Just A Man

I wasn't in Love but she made me feel different. Therefore I'll find her.


1. One Night Stand


One Night Stand

148 Rich Grove. A.K.A.

Justin's House


I groaned as someone pounded my chest repeatedly. I sat up and grabbed her tiny little hands. "I need to go, Like Right Now" I rolled my eyes automatically seeing see was different. Most girls would be too Amazed Too say Anything. They'd Be too Shocked that they slept with me.

The most popular Man in school.

But No. She demanded to be taken home.

"Ight Put your clothes back on" I motioned to her clothes which I so easily took off last night. Her eyes went big and she covered herself with the bed sheet. I couldn't help but laugh at this. "It's not like I haven't seen you" I winked at her.

"I can't put those on, I'm supposed to be at a sleepover," She ran her hands through her hair. Cute.

"So?" I questioned confused.

"In case you didn't know at sleep overs you change in too different clothes the next day, and my parents are really superstitious" I laughed at this before going to my closet. I grabbed some underclothes for her that 'Previous' Girls had left. I threw them at her

"Whose are these" She questioned turning them inside out.

"You don't need to know" I grumbled looking in my closet for anything else she could wear.

"Are they Clean?" I laughed at her response. Yep. Definitely Different.

"Yeah, I washed them" I replied still rummaging through my closet. I picked out some white skinny jeans and a black lacey t-shirt and also threw them too her.

"Can I shower?" She asked quietly. I nodded my head and pointed to my bathroom. She got up not bothering to cover herself. I smirked at this, Licking My Lips, "Can I join you"

She glared at me covering herself up with her hands.

"I'm All About Saving Water You Know," I yelled at her as she slammed the bathroom door. I changed in to some sweats. After hearing the water cut on I went over too my bed stripping the sheets. I threw them in the washer and dryer.

I checked all the bedrooms every now and then telling 'People' To get out.

I went downstairs and wasn't surprised to See Ryan and Chaz, My Two Best Friends pigging out on food.

"I can't believe you got some with the new girl" Chaz punched me in the shoulder proud. I nodded my head smiling, "Yeah. What's Her Name?"

Ryan Laughed before Going to the fridge and drinking some orange Juice straight from the carton, "Where are you're parents again?" He asked turning towards me.

"Business Trip" I replied grabbing an apple. I bit in too it thinking. I was only just finished with the apple when the girl upstairs called my name.

"Seriously Whats Her Name" I turned towards Chaz and Ryan.

"Riley" They Said at the same time. I nodded my head before running upstairs. I knocked on the bathroom door curiously asking, "Yes?"
"Come in" She sighed heavily. I opened the door pleased, "Did you change your Mind?"

"No you pervert," She stated angrily. Well that's a first. "I got soap in my eye, I need some help" She admitted hiding behind the curtain. I sighed deeply before grabbing a dry rag and walking over to the bathtub. She stuck her head out still hiding behind the curtain.

I wiped at her eyes removing all the soap, "Better?"

She opened her eyes, revealing a beautiful blue "Thanks," She blushed slightly kissing my cheeck before closing the curtain again. My whole face burned and I smiled stupidly. I went back in my room and grabbed her black dress and underclothes. I stuffed them in a bag, and waited lazily for her to come out.

She came out, and I examined her Wet hair, 'Can braid your hair" I bit my lip not knowing exactly why I said that. She shrugged her shoulders and sat in between my legs. I braided her hair  to the side proud of my work. She slipped on her black heels, and looked at me, "I have to go Remember?"

I nodded before leading her downstairs. Chaz and Ryan whistled at her as she passed by and I gave each of them the finger before leading her out the front door.

"Whats the address" I said buckling my seat belt.

"321 P. Ave" She muttered. What was an elegant girl like her living in the projects? I didn't question her, I just drove.

"Stop," I looked at her confused we were only a couple of streets down from her house. Was she embarrassed or something. I didn't question her I unlocked the doors and watched carefully as she rounded the corner.

I made a U-turn and drove back to my house.

"How was she?" Chaz questioned as I crashed on the couch.

"Different," I mumbled. I mentally cursed at myself once I realized he was talking about the sex. Not her personality. "Great," I put on a (fake) stupid grin. Chaz laughed obviously believing me. I laid my head down, wondering why I wasn't able to get her out of my head.


I woke up the next morning complete silence. I looked at my calendar and groaned. Who ever created Monday's was a complete idiot.

I got up in no rush, and took my shower. I changed in too plain jeans, supras and a plain white tee. I went downstairs and put some waffles in the toaster. I poured a glass with orange Juice finishing it with one gulp.

The waffles popped up and I caked them with syrup, quickly finishing them. I watched thirty minutes of television not caring if I'd be late or not.


"Late Again," Ms. Carmike sighed, pulling down her glasses. I smirked heading for my seat in the back of the class.

"As I was saying, For the Buddy system the school has provided us with," I rolled my eyes as Ms. Carmike droned on and on about something we'd been talking about for a month now. I leaned back in my seat ignoring, Mary-Ellen who placed her hand on my thigh.

"Sorry I missed the party, I had..Business to attend too," She pouted poking me playfully. Don't get me wrong, the girl is drop dead gorgeous, but she sleeps with every guy she sees. If I were to go out with her she'd cheat on me, who knows how many times.

Hate too say it, but I want a steady trustful relationship.

"Mr. Bieber you will be paired with," I shot my head up looking at Ms. Carmike. She flipped a page on her clipboard staring at it.

"Ms. Riley O'Neal" She finished smiling at me. I smirked turning my head in the direction everyone was looking. There she was, I smirked at her and she frowned.

This would indeed be interesting.


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