The Book of Stupidity

Do you think your stupid....Well I'm stupider! So you wanna see how stupid I am keep reading. WARNING: MAY CAUSE STUPIDITY, CONFUSION, AND MENTAL ILLNESS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!


1. Rhetorical Question

Was it I that did something wrong or was it you that did something wrong? Was it I that did not know or was it you that didn’t know? Rhetorical question cannot be answered unless you want them to be answered. Did I confuse you? Yes or no? If you answered no keep reading this paragraph but if you answered yes read the second paragraph. How could someone be so stupid? Didn’t they teach you rhetorical questions already or did they not teach you at all?


You answered yes…how great… You’re even worse than the people who answered no. YOU CAN’T EVEN ANSWER RHETORICAL QUESTIONS!!! STOP READING JOHN GREEN AND READ SOME BOOKS ABOUT RHECTORICAL QUESTION!!!


Until tomorrow….

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