Ever is a 20 year old woman. She is turning 21 in a week. So for her birthday she decides to go on a road trip with her brother Mike, his friends Ted and Dave and her two best friends Hope and Allen. Ever has always had a crush on Allen, and this week she plans on telling him how she feels. But then something happens. When Ever steps foot in the cabin she gets a painful message. Creatures called Shadows are out to get them, and they are craving blood


2. Road Trip?

~Chapter 1~

~Road trip?~

It was the the summer of 1983

"Hahaha idiot 1983 really?"

"Yeah, cut the crap. That's so old! Use something new."

"Tch. Fine!"

With and eye roll i changed the first sentence in my book.

It was the summer of 2008



We were all going to Lake Takiwa for a nice relaxing week of freedom. It was also a way to celebrate a certain girl's 21 birthday. It was supposed to be a fun time...until they came.

"Wa.....Wake....WAKE UP DAMMINT!!!!!"

"AHHHH," with a loud scream of terror Ever fell of the bed and landed with a face plant on the cold marble floor, while her brother was laughing his ass off in the background.

"What the hell Mike! Why did you do that?!?!"

Mike is Ever's big brother. He's the jock in the family. While he prefers swooning girls over with his biceps, gray-blue eyes, and sunset hair, she chooses to stay inside sleeping in.

"Well duh... It's time for the road trip!!" Mike, still laughing, said.

"Road trip? Oh right!!" Ever instantly jumped off the floor and ran past Mike. She headed towards the bathroom.

I've got to look good for Allen. This week is when i tell him how i feel.

Allen Winchester is the class president and Ever's best friend. They've known each other since birth. And she has sorta liked him since birth.

"Oooo...looks who's getting all dolled up for her little crush!" Mike said with a smirk beaming across his face.

"Shut the hell up! I'm not little anymore!!!"

"Yeah...i know," Mike brother was smiling sweetly when he said that. "Still i wouldn't get to pretty. You don't want all your blood and tears messing up your make-up!"


"Oh you haven't heard?" There was a mocking tone in his voice. And a hint of stupid in it too. "It's said that Lake Takiwa is haunted by shadows!"

"Shadows?" Ever asked with a toothbrush in my mouth.

"Yep. Shadows of people who died there during the planning of the cabin nearby. It's said that the native's disagreed with their land being broken. So they cursed the land and the lake by sacrificing their spirits and bodies to the dark side. Whoever steps foot on that land is meant to die in the most painful way possible."

"Haha," Ever sarcastically gave him a smile. "You have got to stop reading those occult books."

"Just get ready! The guys are going to be here soon!"

"Oke dokes!"

As Ever was getting dressed Mike's story bounced around her head like a basketball. The more she thought about it the more she felt really...strange. The angry spirits of the natives. Cursed soil. Painful death. Ever almost started to believe her brother. Then she snapped out of it when Mike called her.


"Huh? Oh uh...Coming!!!!!!" She put that stupid story in the back of my head, grabbed her stuff, and headed out the door, towards the car.

Inside the car was her brother's two best friends Ted and Dave. They're twins except Ted has green emerald eyes that makes people remember of The Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz. Dave has brown eyes that strangely match that weird brown lock of hair in his albino hair.

Then came Ever's friends. In the seat next to het was Hope. She is a sweet and hyper red head with so many freckles. Hope has one bright blue eye and another dark green eye. Other then that she's normal in a weird way. And in the back seat was Allen. His hazel eyes shining as the setting sun bounced off them. His chestnut hair swaying back and forth from the wind coming from the open window. He looked so...

"Hey, this is supposed to be horror not a romantic comedy!"


"Yeah continue the story"

"Fine, you guys are no fun!"

Once we all buckled up, the road trip began.

"Okay time to hit the road!!!" Ted yelled.

"WOOOHOOOO" everyone cried!

They are all so excited. Ever couldn't wait to get there. If only she knew what was up ahead.

As the sun set behind their house a voice popped up in Ever's mind and it wasn't hers:

"You...should.....turn....back!!!!! too!!!!"


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