Kirby's Return To Dreamland: The Novel (9+)

Kirby's Return to Dreamland is a video game turned novel! Read to discover the full story beyond the controls. Kirby is an adorable pink hero who sets on a mission to help a friend find the parts he needs to get home, although he has to cross an invasion to do so. Magolor suspects the pieces are being guarded by a mysterious dark force secluded for years, waiting to strike...


11. One Step Closer

This time, the warp star brought them to an iceland.

Now they needed only two parts: the mast and the emblem. According to Kirby's G.P.S, the emblem was the part concealed here. The mast was in the underworld itself!

Waddle Dee surpressed a shudder.

"Well, there's a lever up there." Kirby pointed. "Now that we know what to do, let's see what it does."

As Kirby clung to the lever, the ground neatly split into stairs. They climbed down to see a fiery minion. Kirby inhaled him. The cycle went through, and suddenly Kirby could breathe fire!

"I guess there is still a bit to learn about these weapons," said Kirby. He looked ahead. "I actually think we were supposed to stay up there. See? There's a ramp."

"I just hope it can hold me," said King Dedede.

"Aw, come on," said Meta Knight.

"All right." Just as King Dedede rushed up to them, a huge ball of ice came rolling down. "Jump!"

Kirby helped them all to the ceiling, and not a moment too soon. Another ice boulder rolled past them, skimmed King Dedede's feet, and slammed into the wall.

Then they saw a ladder...but it was blocked by ice.

"No problem," said Kirby. He performed a special move with his new Copy Ability, melting the ice and allowing them to climb the rather slippery ladder.

And then another minion attacked. Copy Ability...leave me...leave me now. Kirby's Copy Ability fell out his back and vanished. He inhaled the minion. Now he could wield a spear!

"It's a bit fun to try all these new weapons," said Kirby. "I have wielded Meta Knight's power, and now I wield Waddle Dee's temporarily."

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