Wide Awake *Trequel to Secrets Out?!*

Its been nearly a month and Samantha has still not woken up. But as more days pass by, things start to go from bad to worse. Arguments and fights. There is no peace. But will there be? Will the romance be there?


12. The training. This is War

Harry's P.O.V

Today was the day that we were going to be training. Everyone besides me knew how to control their powers and knew how to fight. So their training was way different to mine. Sam's dad and uncles and cousins were going to help me because the men had to be in control more. When they arrive.

I was in the main room watching Darcy playing with the younger children. She seemed happy. She was more happy when she found out that me and her mum would get married. I wish it did happen. Her ring was in my hand. All I did was stare. I knew she was wearing the blue ring. I was given one too so I wore mine.

"Harry it will happen." A familiar voice spoke behind me. I turned around and it was Samantha.

" I know it will." I replied.

"If we cant then we will be together." She spoke as we kissed.

" She seems so happy. Especially when she found out we would get married." I spoke looking at Darcy.

"Yes she did. But she looks happy now too." She was right though.

"Sorry to interrupt." We both stood up and turned.

"Mum! Dad!" Samantha screamed as she ran to her parents, brother and sisters. "I am so so so sorry for not listening to you. I was just angry." She spoke truthfully.

" Its okay. We know and we would do the same." Her dad replied.

"As long as you are safe that's fine."

I made my way to them.

" Hello sir." I poke as I shook his hand and hugged her mum.

"Harry. Honey all the entrances are blocked s don't worry. Training start now. As we are all here. The workers will take care of the youngsters. Lets go." Sam's dad spoke as he turned and walked into the hall way as we followed.

I walked next to her dad while the girls were behind us. I was nervous as this was my first fight.

"Well Harry it is also our first fight and hopefully our last." I forgot they could read minds.

"Yes my future brother-in-law we have never fought. But for family anything is possible." Her brother spoke as he just came to me. I realised that as we were walking in a narrow hall way, each room was full with family member. When we passed that room, those in that room were now with us.

"Right its done dad." Zac said to his dad.

"Yea uncle its done." Seth spoke to Sam's dad.

"What is done?" Ian asked.

"Well everyone linked to Harry needs to be safe. So everyone is under protection even your family. Do not worry." He said. I nodded since I trusted them.

By now we were outside.

"Everyone knows where they go. So make your way please. Harry follow me." Sean Samantha's cousin spoke.

I had small sessions to get use to my powers but this was big. The fight was tomorrow.

"Okay Harry. We need you to stay calm." Daniel spoke.

"He cant dude. The guy Is nervous." Jordan spoke.

"Okay look Harry. Everything going through your mind clear it. This is just a carry on from yesterday. I know it was a one to one session but there is no difference." I nodded and we started.

All we did was fight each other. Overall I did okay. They showed me ways on how to actually kill because I couldn't kill these guys.

"Harry we need to say something. You are a new born which means you have more strength and power than all of us." Adam spoke

"What do you mean? Are you saying I can kill them just like that?" I questioned.

"Yes. So when we are fighting, fight how we have taught. But if any of us scream 'Harry now!' Unleash your anger. Everything they have done add it all and you will fight better. Understand?"

I nodded really happy that I could kill them all quickly.

We did get in trouble because at times the lads messed around.

When we had small breaks, I would look over at Sam who was in full concentration. The lads did say that she would be able to fight them easily but she had o calm it down a bit.

Every night I would text, Skype or call the boys and my family to see if they were okay. Those who were older took turns to protect those close to me. Sam went the other day which was good. I did too but only once because I didn't want them hurt. When I did go I went with my two girls. A lot of crying was done. I was scared too. I didn't want them hurt. My family got told that protection was there but they needed to act normal.

What was even more hard was Gemma. She's my sister and my best friend. Darcy was her number 1. You could tell it was hard for them all but it had to be done at some point.

Training was done and we were all prepared. I was confident.



The next day came and it was time to fight. We were going to fight at High Mans land. We were all getting dressed. Black and the girls tying there hairs up We all said good by to those who were 14 and under.  Me and Samantha were knelt down to Darcy's height facing her.

"Darcy I love you so much. Be a good girl and don't be naughty okay? Baby Girl I love you so so so much." I said as I kissed her on her face. What if it was the first time we would see her?

"Darcy Mummy and Daddy will be back. We just have to go somewhere. We will be back okay?" Sam said.

"Promise?" Darc asked.

"Promise." Me and Sam said at the same time. Sam also kissed her. By now everyone was looking at us.

"We gave her an extremely tight hug which she laughed to.

"Group Hug!" Austin spoke. Everyone ran to us and we had a group hug.

After that, I looked at Darcy one more time. Her eyes were red but then green when she was calm.

I placed her down and we all left.

We all stood outside facing the woods. All standing next to each other in a long line.

All the couples had hugged and shared kisses because we knew as soon as we got there we might not be able to.

"I love you Samantha Stone. Forever and Always." I said looking deep into her eyes as my hands were wrapped around her waist and hers around my neck.

"I love you too Harry Edward Styles. Forever and Always." She replied looking deep into my eye. Then we kissed.

We went back into our position. I decided to send a mind message to the boys and my family: 'I love you all. I will be back promise. Nothing will happen. Wish me Luck. Love H.x

Everyone looked at m giving me a small smile. We all looked at Samantha's uncle who nodded and started to run vampire speed.

Slowly, Slowly everyone followed. We were all running so fast. It was a blur.

Seconds later we arrived. In front of us were the high court. With smug looks on their faces. All the men were in front with the girls behind.

And the war is gong to start now.

"You ready? I see the royals have arrived?" Don spoke.

" Oh Don you should know we would never back out. We are known to fight." Shar and Seths mum spoke.

"Your'e right your highness."

"Oh and I see the new born Harry is here to?"

"Of course I am this is our fight. But mine Hurt my family and you all die.." I said anger in my face.

Anne's P.O.V

A message was sent in my mind: 'I love you all. I will be back promise. Nothing will happen. Wish me Luck. Love H.x

I pray to god he doesn't get killed. I knew he would because since he was a new vampire he could fight.

Gemma's P.O.V

I hope Harry is okay and the others.

Some were here to protect us. I hope they win and kill them. Like Harry and Samantha said. This is war!

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