Wide Awake *Trequel to Secrets Out?!*

Its been nearly a month and Samantha has still not woken up. But as more days pass by, things start to go from bad to worse. Arguments and fights. There is no peace. But will there be? Will the romance be there?


13. The War Begins

Samantha's P.O.V

"You ready? I see the royals have arrived?" Don spoke.

" Oh Don you should know we would never back out. We are known to fight." Shar and Seths mum spoke.

"Your'e right your highness."

"Oh and I see the new born Harry is here to?"

"Of course I am this is our fight. But mine Hurt my family and you all die.." Harry said anger shown in his face.

"So when will the fight begin?" Don asked sending me a mind message.

"Now" I replied.

Just as I was halfway running, all the high court men, had a smirk plastered on their. Harry was a few metres behind. Along with the others crowding.

An image was sent to my head. It was of Darcy, Gemma, Anne, Robin and Des. They were in trouble. I stopped

"Darcy!" I screamed but whispered.

But then I remembered that vampires could create an image. Don was trying to do this so Harry would be weak.

I look towards Harry who was shocked. Everyone looked at him and then me and then back at him. He didn't know that you could create an image.

Harry zoomed passed me everyone tried to stop him and get him but with his anger he pushed them away. Don and the others also started to run. 

"Harry!!! Noo!" I screamed he looked back at me.

Harry's P.O.V

Samantha started running but halfway through, she stopped. I followed behind but stopped a couple of metres behind her.

"Darcy!" She screamed but whispered. I went wide eyed. An image had appeared in my head. It was my family.

I stood there shocked. I knew the others were looking at me and then at Sam. I was angry and started to run.

Now I wanted to end him.

I speedily ran passed everyone. The others tried to stop me but I pushed them all. Don and the others also started to run.

"Harry!! No!!" Samantha screamed. I looked at her.

"They are safe. They trying to weaken you!" One spoke.

I didn't care I wanted to kill them! By now everyone had ran to kill someone.

One of the enemies was about to hit me but someone came in front of me.

The body flew back. I turned it was Sam. I was about to run to her but then Jordan spoke.

"Harry she is fine fight back!" I listened and broke the guys bone. He hurt my fiancée.

I had roughly killed most of them. Some of the family members were hurt but not much because I saved them. To be honest I didn't really use my powers much. I was too strong.

As I grew closer to the other side of the land, it meant I was getting closer to Don. But those surrounding him were hard to Kill because they were somehow stronger.  That is why the elders had them.

"Harry NOW!!"  Adam screamed. Then the others screamed.

"Build it up Harry!"

They didn't need to tell me twice. All the others looked at us.

As I was running fast, I noticed I had a companion. It was Samantha. She grabbed hold of my hand and we ran together. Dead bodies surrounding us everywhere.

"We do it together. Forever and Always." Samantha said.

"Forever and Always babe." I replied back.

We headed towards Don and Don was there waiting.

He was alone all his high court colleagues were dead.

By now, everyone was behind us.

"This is my fight. Me and Him." I said.

"Harry..." Sam said.

I looked at her telling her it would be okay.

She let go of me and they all took a couple of steps back.

I started running and he did the same. As I got to him, I punched him resulting in him going in the air. I did too.

Unfortunately he had gotten hold of my neck.

"Harry!!" Samantha screamed. Scared.

"Oh looks like this new born is weak isn't he?" He questioned with a smug look on his face.

"Not exactly." He looked confused. "GUYS NOW!!" I screamed. I got him off of me and fell to the floor. The men had there hands facing Don. All in a circle. Samantha came to me and helped me up.

The ladies also joined in and so did we.

Couple of minutes later, Don was weak.

"Harry, son, you can have this." Samantha's dad spoke.

I went towards him and placed my hands on his neck.

"Well played Styles." He laughed.

"Go rot and die in hell! You fucking arsehole!" I said whilst pulling his head off. A fire was still lit so the others placed his body there.

"Sounds of cheers were heard.

"You did it Harry!" Sa said as she came. I looked into her eyes and we kissed. Well made out. "No babe we did it!!"

After giving each other hugs, we decided to go back to the kingdom.  "Looks like the wedding is going to happen!" Samantha's mum spoke.

I decided to tell my family and the lads we were okay.

'Hey guys! Its over. We did it! We killed them. We are getting married! Sam got hurt but she's fine. H.x

Everyone looked at with a smile and a few laughs.

"We are getting married!" Ian mimicked. I said shut up.

"You didn't have to tell her I got hurt."

"I know but she would want to know." I answered

Annes P.O.V

I waited anxiously to know if my son was okay. Then I got a mind message. Saying:

'Hey guys! Its over. We did it! We killed them. We are getting married! Sam got hurt but she's fine. H.x

Oh thank god. My son is going to get married.

The boys P.O.V

Harry and the others won. Woohoo.Time for the wedding to take place.


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