Defender Of The Animal Realm

A story about a squirrel with many fantasy based weapons. He is the Defender of the animal Realm, a title he intends to keep. His forest kingdom needs him. He must travel far and wide, decide his fellow creatures fates and be a guardian to all the fluffy creatures of the forest. It's time to read on as a heroic squirrel begins his magical journey to get his kingdom away from the darkness of bad creatures heading his way. All seems fine at the moment. But eventually this ordinary red squirrel will grab his sword and begin to get his paws a little dirty.


2. Leaving Home So Soon

It's a very weird sight to come across a dray full of baby squirrels... Well that's not very odd at all. But this specific squirrels nest also contained a baby rabbit. Now if that's not odd, I dunno what is...


A squirrels home built out of twigs and other materials scattered around the forest floor, lay within the tall tree canopy. In this cosy little home was four little red bundles of fuzz. A soft fluffy grey lump led in the middle of the four red bundles of fur. A little white tuft of fur poking out of a gap between all the red mass. As the bundle of babies began to awaken, two long grey ears flicked out from under a little red body, sticking upright into the air, where they stood on end. Out poked a little black nose that began to twitch from side to side. The little grey ball, now uncurled and leaving the pile of red fluff turned out to be a baby rabbit. It stood on it's hind legs and looked from side to side at the outside world, bobbing up and down to get a better view. The rabbits ears moving around as it showed interest to it's surroundings. The pile of red began to unfold and separate into four little baby squirrels. They began to stretch out as their bushy tails began to rise to an upright position. The baby rabbit began licking it's front paws, and wiping it's face clean. The little squirrels began to scurry around the nest frantically. Running over one another and looking from side to side. Their little furry faces full of worry and fear. The baby rabbit sniffed and looked around nervously.


"Where's mummy?" the baby rabbit spluttered with shock. "I don't know! Where could she be?!" three of the tiny squirrels cried out in chorus with one another. The three girls really worried that they were alone, with no adult to protect them from any dangers that could be lurking beyond their home. "Should I go look for her" said the forth baby squirrel in a mature voice. He was keeping his cool, no fear what so ever on his little face. His ears pricked up with the excitement of helping his siblings and leaving the nest for the first time. He thought of it as an adventure. "No! No! You can't leave the nest! Were not ready for that yet!" cried the little girls. "Oh don't worry my little sisters. I will be fine if I take bunny over here". The male squirrel, quite a bit bigger than his three sisters, went over to the baby rabbit giving him a nudge saying "you'll come with me won't you". The rabbit stopped sniffing the air and twitching his nose. He huffed at the male squirrel and said "I think it's a stupid idea to leave the nest without an adult to escort us Dylan. And I would appreciate it if you didn't call me bunny! My name, as you very well know is Greyson!" Dylan laughed and said "I know, I know.... It's cool Grey, I will just go by myself!" Greyson said "don't be ridiculous! Just wait! I'm sure our mum will turn up eventually".


"Well done Greyson, well said indeed". A beautiful young squirrel slinked delicately into the entrance of the dray. "I am pleased with you leadership while I'm gone my son". Greyson twitched his nose and smiled with pride as he stood tall. "Oh please" Dylan said with a sarcastic tone. "As for you!" the young squirrel said sharply. "I am not pleased with your judgement of the situation at hand. You must stay in the nest till you are ready to leave. No adventuring till I say your ready. You have proved today that you are still a child that makes stupid decisions that could get you killed". "But mum!" Dylan cried out in defence. The young female put her left paw up to his mouth to stop him from talking as she continued to discipline him. "You are needed in this nest. You are like your farther. Always wanted to save the day. Dylan the Defender of this forest. Your not ready for that lifestyle yet. Take your time to grow up. You don't want responsibility so soon. Live like a child while you are a child. I don't understand why kids want to grow up so fast these days. It's no fun being an adult. You have much less time for yourself. You can't fool around once you take responsibility for your forest, and it's creatures". Dylan sighed and bowed his head down saying "sorry mum". "that's okay" she sighed with relief knowing her words were sinking into him finally. "mum, tell us the story of Zacharius the Great again" one of the little girls said eagerly for a bedtime story. "Very well my child".


"There was once a handsome young squirrel by the name of Zacharius. He was very fast and always liked to save his fellow forest creatures. His companion who helped him along was a young squirrel by the name of Evangeline". She told her story as the little squirrels curled up and huddled together listening carefully until they dozed off into a deep undisturbed sleep. "Good night my little squirrels.... and bunny of course". She curled her large bushy tail around them and also fell fast asleep. When she woke up, it was to a large bump. She jumped up quickly, sniffing the air as her hears twitched on the top of her head. Her bushy tail flicking nervously from side to side. "What is it mummy" one of the little girl squirrels said sleepily. "Somethings wrong".


"What's wrong mummy?" the little squirrel said in a scared voice waking her sisters up. "I smell it... In the air... A sense of... I can't really explain it but... I don't like this at all!" She shouted the last part in a raised panic waking her two boys up from their pleasant sleep. "What's going on?!" Dylan shouted crossly as he looked madly up at his mother. "We have to get out of here!" she cried with fear. "Why?" Greyson said quickly in shock. "I sense it... Somethings very wrong! I can feel it!" The mother left the dray crying "HURRY! KEEP BEHIND ME AT ALL TIMES!" Dylan grabbed a hold of his mothers tail. His three sisters clinging onto his tail. Making a train of safe transport so they don't get split up, Greyson thumping hard on the ground at the back of the train. As they scampered down the tree, Greyson clinging onto one of the sisters backs, as his feet weren't made for descending down tree trunks. As they left the nest for the first time, in a panicked frenzy, they didn't look back as the sky seemed to get darker. A great swarm of darkness descending upon them as they ran from the great unknown.

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