Kirby's Return To Dreamland: The Novel (9+)

Kirby's Return to Dreamland is a video game turned novel! Read to discover the full story beyond the controls. Kirby is an adorable pink hero who sets on a mission to help a friend find the parts he needs to get home, although he has to cross an invasion to do so. Magolor suspects the pieces are being guarded by a mysterious dark force secluded for years, waiting to strike...


18. Duel Against Steel

The wicked robot chuckled at the sight of the quartet. "You dare challenge Landia? You have killed all his henchmen and most of his minions! But you will never kill me!"

"Of course, Metal General," said Kirby. "I think at the very least you could scratch us."

"We'll see," said the Metal General. He suddenly charged Kirby, his body blocked by a spinning vortex. Kirby flew briefly to avoid it, then responded with a slam of his hammer, driven by his current Copy Ability.

Before Kirby's friends could strike, the Metal General ignited a force field and lunged at them.

They all rushed into the wall. They could only fly as krunk! he plowed into the wall, cracking it.

Kirby and his friends landed just as the Metal General ignited a rocket. He's running away, Kirby thought. "Concentrate all your ammunition on the rocket! Now!"

King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee obeyed. The rocket exploded, spreading fire everywhere. Fortunately, none of them were badly hurt.

The Metal General landed. Waddle Dee threw a spear at the robot, causing it to spark and recharge. Its lifescale was halfway gone.

The Metal General boarded another rocket and set two more on autopilot at opposite ends of the room. All three of them took off and blasted toward Kirby and his allies. They ran to and fro, trying to get away, when suddenly one rocket landed.

Another swooped past Kirby's head and did the same.

Then the Metal General followed.

The quartet pressed their attack. The Metal General responded by tossing electric bombs. All four had to run to the other side to dodge it. They returned as the Metal General used his own body to spin around the room in an attempt to crush them. This guy's getting pretty ambitious, Kirby thought.

As the Metal General landed, Kirby walked over and provided the death blow!

The robot's corpse rocketed into the air and landed in the head of a giant robot called HR-D3. The robot stayed behind the platform and unleashed its enormous fists. It was not hard for HR-D3's enemies to blast the arms and knock off the plating, allowing the robot to jump onto the platform.

That's where it tried to pounce on the no effect. They dodged its every jump until it landed.

That's when the robotic giant bent over and unleashed its superlaser.

"Everyone! Do as I do!" Kirby screamed. The friends followed as he ducked under the robot as the superlaser flowed against the wall. Kirby hammered at it until it stopped.

The robot tried one last attempt to pounce on them, this time harder than ever. Chunks of the ground broke off, and Kirby used his arm to shield his face from the debris.

Meta Knight threw in a stab, and a huge chunk of plating broke off!

"Did you see that?" asked King Dedede. "Let's go for it!"

More pieces broke off as the quartet took aim. Finally, one last hit sent him down.

HR-D3 exploded, with the Metal General still inside! Once again, Kirby and his friends had won.


Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee all returned to the Starcutter. Magolor welcomed them.

"From here it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to Landia's mountain lair!" he said. "That fearsome dragon lives at the far end of Halcandra on the very peak of a volcano, surrounded by intense flames. The road up here gets a little rougher, but I'm sure you'll be just fine!"

Gosh, Kirby thought. I am both excited and worried.

"Just hurry up and smash that dragon to smithereens!" Magolor concluded.

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