The Boy From Hell (Jason McCann)

Brooklin was looked at as the sweet innocent town girl. Nobody really knew about her heartbreaking past. She became the strong women she destined to be when she got her heart crushed years ago. She became a college student and did amazing ballet classes with her best friends Hazel, Daisy and also had a amazing gay friend Blake. Brook never knew one night she would be crushed again and disappear for her life to be way different than ever before.

When she met him it was like she already met him, or did she already meet him? Did she already meet this Boy From Hell?

**This book is dedicated to Justin Bieber, Thanks for being the best idol ever**



3. Chapter 2

Jason's P.O.V

As I walked away from the screaming coming from the hot bitch down stairs I snickered , and I  smirked to myself.

I slammed the basement door, and saw everyone looking at me from the table.

"What"I spat.

They all flinched.

"What did you do to her, why did you even take her?"Ryan questioned.

I shrug.

"Just was on my killing spree as always"I said sitting down and proping my feet on the table , as I took the beer Harry just opened.

Harry pouted, and frowned playfully.

I smirked , and drank from it.

"I saw her, and thought 'Hmm i shouldn't kill this fine ass chick in front of me, i could just keep her' which i did indeed, now she is my little ballerina sex toy"I snickered taking another gulp of the beer.

All the guys snicker but the girls growled.

"I have met bread smarter than you"Louis said.

I snicker.

"That's one smart piece of bread you be talking about there"I smirked.

"Jason your fucking sick, you pig"Nicole growled.

Harry played with her hair, as he pulled her more up on his lap.

I smile.

"Oink oink"I wink at her.

She scoffed loudly.

"I agree with Nicole"Sofie said crossing her arms, and leaning back on the chair death staring me. 

I looked at Sofie.

"Sofie your just pissy because the only think that is going up your vagina these days is your own two fingers, and not my  big fucking dick anymore."I smirked and set my feet on the ground.

She scoffed.

"I'm glad your gross ass dick isn't inside of me anymore, because i have something way better"She spat.

Nicole gave her a high five.

"You know what. Be glad that your good at killing dickheads, and making bombs because if you didn't you would be dead right now"I said taking another drink.

"Can ya'll shut the fuck up with the high school drama"Louis spat.

I smirked ,and nodded to him.

"Did you get the drugs Khalil, Za?"I said looking at them down the big table.

"Yep a big stash, piled up stairs"Khalil rubbed his hands together.

"Your glad its not gone McCann, I was fucking tempted"Za laughed.

"Glad you didn't because i would have cut your throat."I joked.

Everyone laughed.

"Ok Harry, Niall, and Zayn"I said placing my beer on the table looking at them.

"Did you get the money from East?'I asked.

"Yes, we put it safley in the safe"Zayn said.

I nodded impressed.

"Yeah,but I wanted food. They wouldn't let me spend a little of it to get some taco's!"Niall said sighing.

I chuckled.

"Yo Harry, Zayn when a nigga is hungry, get him some food."I laughed.

"Will do McCann"Harry said.

"Ok Chaz, Christian, and Ry Ry..."I joked.

"Did you get more bullets, for the guns?"I asked.

"Yep there all loaded Jasey"Chaz teased.

"Don't make me kill you"I laughed pointing at him.

"Jasey... like what the fuck bro"Christian laughed.

"Did you make any progress with the bombs today Sofie?"I questioned.

"Yes I did Jason, I finally finished, and you can use it on the north"She said with no emotion.

"Good, but if it messes up I swear to god, I will kick your ass out of here"I growled.

She rolled her eyes.

"Ok lastly, Liam, Louis, and Nicole, did you track down the thief that took our money last month?"I asked.

"Yep I blew his fucking brains out"Nicole shrugged.

"What did you guys do then?"I asked Liam, and Louis.

"We watched her beat the shit out him"Louis chuckled.

"Yeah it kinda turned me on"Liam said.

"Watch it mate"Harry said.

Liam put his hands up in surrender.

"So can we go smoke now i'm so fucking stressed"Za said whining.

"That sounds grand"I said in fake british accent.

Harry death stared me,and i smirked.

"Leggo"Khalil got up behind him.

I stood up , and followed after them.

"Hey uh,jason?"Niall said grabbing my arm.

I looked at him.

"Yes Niall"I said serious.

"Can I - could I maybe..."He trailed off.

I crossed my arms and raised my eyebrow at him.

"It has been a long day, and I-"I cut him off.

"Eh, eh, pretty boy Niall is asking to try our weed"I smirked.

"Yeah"He said.

I pat his back ,and wrapped my arm around his shoulder.

"Why didn't you say so bro"I smiled.

"Let's get fucked up!"I screamed.

Some cheered from upstairs.

Niall, and I ran up the stairs into the big room down the hall.

We called it the weed room.

Obviously... its smells like weed,and well weed is always in this room.

Khalil turned on some music in the speakers.

"Yo McCann, How about you get your bae downstairs, maybe she'll ride you."Khalil snickered.

I smirk.

"That's why you're my favorite"I laughed.

"Eh what about this nigga"Za points to himself.

"Bro your my second favorite"I joked.

I walked out the room , and head down the stairs.

Brooklin's P.O.V

I groan open my eyes, and see that i'm still in this crappy room.

To think that this was all a dream.

Psh if it was I would be with my friends right now.

Having the time of my fucking life.

Forget what alex did to me.


I gotta give this Jason McCann one thing.

He made me forget about that douche Alex.

But everything else about Jason made me sick.

Jason was the definition of what my parents didn't want me running off with.

Well i wasn't running off with Jason.

I was kidnapped by Jason.

I heard the door open.

I was filled with hope.

No matter how much i didn't wanna be with Jason, I'd rather be with Jason then this rat hole.

Darn. I would rather be with Jason then Alex....

"Ballerina"I heard Jason's voice.

I bit my lip that was quivering.

I didn't want to show my fright off to him.

I  didn't wanna look like a scared little girl.

"I'm getting you out of that chair"He smirked.

I mentally thanked the lord.

"Thank you"I whispered.

He chuckled.

"Oh ballerina,no need, you pay up for it"He snickered evily.

I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What's that suppose to mean?"I asked as he realeased my hands.

I rub them gently.

"You'll see baby"He whispered in my ear, as he kissed it , and let my feet free to.

I had goosebumbs on my body.

He grabbed me by my arm, and pulled me up these stairs.

I saw light shine threw the doorway,which blasted me in my eyes.

"Ow"I hissed rubbing my eyes with my free hand.

We walked up more stairs, and I saw how nice, and elegant this house was.

We walked into this room that smelled like complete crap.

I coughed at the smell.

"I know its not the best smell"He smirked.

"It is after the experience"A guy said.

Jason laughed playfully.

"Damn this is the girl"Another guy said.

I looked at all them terrified.

"Yeah she's mine"He growled.


He sat down, and pulled me down.

I squirmed to get away,but he held me tight in place.

"If you don't do what I say, I'll fucking kill you, got it ballerina"He growled.

I nodded nervously.

I'm gonna die just doing the things this criminal tells me to do.

"Hand me two"Jason told one of the guys.

The guy handed him something, I couldn't really see.

He turned me around so I was facing him.

"Have you ever tried one of these"He said pulling the object in front of me so i could see it better.

"My mom, and dad told me it's bad for my future.They told me i should never do it"I said nervously.

"Awh good girl"He playfully said.

I became annoyed.

"Did you ever wanna try"He whispered huskily on my ear.

A shiver was sent up my spine.

"I have seen some people do it, but no"I spoke angry.

"Well baby girl"He lit the blunt, and placed it between his lips.

He inhaled pulling the blunt away from his mouth.

He grabbed my jaw.

He forced my mouth open.

He blew the smoke in my mouth.

He smirked,and kissed me surprisingly.

I pulled away.

"Today is your lucky day ballerina"He lit the other one.

He handed it to me.

"I can't smoke this Jason"I said frustraited.

"Why honey"He fake pouted.

"Because I have a life unlike you worthless pieces of trash"I screamed.

His eye's became dark.

Like a scary dark.

"Take it back before i fucking hurt you, you little bitch"He growled.

I shiver under his hold.

"I-I take it back"I whispered.

"Yeah fucking right you do"He whispered.

"Now C'mon, smoke this blunt. I'm doing you a favor. I bet you had a pretty stressful day"He smirked.

"Yeah"I whispered.

"Then here"He handed it back.

"Let all the pain,and stress just flow away"He giggled.

I looked at it.

I can stop thinking about everything,and stop worrying about being so perfect for once.

I put it to my lips, i took a drag.

I coughed a couple times.

"Keep going"He whispered in my ear.

I put it to my lips again, and took another drag.


This is the second chapter thanks for the favorites,likes,and comments.

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