Ever is a 20 year old woman. She is turning 21 in a week. So for her birthday she decides to go on a road trip with her brother Mike, his friends Ted and Dave and her two best friends Hope and Allen. Ever has always had a crush on Allen, and this week she plans on telling him how she feels. But then something happens. When Ever steps foot in the cabin she gets a painful message. Creatures called Shadows are out to get them, and they are craving blood


3. Light?

~Chapter 2~


"S-stop! Leave me alone!"

Hope? Why is Hope here? Where is here? It was a long hallway with many similar pictures. The only light was coming from the constant lightning outside the red stained windows..

"Stop it!!! EVER HELP!!!" It is Hope! I can't move or talk! Wait...she's coming! Hope was running towards Ever. Her expression was terrifying. It seemed like something was chasing her. There was some sort of dark figure following her. Hope! C-can't she see me?

The "thing" caught up with Hope. It stabbed her in the back. It wasn't enough to kill her, just to make her fall. "Stop! Let me go! How could you do this? Ever help me!!! Please! This thing, it's-" The shadow got a silver knife and twisted it in Hope's back. Hope was looking straight at Ever. But she couldn't move. W-who is it! Hope! NOOO!! After a couple seconds Hope's eyes became lifeless. They weren't full with happiness anymore. They looked like a lone night in a sky with no light. Her head drooped and her hand asking for help plopped to the ground. "N-no...Hope!" Ever could talk now. She had frigid tears going down her face. She still couldn't move.

The thing looked at her. A wide grin spread across it's face. "You know. You should have stayed silent. I might have forgotten to kill you." It looked at Hope's corpse. "She did know who I really am. But sadly she was the only one who knew. So now it's your turn." The thing retrieved the bloody knife from Hope's back.. "I'll give you 10 seconds. Run!" Ever couldn't move "1...2...3," W-what do I do! I can't even move my head. He's getting closer! I feel like I'm sucked into the darkness! " really want to die, huh Ever? Well then you're lucky. 9...10!" It was in Ever's face. The knife went penetrating her heart. She started to taste blood and her vision got blurry. "Bye-Bye!" The last thing she saw was a black something smirking at her.

Black eyes opened with fright only to be blinded. The light of the lonely, white, crescent moon peeked into Ted's car.

"It...was...just a...nightmare," Ever said panting. She was sweaty and terrified. It felt real. It really felt like I died. And poor Hope. Ever quickly looked to her right. Hope's hair looked crimson under the moonlight. "It wasn't real. Thank goodness," she mumbled to herself. The whole thing was racing around her head like an out of control sports car. "It was so strange."

"Hey." The sudden whisper came out of nowhere and made her jump. She hit the roof and landed back down with a thump. "OW!"

Ever turned back quickly in fright! She expected to see the monster again, as she was still in shock from her nightmare. All she saw was a half awake Allen.

"Oh it's just you," Ever said with a small smile. Allen's eyes looked tired but they still shimmered in the moon's light.

"Yep. I'm the only one back here," He said with a tired smile. "You sort of woke me up. You okay? You're shivering," Allen said that as he put a hand on Ever's shoulder. It seemed warm and caring. His voice was tired, and he seemed like he wanted to yawn really bad. Looks like he doesn't want to be rude.

Ever just noticed that she was shivering and she couldn't stop. "Um...yeah just cold. Don't worry about it," She tried to smile over her fear of the nightmare and embarrassment of waking up Allen.

"Hmm...alright," Allen shrugged and closed his eyes. Soon he was asleep.

After several silent moments, Ever finally stopped shivering and started to look at her surroundings. She realized she was in a car with her big brother Mike, his two friends Ted and Dave. Then there was Hope, sleeping on her shoulder. Huh? How did they not wake up from the sound I made when I hit the roof? In the back was Allen her other "best friend."

Outside was pretty dark. The only light which was given off by the moon shone on the ground causing it to shimmer. It must have rained. The ground seems to be wet. Closer inspection to the ground revealed that it was actually a far away lake. Lake Takiwa? Next to the lake there was a light. It was pretty far away. There was only one but it seemed to belong to a small house, possibly a cabin. Even though the light only lasted for a few seconds, Ever thought something was watching them from inside the house. Maybe I just imagined the light...oh well. Ever didn't give it much thought, probably because she was tired. She just shrugged it off and went to sleep. This time with no dreams...just...darkness.

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