him. He chuckled softly and sat straight. "I was just joking, hmm so personal 411s, you don't have any friends who are girls?" 

His question caught me off guard. Never in my whole life had anyone ask me if I had any friends who are girls. In fact, I never really wanted to be asked that question. It brings back old memories I want to forget.

"What are you talking about, I have Peyton." Those were the lines I had practiced. I knew some time in my life I would be saying them with a person. A person who either cares enough to ask or just plain curious.

"Well Peyton is your sister. I mean friends, aside from Nick, Charlie and Zack?" He looked at me curiously. I couldn't seem to place the emotion in his eyes. Was he really concerned? Or it it just his plain curiosity?

 "I don't. Girls are hard to deal with" and it was true. I smiled half heartedly at him. 

"You okay?" He asked and I sighed out loud. "Yeah, all good" 

He looked me in the eyes. His green orbs boring into my brown ones. "I know you're not" and that's when it all broke down. The barriers I had built, he broke them all down. Never have I ever thought that anyone would care enough to see through me. I broke into tears and hugged my knees. He sat there beside me, hugging me and comforting me. Even if I hadn't told him what had happened, he patiently comforted me and helped me calm down and then I realized, it's the first time I've ever been good to someone and I'm pretty sure it's the first time anyone except False Alarm saw the real me. Ever since we became famous, everyone changed. The people who used to ignore me wants to befriend me. From the very beginning it's all about fame and money and I hated it. Maybe it's because we're the same. Maybe because for the first time in years, I have found someone who feels the same thing as I did. I couldn't shake all of those feelings and I knew I had to get rid of them.

I can't get attached to anyone. Not again. So I decided, after this night, the old Mackenzie will be back.


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