The Boy From Hell (Jason McCann)

Brooklin was looked at as the sweet innocent town girl. Nobody really knew about her heartbreaking past. She became the strong women she destined to be when she got her heart crushed years ago. She became a college student and did amazing ballet classes with her best friends Hazel, Daisy and also had a amazing gay friend Blake. Brook never knew one night she would be crushed again and disappear for her life to be way different than ever before.

When she met him it was like she already met him, or did she already meet him? Did she already meet this Boy From Hell?

**This book is dedicated to Justin Bieber, Thanks for being the best idol ever**



15. Chapter 13

(Gif of Justin talking to Blake, Dasiy, And Hazel at dinner table)

Justin's P.O.V

I twirled the spaghetti around my plate, as I would occasionally eat bites.

Everyone was seated and eating quietly, I felt like Brook's friends were staring me down.That's why I was just looking down at my plate not even giving a fuck.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom real quick."Brook rubbed my shoulder before getting up and leaving me with them.I turned around to look at her run up stairs, as I was turning around I saw that all there eyes were on me. They all had the same expression, and it was a pure hate expression.

"Okay you guys can look at me what ever you like too okay, but I just want you guys too know Brook is the only one that makes me happy and less crazy as you guys say.You guys don't understand so don't judge me if you don't know what i've been threw."I pointed out.

"I'm looking at you because I want you to get the message, don't fuck with Brook, she is special and if you break her heart I swear. I don't care if your Jason Mccann, I will fucking kill you."He threatened.

"Okay let me tell you what, if I break Brook, which I don't intend too because I love her, then you can kill me."I shrugged.

"Good."He muttered,relaxing in his seat.

I looked at Daisy, and Hazel.

"You two?"I asked.

"We just hate you."Daisy puffed out.

"No I don't hate him, I mean he is kinda hot."Hazel said.

"Hazel!"Blake and Dasiy screamed.

I chuckled."I'm flattered, I've got Brook to tell me that, but don't you have a boyfriend Mrs. Parker?"I questioned with a smirk.

"Yeah so... I can admire someones hotness."Hazel shrugged.

"Unbelieveable..."Blake sighed.

"I mean seriously nobody knew what Jason Mccann looked like and now look! He is freaking hot.... who would have knew the biggest criminal in probably all Canada is hot as fuck, I thought he would be old and ugly."Hazel confessed.Blake agreed with her and Daisy just sat there death staring me still.

"Ah i've also read people think i'm old, i'm am only 21."I shrugged "But you must not throw my identity around, because you will not only put my life in danger but Brook's too."I warned.

They all nodded looking at each other.

"Okay i'm back did I miss anything."Brook joked running in the dining room where we sat.

"Actually you did, you missed us talking how hot your bad boy bofriend is."Blake joked.

"Oh goody."She smiled at me and I grabbed her hand kissing it softly.

"Okay well the thing was we were planning to go to the club tonight and we were gonna invite you and Justin, but the conversation kinda got in the way... so you guys wanna come?"Daisy asked putting her dishes in the sink and turning around looking at Justin and I.

I looked at Justin with a raised eyebrow.

"You wanna wanna."I teased nudging his arm.

"I don't know I mean your gonna be the one to have the most fun, and i'll be like the body gaurd."He laughed.

"How?"I smiled.

"All those guys there gonna be up on you , I'll have to tell them that your mine. If any guy looks at you i'll kill them."I growled.

"You won't them."She protested.

I looked at her with a blank expression. "Or maybe you will."She said.

"But you can have fun with me, we could dance and drink. Come on get loose and have fun with me."She gave me the puppy eyes and rubbed her nose on mine.

I could hear blake say "awh" quietly. Then we both heard a snap. We both looked at hazel holding up her iphone.

"That one is cute look blakey."Hazel showed Blake, and Daisy looked over Blake's shoulder to see the picture too.

"Guys really?"I laughed.

"Aye send that to me."I smiled pointing at Hazel and she quickly looked confused.

"How?"She said.

"I'll give you guys my number later."I laughed.

"Okay! back to me beging you!"Brook whined.

"Please! Please!!"She patted my chest several times.

"Okay ballerina."I poked her nose playfully and she smirked.

"Yay! Now let's go then."Blake jumped up and picked up all the dishes.

Brook took me into the living room where we got all of our stuff together.

This club thing always excited me because I loved clubs. I loved going with the whole gang and just drinking and getting lap dances from all these strippers. Now those girls i'm not even intrested to get a lap dance from them, I only want Brook. I can't even look at another girl without thinking "Brook is better than her" "Brook has a better ass" "Brook has a prettier face" "Brook has the best laugh".I'm just really worried for Brook being intrested in other guys, and gawking at them. I only want her looking at me, which i know that sounds selfish , but to be honest I am. She is mine, no one can have her.

"Okay lets go everyone."I snapped out my gaze and i started making my way to the car.

"Get in babe."I smiled at Brook and she giggled.

"Damn papi i like this ride."Blake skimmed his hands along the car.

"Thank you Blake."I laughed as I heard Brook yell at Blake to stop.

"And Blake I insist you call me Justin, but you make not call me by that name. Leave that to Brook to say that."I winked and Blake laughed loudly.

I sat inside the car and got hit by Brook.

"Shut up!"She blushed hard.

"Okay stop hitting me, its actually hard hits your throwing."I laughed.

"Your tough."I tried to imply the gang.

"Justin."She sighed.

"I know."I laughed looking out the window following Blake's white Audi.

"See I have done some thinking."She said.

I rasied my eyebrows at her and continued looking at the road.

"Okay? Evertone thinks."I chuckled.

"Yeah. Yeah."She mummbled. "I was thinking about us, and how much i want to be with you. I want to be with you everyday, I want to kiss you everyday and if i pick to go back to my original life i wont be able to do that.... but if I changed my lifestyle I would."She explained.

"Soooo?"I smirked."What are you saying?"I asked.

"I'm saying I will have to take collage online, and I will still go to ballet classes. But the big thing is i will join gang, and you can train me."She said.

"Really!Fuck yeah!"I screamed in excitment. She giggled.

"Aye but i'm gonna try to maintain a lifestyle and a style with you, okay."She said.

"I love you, this is a good choice because now you won't be dangered as you already are."I sighed.

"Thank gosh."She sighed with a little chuckle.

I grabbed her hand and I had my other hand laid on the wheel.

"Are you sure about this?"I asked Brook seriously.

"Yes, but nobody can know except you and the gang."she said sternly.

I nodded and smiled big. "I can't wait to start working out that body."I chuckled winking at her. She blushed lightly rubbing my hand with her thumb.

As Blake stopped at this club, I pulled up right next to him and parked the car.

"Lets have fun tonight okay."She giggled.

"Okay."I kissed her hand.


I looked across the crowd to see Brook dancing with the girls and she was sober but she acted like she was drunk af like the others.

As she swayed her hips to the beat I felt myself getting hard. I took a drink out of my whiskey and i concentrated on her body. She turned her head over my direction and made eye contact and she continued to dance seductivley. I bit my lip hard trying not make a noise. She started dancing towards me as I was seated in my chair. She sat on my lap and her eyes went wide and she giggled. "Your hard as a rock."She giggled in my ear. I gripped her hip and slowly rubbbing her butt on my groin. "I was hard for you, that dancing fuck baby. Why can't you do that for me?"I asked seductivley in her ear.

"Maybe because I was nervous you would laugh at me."She blushed.

"Dance for me."I moaned in her ear. "Like it is just you and I."I said pushing her softly off me.

"Why can't you get a stripper to that for you."She crossed her arms.

"Because they're not you."I said.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me up from my chair, and dragged me to the dance floor. I laughed at her pushing threw the stupid drunk people. She went next to her friends and she started dancing with me. I laid my hands on her hips as she swayed them to the beat. I rubbed my body against her, getting some satisfaction in my pants.Se turned around and started rubbing her butt on my dick and I was pretty much freaking out. Guys were jealous because Brook was pretty much twerking on me, and damn I loved it. The girls were jealous because she can dance better than all them. All her friends were cheering us on and jumping to the music. When Brook stopped she turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I kissed her back forcefully and shoved my tonuge into her mouth exploring her mouth. I held her so close to me that she could never get away even if she tried.I didn't want her to get away. When we pulled away from our kiss, she looked at me and covered her face laughing. "Oh my goodness" she laughed.

"Damn baby."I breathed out. "Fuck me. Here and now!"I said playfully.

"Noooo."She laughed.

"Lets go get a drink, i'm dying."She fanned herself. I grabbed her waist and pulled her to my side as we walked threw the crowd to get to the bar.

Brook ordered some cherry vodka, and had some whiskey.

"Um babe you sure you want that, it's pretty strong."I laughed.

"We are suppose to have fun right?"She asked.

"Yeah."I laughed.

"Then let me have some drinks party pooper."She giggled pecking my lips.

She took the glass and took three big gulps and her face srunched up.

"Whew that stung!"She giggled.

I took a sip of my drink finding this amusing.

"Get me another one!"She yelled at the bartender.

"Hey babe I need to go to the bathroom, stay right here okay."I demanded.

"Yeah okay."She smiled.

I walked off and went to the Men's restroom. When I was done I exited and bumped into another person. I look to see Franklin Jones....he had a job here as cleaning guy. "Sorry."He quickly appolgized. I nodded and walked off, making my way back to the bar.

I stop in place to see a guy talking to Brook, but this guy was full on flirting and touching her arm. She didn't even push him off.

I clenched my jaw and I just knew my eyes became dark staring at them. I walked over there and spoke up instantly.

"You lost?"I snapped.

The guy jumped instantly and turned around and Brook looked at me worried.

"Hey I'm Jack-"I already new this prick and I wasn't intrested in what he had to say.

"I don't care. Now why are you over here talking to Brook?" I snapped probably catching some peoples eyes.

"We were just talking about how sexy I am."Brook slurred playfully.

She had way to many already and it's only been like 7 minutes...

"Yeah she is sexy."Jack bit his lip and grabbed her swiftly and she just fumbled in his arms.

I felt myself get extremely angry.

"I warn you now you better fucking get your hands of my girlfriend or you can deal with me kicking your ass." I said clenching my fists.

"Yeah Jay will cut you up. Hahahahah."She laughed hysterically, I stared at him intensely.

"Kick my ass, bet you can't you little-" My fist collided with his face and it was like I felt his bones crush under my fist. He flopped on the floor and I heard some gasps.He was out like a light.

"Jay you put him to sleep."She giggled walking over to me hanging on me. 
She started to touch my face and just say random shit.

"Let's go."I hissed.

I grabbed her by her forearm and pulled her out of the club forgetting about Brooks friends.

"Wait wait!"She pulled from my grasp and I turn to give her a stern look.

" why you look so serious."She grabbed my face and pulled her hand away sneering.

"Brook you have had to much to drink, I'm taking you to my house."I demanded.

"Why I wanna stay here, come on let's dance."She started dancing on me. I grabbed her by both of her arms and she stopped and stared at me.

"Where going home now."I growled.

"Oh so serious."she giggled.

"Brook were going home now! Brook.... Brook.... Brook.... I'm mister serious!Im so sexy but I'm so mad at you Brook." She said in a low voice trying to imitate me.

I grabbed her again and put her inside my car, driving away from the club.

Since Blake gave me his number earlier along with the others, I had to text them that I had to take Brook home. They understood obviously.

"Why you gotta be a party pooper baby."She giggled in my ear as I was set on the road concentrating.

"Come on relax baby."She whispered in my ear.

I clenched my jaw still feeling jealous fr that guy at the bar. I know she is drunk but it still doesn't change the fact that I'm jealous.

"Why are you ignoring meeee."She bounced in her seat and then putting her chin on my shoulder.

"If you don't be a good girl and get your damn seat belt on ,then I'll have to treat you like a bad girl. Bad girls get punishments." I said gripping the steering wheel tighter.

She the laid her hand on my crotch and I jolted in surprise.

"Justin your friend is hard as rock."she giggled.

"I guess you decide to be a bad girl."I sighed.

I grabbed her hand and put it next to her.

"Not now." I warned.

"But Justin I want you so bad." She fake cried still with her chin on my shoulder.

"Brook not tonight... may be when you sober up okay baby." I sighed pulling up to the gate and opening it. I pulled into the driveway and parked.

"I don't wanna wait I wanna make love to you she grabbed my face and kissed me, surprising me majorly. I kissed her back but then pulled away.

"We haven't done it before please."She started throwing a tantrum in the car.

"I want it to be special." I grabbed her to stop flipping around.

"Let's get you inside ballerina."I said getting out and going over to her side and picking her up from in the car.
She squealed when she was lifted and she giggled. I walked to the door and unlocked it with one hand and kicked the door open and kicked it close as well. 
"Jay I'm tired."She slurred.
I rolled my eyes and smirked.Most bipolar I have seen Brook. O set her down softly.

"Okay well let's get you to bed."I chuckled.

"Who's home?" I heard Liam say.

He walked in with Louis next to him and they were armed.

"Just me."I said looking at Brook.

Brook wobbled over to them shaking there hands. I furrowed my eyebrows at her.

"I'm Brook nice to meet you."She slurred.

They looked at me weirdly.

"She had a little too much to drink."I laughed.

"I see."Louis looked at her.

"Who had to much to drink? Brook? Wait I'm Brook." She started laughing.

"Oh god.. Okay let's go get you to sleep babe."I sighed pulling her along with me to our room.

I grabbed a over sized shirt and saw she started stripping to absolutely nothing.

I decided not to look because I didn't want her to get nervous. Even know her body is fucking flawless. "Here's a shirt , I laid it on the bed and she grabbed it and slid it over her naked body.

"You gonna wear panties babe?"I giggled pulling my shirt off.

"Nope."She jumped in bed looking at me.

I smiled and stripped to my underwear.

I crawled on to the bed and pulled her petite body next to me.

I kissed her neck softly smelling her sweet lavender sent.

"I love you." I breathed out.

"I love you to Jay."she giggled.

"Go to sleep."I demanded.

She smiled and just laid her head down on the fluffy pillow.

"If you can't sleep at all just tell me because I'm not gonna sleep unless you do bab-" she was silently breathing heavily causing a faint snore to come out. I chuckled.

"Okay."I shut the the lamp off and snuggled her close to me.


I hope you liked that cute little chapter 😭❤️ And omg justin is so sweet in this chapter except when he has to go off on that dude 😂😂. love you guys thanks for reads and votes! Please vote and comment predictions !!

Thanks Readers:)

Love You XoXo.


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