The unknown daughter of Styles

Harry left Ashely 4 years ago. She had a baby in that time. Will Harry ever find out? Will he even care? Read to find out. No hate please


2. Meeting One Direction... again

"You..." He said

"Aria, why is Liam Payne at your door?"

"I told you that my boyfriend was coming, didn't i"

" yeah but you didn't tell me it was Liam Payne!"

"Why did you leave Harry" he yelled at me. "Me leave Harry! No I think he lied to you, he left me! Read this!"

It was a note Harry left me 3 years ago and I still keep it because I'm still in love with him.

"I'm so sorry Ashley"

" come with me to meet the rest"

" ok"

******************skip car ride***********************

" hey guys I'm home" Liam yelled "and aria and someone else is here."

"Who else is here besides Aria?" Zayn yelled from the living room

Liam pushed me in front of him with me holding Darcy in my hands

"Ashely?!" Niall, Louis, and Zayn yelled at the same time

"Why did you leave Harry!" Niall yelled at me. I just spoke normally at him "I didn't leave Harry he left me. Read this" I said.

"H-he lied to us, we hated you for 4 yeArs for no reson" Louis said

" who's this cutie?" Zayn said talking about Darcy

"I'm Darcy" Darcy said in a babish voice"I'm 3"

"Who's the father?" Niall asked


"Come sit and let's talk

We talk for an hour when I heard

"I'm home" Harry yelled "and I brought Taylor

When he left me, he went straight to Taylor swift

They both walked into the kitchen

I made sure Darcy knew who her dad look like. I show her the videos and she was walking into the kitchen


Oh no......

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