Just My Bestfriend .Calum Hood Fanfic.

Just a story about me and my best friend.


3. CHP.3

Melodys POV

I went downstairs and sall the two greatest persons who I love so much my two best friends.

'' Anne, jess'' I hugged them both as hardest as I can. I called Summer, Anne because that was her middle name and plus I was to lazy to say her full name and to exited since its been 2 months since I last sall them.

''how are you guys'' I asked them while going to sit with them on the couch.

''we're good and guess what'' Jess said with such exciment  in her voice. '' Ok I''ll tell you Summer is engaged'' she said I was shocked that it took me so long to now this I really need to see E!  more .

''OMG how come you didn't call me im so happy for you but im mad because you didn't call me'' I said hugging her again.

''well you know been busy planning the wedding and before you ask me anything about it im still planning and also its a surprise ok ''

''ok'' I said while nodding acting very dumm. Then, the guys in threw the door and once they sall the girls they started hugging them.

''ill just hug myself here'' I said very loudly and hugged myself.

''ill hug you if you forgive me for yesterday'' Calum said.

''ok I just need a hug since they don't want to hug me. ok so I liked Calum because he was adorable, cute, romantic and yeah but he's with Cherry.




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