The unknown daughter of Styles

Harry left Ashely 4 years ago. She had a baby in that time. Will Harry ever find out? Will he even care? Read to find out. No hate please


11. your sister?!

Harry's POV

"You can sleep in my room with me, love" I said to Chloe. Chloe is my girlfriend right now but I don't relly love her, I still have feelings for Ashley. So you could saw I'm just using her to get Ashley back into my life.

I was waiting for the boys to come him so I could show them to Chloe. Liam was the frost to walk into the room.

"Hey Liam there was this girl I found on the park bench and I'm letting her stay here because her father kicked her out." I told him

"Ok, let's met her" he said

I went upstairs and grabed Chloe's arm and took her downstairs into the living room where everyone was

"What is she doing here?!"zayn yelled

"This is Chloe" I said

"She slapped your daughter and called my sister a sult!" Liam yelled

"Your sister?!" All of us boys yelled except for Liam

" yes" he said nervous

Liams POV

I can't believe I told them when she wasn't ready I have to call her

I dield her number but she didn't answer so I left a message

"Hi ash, it's Liam, I just wanted to tell you I told them about you being my sister, it was an accident, bye"

I ended the call and fell into deep sleep

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