Just My Bestfriend .Calum Hood Fanfic.

Just a story about me and my best friend.


2. CHP.2


Melody's P.o.v

Yesterday I flew from Los Angeles and I had only arrived so I was surprising  the boys today we were staying at a beach house in Sydney and the girls were going to come later. I entered the house and sall the boys except calum sitting down all focused on the tv.

''BOO!'' I said really loud. They screamed but then they sall me and came and hugged me one bye one.

''hey melody I missed you so much'' Ash said to me.

''I did to'' Luke said.

'' So where's Calum'' I asked them I wanted all of them to be there when  came I even told them the time I was going to come.

''he went with Cherry'' Michael said.

''ohh ok, so how have you guys been haven't seen you guys in years'' I told them hugging them again.

'well I've been great'' ash said and then laughed.

'I'm okay'' Luke said.

''yeah me to'' Michael said.

 after that we all decided to go watch a movie I loved horror movies and that's one think they didn't know that about me. I could tell there were going to watch a scary movie.

'' Melody were going to see Mama okay,, okay well go get the popcorn and we will set up everything.'' Michael said, I had already seen that movie and for me it was not scary I found it kind of funny.

'' I'll help her'' Luke said and went to the kitchen I just followed him. I put the popcorn in the microwave and just waited there while Luke grabbed some candies and drinks. After about 7 minutes we had 3 bowls of popcorn and drinks mostly all we needed to start so me and Luke  went back and sat down on the couch with the guys.

We were half way threw the movie and I felt my eyes closing and then everything went dark.


'' Calum were, were you yesterday Melody came. And her friends already settled in there rooms'' I heard someone whisper-yell at each other.

'' Really where is Melody'' Someone whispered.

''she is sleeping with Luke on the couch'' Michael said. I started to move because I wanted to sterech so I did. I opened my eyes and sall Calum and Michael standing there.

''hey guys im going to go to my room if you need anything'' I said to them and left to my room to take of my makeup witch I forgot I got in the shower witch took 20 minutes and dressed into this

I quickly blow dried my hair and after that I curled it then I put a little bit of makeup. I went to my room to charge my phone when a I heard a knock.

''come in'' I said I guessed you already knew I said that duh.

''hi Melody'' Calum said and then hugged me i hugged him back as tight as I could.

'' i missed you so much ohh and thank you for being here yesterday'' i said and emphasizing the last part.

'' I'm sorry it's because Cherry wanted to go see a movie with her''

''its okay Calum im going to go say hi to my friends i'll talk to you later


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