Wide Awake *Trequel to Secrets Out?!*

Its been nearly a month and Samantha has still not woken up. But as more days pass by, things start to go from bad to worse. Arguments and fights. There is no peace. But will there be? Will the romance be there?


1. What? Samantha!?

Darcy's P.O.V

Its been nearly a month now since I saw mummy. The day she collapsed was scary. As I screamed for her I was immediately picked up and taken away. Since I was a new born vampire still, I was strong but my auntie who had taken me passed me to her brother who had the power of strength. Also me and my family have realised my knowledge of understanding is too high for my age.

Daddy calls whenever he can. But the sad thing is he always asks about mummy. I don't like lying to daddy but I have to. My aunties and uncles do help. After mummy fell down she was taken into the kingdom but she's here now.

At this moment I am in Mummy's and Aunty Sharlene's room hiding behind the door since the doctor came to see mummy. I wasn't allowed so I was hiding.

"Honey what are you doing here?" I turned around and saw nana. "Come on lets go. you cannot be here." She picked me up and took me away. Whilst walking away my eye were still at the room door.


Jordan's P.O.V

Right now I was in Samantha's room with her dad, uncles, aunts my brothers and the team. Samantha had come back from the kingdom last week. Today the doctor was coming to do a check. Again.

To be honest it had been hard for all of us. But more harder on Darcy. She's still a baby and she has to go through this. She is all to clever as well. Harry rings a lot and talks to Darcy. He always asks for Samantha but we say she cannot come. So because of that he asks Darcy. But whenever he does ring I am always there or her uncle Samantha's brother or Sharlene since she is closer to us. But mainly me.When he does call she looks upset because she does not like lying. But we help her out. The doctor had arrived and had checked Samantha.

"So what has happened?" Samantha's dad asked.

"Will she be okay?" Sharlene asked.

"She is fine..." The doctor said. But we knew he was lying.

"But...?" I said.

Everyone looked at each other.

"Vampires are dead right?" He asked. We nodded not knowing where he was going with this.

"Well the thing is I don't know. I have talked to every doctor and they also don't know. This is all too unusual. I don't even know if she is dead or alive."

"So what you are trying to say is you know nothing!" Samantha's brother said angrily. I tried calming him down. But then Seth started. Saying something none of us want to hear. But we needed to face it. What if it was the truth?

"FOR ALL WE KNOW SHE COULD BE DEAD! A LIFELESS BODY IS WHAT IS IN THIS HOTEL!" He spoke. Sharlene looked at him with red eyes. You could tell she wanted to kill him. He was on the right side of the bed and she was on the left. There dad in the middle.

She leaped on top of him and started to cuss.

"STOP IT!" Their mum scream. They didn't listen.

"Oii behave now!" Their dad screamed as he separated them both.

"Don't you ever say that?!" She spoke. He nodded and hugged her.

"Continue please." One uncle said.

"The only thing we can do is wait. If she does not wake up in a couple of months then I'm sorry she's gone." The doctor said

An hour later and the doctor left.

Harry doesn't know. Nor do the boys.


Harry's P.O.V

Todays the day I go back to see my girlfriend and daughter. Me and Niall would go back while the others went back home. The moment I left for tour things were not right. I couldn't see Samantha nor communicate through vampire mood. Whenever I have a chance to ring or communicate with Saantha and Darcy I only have a chance to talk to my daughter. Don't get me wrong I want to but  to Sam as well. They say she's busy and stuff but she cant always be busy when I call. I told the boys how I was a vampire. At first they were shocked but then it went by okay.

I knew I had to go back to the hotel to see if the love of my life was okay. But I knew that if I went back the boys would question me but mainly Paul. Niall knew everything but that was nothing. Paul would want to come with me and I could not let that happen.

An hour later and  we were at the hotel. Niall had went a while ago. I was scared. As soon as I entered, the family all stared at me and some turned heads since there back was to me. Niall was amongst them. He looked unhappy. A tear down his face. I was confused.

No emotions was showed. What had happened? I was taken out of my trance with screaming.

"DADDY!" I heard a voice scream. I looked to my right and there was my daughter Darcy running to me in a little pink dress as she came down the stairs with her nana. Sam's mum

"Baby Girl. I missed you!" I spoke as I picked her up and spun her around.

I greeted all the family members. Well most.

"Where Is Samantha?" I questioned. As I said that I looked at them and all their heads faced down.

I gently and slowly placed Darcy on the floor and ran vampire speed knowing something was not right.

Thankfully no one was down stairs. The humans.

I opened up her bedroom door and all eyes were on me. Foot steps heard from behind. Someone was on a bed but I couldn't see. The family were blocking my way.

As I slowly made my way, the family all moved. There in front of me was my girlfriend. The mother of my child. Lying there on the bed. Looking lifeless. Wires everywhere.

Tears were forming in my eyes. I fell down on my knees. My whole world came crashing down.

"Samantha!!!" I screamed.

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