Just A Man

I wasn't in Love but she made me feel different. Therefore I'll find her.


2. The Buddy System


The Buddy System

321 P. Ave A.K.A

Riley's House


I unlocked the door and quietly closed the door. I walked down the hallway and was immediately stopped by my father.

"Where have you been?"

I flinched. I could already tell where this was going, "Taylor insisted we go our for breakfast," I lied easily.

"You should've said no," He slammed his hand on my shoulder forcing me to stumble back.

"I t-tried but she insisted. I tried I really did," I stuttered. He looked at me with pure hate and disgust before pushing me away from him. I swear I was a mistake. Why didn't they just go through with the abortion? I walked down the hall to my room and crashed on my bed, thinking.

Why did I go to that party last night? I'm pretty sure I just made a great first impression on myself. I clenched my hands in to fist slamming them on my bed. I'm so stupid.


I woke up to the most annoying sound in the world. An alarm clock. I slammed my hand down on the top of the alarm putting it on snooze. I rolled out of bed and chose something simple to wear. I picked out some multi-patterned tights and a large black sweater that said pink. I hopped in the shower letting the hot water relax me and quickly got out. I put my hair in ringlets and placed a large pink bow on the top of my head. I topped the outfit of with purple vans and headed down the hall for breakfast.

I fixed some cocoa puffs and ate them in peace. I drank the rest of the milk and placed the bowl in the sink. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my back pack before looking for my dad. I checked every where in the house and cursed once I realized that neither my mom or dad was here.

Well Gee, I'm just suppose to walk to school? Hek, I didn't even know where the school was. I stormed outside and quickly made my way down the sidewalk. Thirty minutes in too my walk a black Mercedes pulled up beside me. I stopped and watched as the driver rolled down their window.

"Can I help you?" I snapped aggravated that I was late too school on my very first day.

"You Look Lost Baby." The boy smirked, "Schools actually the other direction."
I blushed, "Damn, I thought it was this way." Ryan laughed cutely before stepping out of his car and leading me to the passenger door, "I'd be happy to take you then."

I smiled and slid in the car immediately humming to the radio. The ride to school was silent, but a nice silent not an awkward one. Ryan pulled in too the parking lot and I once thanked him again. All I had too do was avoid Justin and get through the day.

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