I want somthing more!!! <>or <3

Homestuck has been morails <>with a certain pasta loving crazed adorable fandom know only as Hetalia!!!!!
Honestuck has slowly developed red felling for Hetalia. With in time he realizes it more then a little red feelings he full on flushed and he trying to ask Hetalia to be his matespirt!! Will this intresting fandom have the guts to make the first move , or will he need help from other fandom even his kissmasis Supernatural? Dose Hetalia feel the same way?

Find out in... I WANT SOMETHING


1. I Need Help

so hey everyone like the idea????

well if u read the title of the chapter u will c i need help.

with what u may ask?

i need name for each fandom?

what fandoms should be in it ?

how the heck do u spell the names of the quadrants in honestuck?

should i add characters from the show, movie, web comic ,ect ..?

where/when should this take place?

do u like the pic ?

should i change the pic ?

plz i would love it if u could answer some of theaese questions!!!!!!! <>

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