Ever is a 20 year old woman. She is turning 21 in a week. So for her birthday she decides to go on a road trip with her brother Mike, his friends Ted and Dave and her two best friends Hope and Allen. Ever has always had a crush on Allen, and this week she plans on telling him how she feels. But then something happens. When Ever steps foot in the cabin she gets a painful message. Creatures called Shadows are out to get them, and they are craving blood


4. Cabin?

~Chapter 3~


"The sun's light peeps through the car's window. Tangerine ball of fire is coming from behind the lake. It brings warmth onto the earth. And it aslo brings morning...which means YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP NOW!!!!!"

The loud annoying voice was followed by furious shaking.

"Whhhhaaaaattttsss gooooiiiinnngggg ooonnnn???" Ever was awoken to Hope's eager beaver face.

"Yay you're awake! Now lets get going!" Hope was already out the door practically dragging Ever from her hand.

"What the hell?!" A fimiliar voice was heard behind Hope. "What are you doing to Ever??" It was Ted. He was getting all the heavy boxes and luggage from the trunk.

"Eh..." Hope was speechless. She always had the smallest crush on Ted, even though he was four years older then her.

"Here let me help," Ted said as he was grabbing my ankles.

"W-What?" Ever was confused but soon realized what was going on. "No no no no no!!!!!"

Ted and Hope began pulling Ever out the car. When she was out she said "Okay let go of me!"

"Haha not yet," they both said in unison.

Ted and Hope dragged Ever from the car to the cabin and then they stopped. "Goddammit!!! Now i have crap all over me! What the hell!!!!!" "Oh stop whining Captain Sissy." The voice came from inside the cabin. Mike steppe out with a cold one in his hand.

"Drinking? Already?" Ever sounded displeased. "Bite me! You're just jealous that you can't until you turn 21!" Mike was starting to get pretty uneasy.

"YOU'RE BIRTHDAY!!!!!" Hope scared us all with her voice of excitement! "Can't wait to start decorating and baking and..." Her voice disappeared as she stepped into the cabin. Heehee...Hope, you always have the craziest ideas.

Ever was astonished as she steeped into the cabin. and her stomach was in knots. "Ah..." Hope stopped midway in her happy trail of birthday ideas to look back at Ever. She was on her knees, crunched over and seemed to be in pain. "H-Hey Ever..." Before she could finish her sentence Ever screamed!!!!! "AHHH!!! T-THEY'RE COMING!!!!!" Hope ran towards Ever! She was frightened. Soon everyone came around Ever. Ted and Dave heard the scream from the car, Mike was sober enough to care, and Allen came from the next room in the cabin. They all saw the same thing. A crunched up Ever in pain.

Ever's headache was bad. Terrible even. The ringing in her ears was unbearable, and her stomach felt twisted. She wanted to throw up. She collapsed on her knees. That's when everything went black. She couldn't feel...anything. Ever wasn't able to hear or see either. In fact, her whole body was numb. Cloud..Then figures started taking shape. The first seemed like a misshaped sofa. Then there was a dark and lonely fire place. And shining in the distance was a single shiny knife. Soon everything else fell into place. "T-The cabin?" Ever sounded confused. She still couldn't hear anything until...

"They are coming...They are coming...Run...Run..."

Ever turned no one was there...except an open door leading through darkness. She was more curious about the knives, but her body just moved towards the darkness in the door. Ever turned around only to see the knife was right behind her. It seemed as if someone was caring it to her left eye. It seemed bloody this time, not shiny and silver. It was scarlet and tinted. Before they knife could kill her she fell. She couldn't scream. She just aimlessly watched as the cabin disappeared above her..

"They are coming...They are coming...We told you to run...You fell in their trap!"

The voices surrounded Ever. Until she finally touched the floor. There was darkness again, but the smallest ray of light. Ever didn't know what to do. "The cabin...and the silver knife."Ever was falling asleep. "They're coming...I have to leave..." Soon there was darkness again.

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