The Boy From Hell (Jason McCann)

Brooklin was looked at as the sweet innocent town girl. Nobody really knew about her heartbreaking past. She became the strong women she destined to be when she got her heart crushed years ago. She became a college student and did amazing ballet classes with her best friends Hazel, Daisy and also had a amazing gay friend Blake. Brook never knew one night she would be crushed again and disappear for her life to be way different than ever before.

When she met him it was like she already met him, or did she already meet him? Did she already meet this Boy From Hell?

**This book is dedicated to Justin Bieber, Thanks for being the best idol ever**



10. Chapter 9 (part 1)

Nicole's P.O.V (New perspective)

As I sat the kitchen table I stared at my food and started playing with it as I frowned.

I heard all the guys in the living room playing video games because today was our free day, but to me it didn't seem so free. I felt so trapped inside and I had so much to tell Harry and everyone, but I couldn't find the strength too.

"Nicole."I heard Jason's deep raspy voice speak.

I looked up instantly and I sighed.

"Look, I know you don't like me-"I cut him off instantly.

"I didn't say I didn't like you."I spoke shockingly.

"I don't like the things you do sometimes, like with Brook."I continued.

He nodded looking down. "See I look back at the decisions I have made in life and yes, I agree it was wrong, but the things I have done with Brook it's different."He spoke sternly.

"How is it any different from all your side hoes McCann?"I asked raising a eyebrow.

"That's between Brooklin and I."He said.

"How am I suppose too know its different if you won't tell me?"I asked suspiciously.

"Because it's my personal life, do you want me too get in yours?"He snapped.

My eye's widen and I looked down instantly.

"I just came in here to ask if you were alright after last night."He sighed.

I looked up from my lap.

"No I feel even worst to be honest."I spoke twirling my thumbs.

"I'm .... sorry you should probably go talk to him.... he looks pretty down."He said awkwardly.

I was surprised he said he was sorry for nothing. Jason saying he was sorry for someone or something wasn't something you hear everyday.

"No it's not your fault, and I would talk to him, but I just would fuck things up even more."I whispered.

He could still hear me with my small voice peeping out.

"If I was Harry, I would want to talk to you so bad right now, I promise you things will only go up from here if you tell him the truth, and your feelings or whatever..."He shifted uncomfortably.

I wasn't use to this friendly Jason, this helpful and nice Jason.I kinda like it though. He got up from the table instantly.

"Just listen ok don't tell anyone about this conversation, I don't want to look like a bitch."He said looking around for any witness.

"I promise I won't tell, but thanks Jason."I said before he nodded and dashed out the room as fast as he could. I got up from my chair and grabbed the food I didn't eat and threw it in the garbage. I walk out the kitchen and down to the staircase and I walk upstairs to go up in Harry and I's bedroom.

I took a deep breath before twisting the metal door knob.


I dashed up to my bedroom and started shuffling threw my drawers to find a outfit for today, I was thinking maybe Brooklin and I could go on a date tonight. I really hope she would want to. I look over at her snuggled all up in the bed sheets with her hair all messed up and sticking in several directions. I lightly smiled at how cute she was and continued getting my outfit.

I discarded my underwear off and I looked in my drawer for my red Calvin Kleins and I couldn't find them.

"God damnit."I whispered.

I walked around the room butt naked looking for the damn underwear, and I still can't find the fucker.

I walk in the closet and throw everything around making it even more messy than it already was.

"Justin?"I heard a angelic voice speak from the other room.

I smiled.

I walked out of the closet naked and I looked at her.

"There you-"She stopped in mid sentence looking me up and down.

"Oh my god your naked."She hid under the covers.

"I can't find my damn underwear."I huffed.

"So you are just flopping around."She screamed.

I chuckled.

I walked up to the bed and took the covers off of her, and she had a sight of me again.

I grabbed her and pulled her to my chest. "Maybe I was flopping around because i'm not getting any attention from your fine ass."I bit my lip looking her up and down.

"I won't be flopping after this."I winked.

She covered her face as she blushed a dark shade of red.

"Oh my god."She giggled.

"Please just put pants on I've seen enough of your friend."She spoke.

"Fine."I laughed and smiled at her.

I continued to look for my underwear , until I looked under the bed and I found them laying there.

"How the fuck did they get there?"I cursed.

I slid them on and I saw Brook peek to see if I had something on.

"I'm good ballerina."I chuckled.

"Good."She sighed in relief.

"Oh I can just take them off again if you want me too."I taunted grabbing the top of my Calvin's.

Her eyes grew wide and she shook her head violently.

"No no I'm good."She huffed.

"I can take my clothes off babe if you want, and you can take yours off too."I said sounding sexy.

"Actaully we can go take a shower together if you want."I grabbed her and pulled her off the bed and held her in my arms.

She looked up at me blushing.

"I could give you the massages you always wanted back then, and it could get heated.."I whispered in her ear before pecking under it.

She let out a squeak noise which made me giggle.

"I don't know Justin...."She sighed biting her lip.

I groaned looking at her teasing me making me harder with each second.

"You have to because that lip bite just made me hard as fuck babe."I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder as she squealed loudly.

"Put me down you squishy butt!"She screamed while giggling.

I smirked and stepped into the marble walk in shower, I turned on the water so it blasted water all over us with our clothing on.

She squealed loudly and I set her down. "Oh my god Justin!"She kept hitting me while I was laughing my ass off.

She stopped hitting me and stared at me in amazement. I stop laughing and I looked at her as the water was springily over us.

"What? " I chuckled.

"You were just like laughing and it was real.... and you just looked so."She stopped.

"I looked like what? Is this gonna be a insult?"I chuckled.

"No you looked so beautiful... It reminding me of the old you, your smile." she breathed out staring me like I was the most fascinating thing in the world.

I was about to open my mouth to say something , but instead I grabbed the side of her face.I pulled her close to me and kissed her with some much passion and love. I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to me and our wet bodies collided. The butterfly feeling was happening in my stomach and I felt tingly inside.

She pulled away and I looked at her.

"My stomach is doing complete flips."I sighed smirking.

She blushed and nodded "Me too."She said.

I kissed behind her ear and started to travel down her neck . Once I found her sweet spot she let out a sexy loud moan that echoed in the bathroom.

My dick twitched just think of her wet body being thrusted against mine in a fast pace , causing the moans and screams that came from her soft lips.

I pulled her shirt off her body throwing it on the ground. She trailed her hands down means down to my underwear and she yanked on them.

I groaned lowly in her ear. She pushed them off of me and she clawed my ass as I left dark hickeys on her collarbones.

I slowly roamed my hands down to her ass as I took off her pink lace panties. I pushed her against the wall and she leaned her head back ready for me to touch her throbbing core.

"So good girls are bad girls huh?" I ripped her lace panties off as she gasped. "I like that."I whispered sexily in her ear.

"Jay please..."'she whimpered.

"Am I teasing you baby girl?" I said in unclasping her bra. I massaged her boobs in my hand as she arched her back in satisfaction.

I lean down and connect my lips to her nipple and started sucking it probably leaving a big hickey for her later. I did the same with the other before slowly kissing down her flat stomach leaving live bites until I got on my knees, I grabbed her and pulled her down to the shower floor and laid her down as the water landed on top of us.

"Ok spread you legs baby."She looked at me and we kept contact as I bent down to peck the inside of her thighs.

"Your so beautiful Brook."I whispered huskily.

Her breathing hitched as my hot breathed hovered over her pussy. 
I put my lips to her core and started to plunge my tongue in and out of her. Her hips buckled and she wrapped her legs around my head trapping me between her legs; trust me I'm not complaining. She grabbed my hair and massaged my scalp as I was eating her out and rubbing her and she let out a loud sexy moan.

"Justin more.."She said while I was rubbing and sucking her clit.

"You want more baby girl?"I asked with getting out between her legs and raising a eyebrow at her.

She bit her lip nodding.

I started rubbing her again and I inserted two fingers on her making her scream in pleasure. I kept inserting and exiting multiple times as she was moaning controllably. She came on to my fingers and I licked her all up , tasting her. I hovered over her and she looked up at me.

My dick was still twitching and I was so horny for her right now .

She looked down and backup.

"I want you so bad."I groaned.

"Does that hurt?" She asked nervously.

"No it's just excited, you should calm it down."I whispered huskily.

I took her small hands in mine and I place it on my dick and started to move our hands up and down my cock making me close my eyes and let out low moans. I took my hand away and she hand jobbed me slowly.

"Faster baby faster."I spit out with my uncontrollable breathing.

She started to pump my dick faster and I let out a loud moan which made her go even faster.

"I'm almost there." I whispered.

I felt myself release and squirt all over her she gasped.

"Shit."I hissed standing her up in the shower.

I grab the body wash and washed all of it off of her and leaving her with a clean body.

"Sorry I just couldn't hold it." I whispered.

She blushed and washed her hair as I did the same.

When we were done with the stuff you actually do in the shower we stepped out and wrapped our selfs in towels.

"Can you get the laundry downstairs
Ballerina?"I asked her.

She nodded and made sure the towel was Tightly around her before leaving the room.

After a couple minutes I became suspicious and furrowed my eyebrows. 
I need to take down my wet red Calvin's. I grabbed them and walked out with a towel wrapped around my waist. 
I walked down the stairs and walked down the long hall and made a left at the 3rd door.

"Brooklin?" I asked. No one answered and I stepped out of the room and made my way towards the kitchen, no one was in there.

I started to panic. Where the fuck is she?

I ran into the living room and I saw everyone except Brook in the living room.

Everyone turned to look at me with a towel wrapped around my waist.

"Bro put on clothes." Chaz groaned.

"Do you know where Brook is?"I asked franticly.

"No"I heard a couple say.

"Hey Jay!" I heard Brook's voice and my heart was lifted and I sighed in relief.

I saw her come into the living room with the towel wrapped around her body.

"I couldn't find the room." she said and instantly saw everyone staring at her.

She squealed and hid behind me ,covering herself.

I chuckled.

"It's okay baby." I said pulling her closer to me.

"Is that what I think it is Michael?" Calum asked.

"Yes it is Calum."He looked at us in enjoyment.

"You know lets go find the laundry room sweetheart."I said looking at everyone giving us the classic smirk. I saw the Ashton guy just staring at her in amazement. I growled lowly while walking out.

"That would be great."She said.

As I lead us to the laundry room she huffed embarrassed.

"That's better." I laughed throwing my Calvin's in the dryer and started the load.I grabbed the basket of clothes and pulled out another pair and changed in front of her.

She seemed more comfortable around me and that made me really happy.

"Justin that was so embarrassing." She said covering her face.

She started to change into some clean clothes from the basket.

"Just don't worry about them." I said.

"I'll try not too Jay." She sighed.

I bite my lip and looked down.

"Come." I said grabbing her hand pulling her out of the room and into the hallway.

"What?"she asked.

"I have something to ask you..."I whispered.

She tilted her head and she looked nervous.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Would you like to maybe go out tonight, I know you haven't been out in public in so -" she cut me off by jumping on me and squealing.

"Are you asking me on a date?" She said looking at me with hope in her eyes.

"Yes , I am ballerina." I said confidently.

"Well I would gladly take that offer and I would love to get out of this house." she laughed.

I suddenly felt bad and frowned.

"I'm sorry." I said.

She just nodded and looked everywhere but me.

"But for right now I'm gonna go out, and your gonna be a good girl." I smirked.

She rolled her eyes.

"Where you going hmm."She raised her eyebrow.

"I know you probably think I'm going on some mission but actually , I'm going food shopping."I smiled.

She giggled and shook her head.

"I think shopping is a pretty bad ass mission if you tell me." She said.

"I know I might have to lay some guys out because they took the last bag of sour cream chips." I said sarcastically.

She laughed and I laughed with her.

"Well I'm leaving and I'll be back in like a hour, be a good girl." I said pointing my finger at her.

She groaned and rolled her eyes, I grabbed her arm and pulled her close to my body.

"If your not good I'll have to teach you another lesson like last time." I whispered in her ear.

She shivered.

"Please." She pushed me softly away.

"Yeah you will be screaming that." I said.

She put her hand on her mouth and her cheeks flushed.

"PLEASE!"I screamed loudly in a fake girly moan.


She started hitting my arm.

"Stop!"She pouted.

"Your so inappropriate."

I laughed at her.

"Awh it's okay baby, I like it." I smirked giving her a kiss on the cheek before walking down the hall and out of the front door.


Cliff hanger! Sorry guys I hope you like this long ass chapter you welcome!I will edit this shit later. haha love uuuu Thanks Readers :)Love You XoXo. ~Jerry_Twerking_

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