Just My Bestfriend .Calum Hood Fanfic.

Just a story about me and my best friend.


1. CHP.1


Hi my name is Melody Lace. I have long hair it's dark brown and then half of it is blonde and my eyes are this kind of brown but also mix with red I am 5'7 and I am 17 years old. And im from America.

Talents: Singing, Dancing , Acting, Gymnastics, Modeling, Banding, Fluent Korean too just like the girls and whistle notes

Instruments: Piano, Guitar acoustic, Bass and drums

I had already done my first tour and this year I was starting to tour with 5sos the good thing is that me and Calum Hood are best friend we've know each other since we were 4 and now 17 so yeah I did have a crush on him but know he's dating that fake and annoying girlfriend Cherry she didn't like me and even the boys hated her. I was starting the tour with them next week and I was pretty exited I left tonight to start everything . ohh and I am in a band with 2 other girls there names were Jessica Rose and Summer Rose they were twins but the difference was that jess had blonde and blue eyed like her mother and Summer Rose dyed her hair red with white tips. I was checking the set list and these are the song

1. I will never let you down

2. Bleeding Love

3. The way

4. Salute

5. The Boys

6. Neon Lights

7. M. F. P. O. T. Y.

8. Sirens

9. Boss

10. better together and the 5sos boys were my opening act you can say it will be fun.

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