The Boy From Hell (Jason McCann)

Brooklin was looked at as the sweet innocent town girl. Nobody really knew about her heartbreaking past. She became the strong women she destined to be when she got her heart crushed years ago. She became a college student and did amazing ballet classes with her best friends Hazel, Daisy and also had a amazing gay friend Blake. Brook never knew one night she would be crushed again and disappear for her life to be way different than ever before.

When she met him it was like she already met him, or did she already meet him? Did she already meet this Boy From Hell?

**This book is dedicated to Justin Bieber, Thanks for being the best idol ever**



12. Chapter 10

Brooklin's P.O.V

I stood there looking straight into Justin's eyes as he searched any movement or trace of a answer.

I looked around and everyone sat staring at Justin and I.

Brook will you be his girlfriend? It has been exactly century's knowing this guy and finally he asks you to be his girlfriend , something you have been waiting for forever and you just stand there like a idiot?

I shook my head catching my breath.

"Yes.." I breathed out.

"I will be your girlfriend Justin."I smiled.

His instant blank expression turned into a big toothy smile.

He stood up and grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to him.

He smashed his lips into mine making me open my eyes in surprise and slowly close them as I smiled into the kiss.

I heard everyone cheering and clapping for us as I pulled away.

I looked around the place and I saw someone very familiar.

I looked closely and I gasped lowly.

"Babe you wanna go out and walk around in the back until our food is finished, they have a nice little garden and a concrete pathway." He grinned at me.

I nodded and continued to make glances at the group eating at the table.

"Yeah."I tried to give him a reassuring smile, but it didn't work.

He grabbed my hand and we walked out the back.

This was really is beautiful....

There was slow music playing threw the speakers and I was swaying calmly to the sound.

Justin's hands grabbed me from behind and twisted me around. He pulled my butt closer to his body.

He smirked sending me a wink.

I blushed and giggled looking down.

"You should dance with me."He whispered.

"I don't dance. I have told you that many times."I giggled.

"Everyone can dance.They might not be good but they can at least dance."He chuckled.

"The big bad Jason McCann wants to dance hmm.."I smirked.

"No sweet innocent Justin Bieber wants to dance." He corrected.

"Oh I'm sorry."I said sarcastically.

"Come on follow my lead, my lady."He smiled.

He put my hand on his shoulder and the other hand I used to intertwine our hands together.

He took a step back and started twirling me around as I would follow his every move. I love how serious he looks when he was doing this.

He swung me out and twirled me back into his embrace and ducked me staring into my brown eyes.

He grabbed my leg and slowly brought me back to stand properly.

"Wow your really good at that."I hugged.

"I couldn't do it without a amazing partner like you."He smiled.

"Stop, I already told you I can't -" before I could continue a voice interrupted me.

"Brooklin?"I heard a familiar voice speak.

Justin and I looked at the man I hated so dearly.


My eyes widen when we made eye contact. He seemed more surprised than me.

"I can't believe I found you. Me and Daisy, Blake , and Hazel have been looking everywhere.I finally found you." He said looking at me with love.

I looked at Justin and his eyes turned a cold dark black color.

"Alex what are you doing here."I spoke.

"Aren't you suppose to be having a date with your girlfriend, oh yeah by the way did she still stay with you after knowing I was with you or did you even tell her at all?"I snapped.

"That doesn't matter right now, all that matters is that I finally found you and everything can go back . I can love you again and I promise I won't do anything like I did before."He spoke.

Justin charged at him and grabbed him by his collar pulling him up so his feet dangled off the ground.

I gasped.

"You will never be with her, ever. She is mine and only mine. If you touch her or even think about her I will make sure to kill you right here and right now."Justin barked.

Alex kicked trying to get Justin to let go.

"Let go Justin."I said.

Justin looked at me before dropping Alex to the concrete floor.

"You left me .... for him."Alex coughed.

"At least I don't fuck other girls and have dates with them when I'm in a committed relationship."He spat.

"Rot In hell kid."Justin spit pulling me to his side.

I pulled him closer rubbing his back calming him down completely.

"Alex listen here,if you tell anyone or anything about me, Justin will kill you."I spat.

I felt so bad to say that but I didn't really care.

"You have friends and family that care for you Brooklin and they're scare out of there minds I need to tell them."He spat.

"I can tell them myself, you do not belong in any of my problems and you do not belong in my family anymore."I said.

He looked hurt but that just made me feel much better.

"Who came with you."Justin hissed.

Alex gulped staring at Justin in fear.

"Blake ,Daisy, and Hazel."He said.

My stomach dropped instantly.

I looked at Justin with sadness in my eyes.

"Bring them out here."Justin sighed.

"Justin."I said warning.

"I took you away from them, an I shouldn't have."He whispered.

"Go,just tell them to come out here."Justin said.

Alex nodded running inside the place.

"Justin what if they call the cops!"I hissed.

"If you tell them you love me then they will understand."He said lowly.

"I thought you wanted to go home and see your friends and family ever since the beginning. Now that I you finally have a chance you don't take it? I kidnapped you and that was wrong but now I'm trying to make it up by letting you go."He sighed.

I stood in front of him.

"Let me go?"I asked.

"I'm gonna let you go home to your parents and stay in a relationship with me of course."He smirked.

"But what about seeing you everyday-"

"Come out here."We heard Alex voice say opening the door.

I looked as they all walked out and looked at me and Justin.

"Holy shit." Blake cursed.

Daisy and Hazel looked at me in shock as I was in Justin's arms.

"Brook!"They squealed running over to me.

Justin let go of me and all three of them tackled me.

"Guys I know you have missed me but I'm fine and I'm safe."I giggled and looked at Justin.

He smiled but his hands in his pockets.

"I will explain everything I promise."I spoke squeezing them before letting go.

"Who is this?"Hazel said circling Justin checking him out.

"That's Justin."I said pulling him close to me.

"Your kidding...."Daisy gasped.

"No it's him."I smiled up at him staring into his beautiful eyes.

"You told them about us back then?"He whispered.

I nodded.

"Look guys I'm so happy to see you and I know I have a lot of explaining, but Justin and I are gonna eat then leave."I smiled.

"Brooklin-"Justin sighed.

"Ill come over to Blake's and tell you guys everything...tomorrow."I said.

"He will come too."I said pulling Justin closer.

"Brook you didn't tell me Justin was so god damn fine."Blake looked Justin up and down.

Justin looked around awkwardly smirking.

"Eyes off, He's mine."I giggled looking at Justin.He had the biggest smile I think I have ever seen from him.

"I think our dinner is done Brook."Justin said.

I sighed looking at all my friends as Alex stood there awkwardly behind them.

"I'll call you guys tomorrow... and I'll see you later."I gave them three hugs and kisses.

I stopped in front of Alex and crossed my arms.

"But you, I never want to see you ever again. I don't care if you need help or your dying, how about you go to your other girlfriends. We are over forever Alex so I don't want to see you around my friends my family, or just in my sight at all after this."I spoke sternly.

"Or I'll kill you."Justin said growling.

"Justin..."I chuckled lowly.

Alex gulped quickly and bit his lip trying not to be terrified.

"Now leave before I kick your ass right now."Justin barked making everyone jump.

He scurried out the door letting the door hit him on the way.

"He's kinda sexy when he is mad."Blake whispered to me.

"Blake I'm gonna kick your butt if you don't stop, he is mine."I pulled Justin close to me in a protective way.

Justin turned my head and kissed me passionately, surprising me slightly.

We pulled away and rubbed are noses together smiling.

"Okay we're gonna go so um bye."Hazel said running off with the two behind them.

I snickered at them as I looked back at Justin.

"I can't believe your letting me do this, not letting me live with you."I spoke.

"Oh you can live with me just I want everyone to know your safe and obviously not kidnapped."He scratched his neck.

"Hey don't feel bad, being kidnapped by you was the best thing that has ever happened to me."I said sarcastically.

"Really."His eyes went wide.

"No meeting you for the first time was."I giggled.

"Ballerina..."He chuckled.

"That reminds me! I can do ballet again and you can watch me!"I giggled.

"Are you better than before."He smirked.

"Ohhhh yeahhh."I said shaking my head in approval.

"Let's go eat our spaghetti."He spoke grabbing my hand pulling me to the door.

We walked in and everyone was looking at Justin and I. Some people congratulated us and some just smiled at us in adoration.

We sat down at our table, and our food was sitting nicely on the table.

"This looks delicious oh my goodness." I spoke.

"This is my 2nd favorite spaghetti,My mom made the best out of all."He smiled at the thought of her.

"Yes! Pattie made the best spaghetti!"I exclaimed.

"She really loved you, you know?"He raised his eyebrow.

"She would still love you now."He smiled.

I blushed and looked down at my lap.

"I loved her too..."I whispered.

"You miss her too?"I asked.

He nodded and his eyes became glossy but knowing him he try to keep his cool.

"Of course."He whispered.
I started eating as we continued to talk about random things. We were having dinner. To be honest I have never been on a date like this. When I would date others they would take be somewhere cheap and not even talk to me like this.

"So the guys and I were talking.... about you.They told me something interesting."He said.

I raised my eyebrows. "like what?"I said nervously.

"Nothing bad just how they think it's a good idea to have you in our gang."He whispered.

"No."I giggled.

"Yeah."He said seriously.

"Your kidding right?"I laughed.

"No."He said shrugging.

"Justin I'm not strong enough to be in a gang. You guys already have a parade of people in the gang. You have Christian,Chaz,and Ryan. You got Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam, and Louis. You have your weed buddies Khalil and Za. We just got the 5sos gang in. You also have that one chick Sophie and my new friend Nicole."I explained.

"Now you want me in..."I whispered.

"First off you don't need to be strong to fight people off. You could be a distraction for what we can get."He said.

"I love you and this is a thing we could do together, and I know we have a lot of people but that's good because the bigger the better."He spoke.

Should I really take this offer. It would bring me closer to Justin...

"What if I end up like Sophie?"I asked.

"She was a stupid mistake. It was only a one time thing. It was when I couldn't stop thinking about you."He said grabbing my hand over the table.

"How did you know about that?" He asked.

"Nicole told me."He nodded and smirked.

"Girls with there gossiping."He laughed.

I giggled along.

"Hey In my defense I asked she told me."I said.

"Still you asked."He said point at me.

"Stop."I giggled.

When we got home we saw all the guys gathered around the living room.

"How was the date guys?"Everyone turned to look at us as we walked in.

"It was amazing, how was jacking off all night guys?"He mocked.

I chuckled shaking my head.

"Damn."Khalil laughed.

The Ashton guy was reading a magazine and looking occasionally up to look at me.

Once he laid eyes on me his eyes widen.

I blushed lightly looking down.

He sent me a shy smile and I sent him a smile.

"But I just want everyone to know, Brooklin and I are a thing so no looking or touching or Ill kill."Justin warned.

"Your so protective."I said smacking his arm playfully.

He smirked down at me.

"But I gotta say you look hot as fuck in that dress Brook!"Za said leaning back staring at me. All the guys nodded and hummed in approval. Ashton shook his head violently before looking down at the magazine again so Justin didn't catch him.

"Lets get you to the bedroom."Justin huffed pulling me with him.

We made our way into the bedroom and he picked me up.

He threw me on the bed and I giggled.

"As the predator seeks his prey,he slowly moves over to her"He said in a fake australian accent.

He crawled over me and I smiled up at him.

"He then captures it."He yelled pinning me down.

I giggled loudly.

"The predator slowly searched the prey for any thing suspicious."He connected his lips with my neck making me moan instantly.

He continued his love bites.

"Oh. The predator doesn't really like this dress."He said again with the fake thick accent as he looked at me with lust filled in his eyes.

He grabbed me and unzipped my dress from the back and yanking it off my body as I laid there only in my bra and panties.

My cheeks turned red as he looked me up and down.

"The predator wants more."He growled kissing my inner thigh.

"Ah."I spoke out.

He gripped onto my panties and my stomach started doing flips.

"Now it's time for the predator to eat."He licked his lips.

"Justin."I instantly spring up from his grip.

He instantly frowned at me.

"Can we just not do this tonight."I sighed.

He smiled and nodded.

"Okay babe it's fine."He smiled.

"I'm sorry It's just tonight was romantic and I don't want the night to end like that. I want it to end up with me and you cuddling."I giggled.

"Babe I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't wanna do, see I would go back then but now I can't."He chuckled.

"I love you."I kissed him and messed up his hair.

"I love you too ballerina."He kissed my head.

"How about you get ready for bed and just go ahead an lay down. I have to work in the office and finish things off for tomorrow. lll come in here later to snuggle with you."He said.

I blushed lightly.

"Okay business man."I winked at him.

"Don't or I will fuck you right now."He puffed and walked out of the room.

I loved how I had that effect on him.

I could sense myself smiling intensely, as I pranced over to the bed.

I got under the covers and snuggled in the comfy bed. I close my eyes fully just thinking about him before falling asleep.

A loud bang was heard which caused me to jump from the bed.

I heard clashing and screams from Justin down the hallway.

I sprung from the bed and ran down the long hallway opening the door to the office.

Running inside I soon realized I wasn't in the office, I was in Harry's and Nicole's room.

I saw them having sex in front of me and I screamed covering my eyes.

"OH MY GOD I'M SORRY!"I screamed frantically running out of the room closing the door.

I finally found the door where I heard the noises.

I opened it and ran inside I saw justin trashing his office.

He was about to throw a glass cup but I ran over and grabbed his arm stopping him.

"Justin."I said soothingly.

He suddenly relaxed and grabbed me burying his head in my neck.

He dropped the cup on the floor on the carpet flooring.

"Shh. It's okay Jay."His panting and anger was shaking within him.

"Baby, What's wrong."I pull his face in front of mine leaning my forehead against his.

"Everything."He groaned.

"I'm just angry baby."He pouted.

"I can see that Justin."I giggled.

"They said they were gonna come after you and take you."He said with his anger rising again.

"Who."I said nervously.

"A gang I fucked with down by eastside."He said pacing back and forth pulling his hair.

"They somehow found me, they know about you and me, now they want to take something from me because I took something from them. I took one of there members away."He said knocking a picture frame down.

"Justin."I grabbed his arm to stop him from pacing.

I unbutton his dress shirt, and I threw it off of him.

He looked down at me with love marked in his orbs.

I undid his pants and pulled them down to leave him in his boxers.

I pushed him down in his office chair and I sat on top of him.

I grabbed the blanket he had on the huge window sill and wrapped it around us.

We snuggled together and felt comfortable to the feeling of this.

"Justin they will never take me away from you, because i'm forever gonna be with you." I said playing with his jawline.

"I love you and i'm not scared of them, because they cant hurt me. Especially if your in my life."I said soothing him.

"I love you."He mumbled in my hair kissing my neck.

"I love you more."I spoke.

"Bullshit."He grumbled.

"Don't cuss."I giggled.

"Oh I'm sorry good girl."He chuckled.

"So I kinda saw something traumatizing before I came in here."I said coughing awkwardly.

He looked at me confused and furrowed his eyebrows.

"I saw Harry and Nicole "getting it on"."I cringed.

He suddenly burst out laughing.

I loved how I could easily change his mood.

"Stop it isn't funny."I smiled at him.

"Yeah it is I could picture your face."He giggled.

I pouted and he smiled at me before pulling me closer , so I could hear his heartbeat against his chest.


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