The unknown daughter of Styles

Harry left Ashely 4 years ago. She had a baby in that time. Will Harry ever find out? Will he even care? Read to find out. No hate please


7. not seeing her ever again

Ashely's POV

"Sweetie, you are going with daddy today, ok?"

"I don't like daddy"Darcy said back while I was puting on her boots.

"Why don't you like daddy?"

"Because he yelled at mommy!" She said

"Oh mommy doesn't mind that, mommys ok with that."

"Ok I like now"she said and started to run around

"Darcy lets go!"

************************skip car ride***********************

I was getting Darcy out of the car and I put her next to me standing up and she just ran off. I got so scared that I took what ever she need and ran after her. I got her she was waiting at the door.

"Darcy, ever run off like that again, it makes me scared that you are going to fall, ok?"

"Ok mommy"

The door opened and all the boys awwed

"Oh be quiet" I told them

"Here darcy" I gave Darcy to Harry "she eats lunch at 12, she has to take a nap at 1:30, and I will be here to pick her up at 6:00. Bye Darcy, bye Harry"

"Bye mommy" "bye ash"

I got in the car to drive to work. I work at mcdonalds.

**********************skip car ride*************************

I got to work and when I went inside, my friend Alex, who takes care of Darcy while I'm working came up to me

"No Darcy?" She said with a sad face

"No ages with her dad"

"Isn't her dad Harry styles?"

"Yeah, I have to get to work"

Harry's POV

"Darcy, you have to take a nap!"

"No!" She yelled back

"I'll give you some cookies if you take a nap?" Niall said to her

"Ok" she said and ran up stairs and I ran after her picked her up and put her to bed

"Daddy stay with me please?" She said making a puppy dog face


"Can you sing to me?"

"Yeah what song?"

"Irriesistable" I sang it to her and in the middle of the song she went to sleep and I fell asleep too.

Ashely's POV

"Ok guys you can leave early bye!" Our manager crystal said that's not like her

I went to thinking about picking up Darcy but I'll just go home and shower

*******************skip car ride****************************

I got home, took a shower, did my hair and I was ready to pick up Darcy

I heard a knock at the door I opened it and...

"Dad!" He'd not really my dad but he's my stepdad, my real dad left us when I was 4 and my sister was 6

"Hey mom"

"Where is my granddaughter? And he's not your dad!"

"Yeah but he was always there for me when I was in labor when you were not! And shesatherdads." I said fast not wanting her to know

"What sweetie?"

"She's at her dads"

"Dads as in Harry's styles"

"I glad you came here dad."

"One more time he is not your dad and I am not your mom!"


"O god" she said, I'm not her daughter? What?!

"Look sweetie, my friend, she had 3 kids and then she had you and she counts at care of 4 kids so u took you in."

"Who's my real parents?"

"Geoff and Karen Payne"

"Liams parents? You have to go"

And with that they left

Harry's POV

I woke up to some one touching me in the face and saying

"Daddy wake up" and I woke up

"Daddy who do you like more mommy or your girlfriend?"



I picked her up and took her downstairs and I saw that Taylor was in the kitchen and I pecked her on the lips

"Eww!" Darcy said

"Hi sweetie" Taylor said to Darcy

"My daddy loves my mommy more than you"

"Harry what is she talking about"

"Nothing! Darcy is just a stupid baby"

I walk into the living room and bump into someone

Ashely's POV

Harry walked into the living room and bumped into me

"Ash! When did you get here?"

"I got her in time to her you say that my daughter is stupid, if you think she's stupid, you'll never she her ever again because we're not going on tour with you!"

And I walked out the door got into the car and drove away

Harry's POV

I walked back into the kitchen and then I was Taylor with her ring in her hand insted of on her finger.

"It's going to be hard to marrie someone that already has a child. Goodbye Harry" she said the left

"Wow Harry, nice going, first Ashely, now Taylor, we are going to she if Ashley is alright."Liam said and with that I was left alone

I think I'll just go walking to the park

Hey guys I hoped you liked this long chapter. I still need the names for the girls

Mean girl: name

Friend: name

Bye guys

~liams kitty

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