365 Coffee Cups

What happens when a boy meets a girl for only a couple minutes everyday with only the coffee cup being transferred from one hand to the next as a topic for a discussion that is yet to be evolved.

**Cover by: Raven711**


3. 5 Coffee Cups

I stared Luke down with the one and only puppy dog face. I whimpered like a bratty, little toddler and I could see it in his eyes. He was enjoying this desperately. After withholding for as long as he could, he caved in. 

"Fine!" He shouted, his voice echoed throughout the school bathroom. "You know, all I wanted was to take a break from the overwhelming load of schoolwork that's sitting on top of my desk in homeroom and to take a well deserved leak. Is that to much to ask for? And then you with your freakish telepathic vibes that I can never understand, figured out that I was in the bathroom and you thought it would be a good idea to beg me to skip class and come with you on one of your weird misadventures to Tim Horton's for some girl you barely know? All the while, I'm still in the middle of 'watering the flowers'!"

I slowly looked down. "Oh, sorry." I said, though he could tell I wasn't sincere. I was having a hard time trying to keep from laughing at Luke's crazy outburst. "So, is that a yes then?"

"Ya, that's a yes I guess. Though I don't know why you can't just go by yourself" He mumbled.

"Luke, I can't hear you when you mumble. Now let's go!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Don't get your panties in a knot."

We walked through the long corridors and snuck out through the back doors of the school. Weaving our way through the large parking lot was tricky , as always. Practically every inch of it was taken up by the fancy cars that our classmates mommy's and daddy's bought for them. Finally, we got to my baby. A beautiful red jeep that I can proudly say, my mommy and daddy did not buy me this. I worked my ass off to pay for it myself! We hopped in and with that, we were gone, leaving a trail of dust behind us.

"So, when we get there, what are you gonna say?" Luke pestered.

"I don't know, I guess I'll just wing it."

"Oh, you'll wing it. Kinda like the last time we came to get something from here." Luke transitioned from his normal voice to a kind of mocking tone. "Oh, I love you. Your so beautiful but I'm not gonna confess these feeling that I developed for you two seconds ago so I'll just say thank you and drive away. Ahaha"

"Shut up. I was caught off guard that time. I swear, it went way better this morning."

"Oh ya, did she reciprocate your feelings of undying love this morning?" I could sense the sarcasm in his voice.

"You know, I'm surprised that being the idiot your are, you have words like 'reciprocate' in your vocabulary."

"Well, did she?"

"No, we just talked about sports. Anyways, were here. What do you want?"

"What ever your having. And also, you're paying." He kicked his feet up on top of the dashboard

"I kinda figured." We pulled up to the speaker and that beautiful voice asked me what I wanted. "Two iced caps with chocolate milk."

"Okay and that's everything?" She asked.


"$5.26, drive on up."

As we drove, I turned to Luke. "I really need to learn her name."

"So then ask her! You know, it really surprises me that your vocabulary can be so strong and yet, your still such an idiot."

When we arrived at the window, she opened it and looked at me. "Wow, you sure like your timmies. $5.26."

"Or he really likes you!" Luke mumbled. I gave him a quick punch in the shoulder before ushering the fact that I will be needing the debit machine. I quickly tapped my card and handed her back the machine. She handed over our drinks and then told us to have a great day.

"Okay, that's it! Pull over!" Luke yelled as I started to drive away. I asked "Why?" but I pulled into a parking space anyways. Luke jumped out and slammed the car door shut. He came around to my side and pulled me out.

"Get into the passenger side!" A little petrified by his sudden outburst, I obliged.

"Okay, I got into the passenger side. Now, can you tell me what your doing."

"I didn't not just skip one of the most important classes that I have this year to come and watch my best friend cause a train wreck in his love life. So, I am driving back into the drive-thru! Pulling up to the window! Knocking on the window fervently until she come back here! She's on her way. Now get ready 'cause I'm not pulling out of here until you ask her for her name and here number!"

"Dude, this is not cool."

"Oh, isn't it. Do you know what else isn't cool? Distantly watching someone who you think you might be compatible with, but never actually making a move, now do it."

She opened the door. "Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

"I'm sorry, my friend just thought it would be funny to, uh, sit here?" I clarified.

"Umm, okay. Well, if there's nothing you need, could you please move forward? There's someone waiting in line." She directed this statement towards Luke, but he just sat there and stared at her.

"Luke, go!"

"Ryan, ask her!" The driver behind us started losing his mind. Honking the car horn like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh my god, fine! Can you just tell me your name?"

"My name?" She asked. I nodded. "Is Mandy."

"And also, can I have your number?" I shouted over Luke.

"Maybe." Was all she said before Luke drove away.

We sat in silence the whole ride until he parked the car in the school parking lot and I began to lose my cool. "Dude, what was that? Are you insane?"

"No Ryan. If I'm gonna be honest, I think that I'm the only one of us who's actually thinking clearly. And hey, I got you her number didn't I?"

"Were you like, not even there? She said maybe."

"She said yes, you just weren't listening to the right words. You only heard what came out of her mouth, but you didn't listen to what she was saying in her mind. Her answer was yes, she was just tryn'a play it cool."

"Oh yeah, well if that's the truth, then where's the number."

"Did you not listen to anything I just said?" He shouted. "Just wait and see, my friend, wait... and... see."

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