Wide Awake *Trequel to Secrets Out?!*

Its been nearly a month and Samantha has still not woken up. But as more days pass by, things start to go from bad to worse. Arguments and fights. There is no peace. But will there be? Will the romance be there?


16. Prince Harry- Part 2: Life change

Harry's P.O.V

I was ready. All I needed was to wear a suit. While adding on the finishing touches, there was a knock on the door it was my mother and the others.

Anne's P.O.V

Since we were all ready, me and Gemma decided to go and see Darcy. Problem was we didn't know where she was.

"Um excuse me?" I asked one lady.

"Yes ma'am?" She asked.

"I was wondering where Darcy my granddaughter is?"

"She is down the hall. Would you like me to take you?"

"Please." Gemma said.

She led the way and we were now in front of the door. She knocked on gently and the door opened but only a little.

"Yes Emily what can I do for you?" The man asked the girl.

"This is Darcy's grandmother and she wants to see her."

"Of course. Please come in ma'am." Before entering we thanked Emily.

"GRANDMA! AUNTY GEMMA!" Darcy yelled as she ran to us.

"Darcy be careful you don't want mummy to yell at you.. Well us." Ian spoke.

I just laughed remembering the babysitting incident.

She came and gave the two of us a hug.

"Darcy honey. You look absolutely beautiful." I said truthfully.

"Thank you! So do you grandma!" She said as she came and kissed my cheeks.

"Darcy. My lovely niece. You look gorgeous. Can you give us a twirl?" Gemma asked her.

Instead of answering, she ran vampire speed to the centre of the room. Giving us a twirl. She laughed and ran bac to us. All of us laughing.

"Hello Anne." Louis said giving me a hug.

"Hello Love. Don't you look dashing." We laughed and then Zayn came.

"You okay Anne? You look amazing."

"Why thank you Zayn so do you."

"Heyy Anne You look lovely as usual. Do I look good. You know for Shar." He winked.

"Aww Niall Yes you look dapper. Shar is a lucky girl.


The door opened to reveal the family members. The children were already here The adult too. Sam and her cousins the girls were still getting ready.

Wow they were all well suited.

"Wow you all look amazing." Samantha's dad spoke with his wife agreeing.

"So do you lot." I replied. They said thank you.

"So I see everyone is ready?" Sharlenes dad asked.

"I guess we are yes." Louis answered.

"Well then lets get you all to your seats." Sharlene's dad said.

"Wait can we go and see Harry first?" Me and Gemma asked.

"Of course. Why don't we all go?" Adam spoke.

As we made our way down to the room Harry was in, I could see Niall and Jordan holding Darcy's hand.

Seth knocked on the door. Harry turned his red eyes looking deeply at us.

"Wow mate you look great!" The boys spoke.

"Ahaha. Thanks guys." He replied giving them all a hug.

"Mum, Gemma you look absolutely amazing." He said.

"You don't look too bad yourself Haz. Even the read eyes suit you."

"Thanks I guess.

"Harry you look lovely. Don't be nervous. You will do fine. We are here and well Darcy and Samantha are with you." I spoke. He nodded and gave me a hug.

"Speaking of Darcy where is she?" Harry aske looking around.

"I'm here! I'm here!" She screamed repeatedly.

Running vampire speed meant none of us could catch her.

"Come and catch me daddy!" She screamed.

Eventually he got her.

"Gotcha!" They both laughed and he kissed her nose which she loved.

"Harry after this all you have to worry about is if Sam will come down the aisle." Samantha's brother spoke.

We all laughed because he looked scared.

"Okay guys lets leave him alone." One spoke.

"We just need to go to the hall to quickly go over things." Another spoke.

"Where is Samantha?" Harry questioned.

"Her and Sharlene are still getting ready along with the others because they were helping." Someone said.

Sharlene's P.O.V

Me and Samantha were just adding on our finishing touches since we were late. All the other girls were ready but wanted to wait so we could all go together. All us ladies wore gowns.

"Right shall we go?" Amelia asked.

"Yep lets get this started." Samantha replied and we left the room.

"Wait we need to go to the hall because we need to go over a few things."

Groans were heard because this week had been quite eventful.

Sam opened the door and everyone turned.

I smiled and my eyes met with Nialls. His moth wide open.

All the boys were like this.

"Guys don't be rude and shut your mouths." My dad spoke.

I walked toward Niall who had winked at me.

"You look absolutely gorgeous. Cant wait to get that dress off you." He whispered. A smirk plastered on both of our faces. I playfully punched him.

"You don't look too bad yourself and I cannot wait.

Samantha's P.O.V

My eyes met with Harry. A smile showing on his face. Darcy was with him. She looked lovely in her dress.

"Babe you look beautiful." He spoke and kissed me.

"You don't look to bad yourself handsome." I winked. "Are you excited?"

"Yes". He replied.

"Darcy you look amazing. Look at you. Give me a turn please." She gave me a turn. Me and Harry laughed.

"Okay guys listen up." My uncle spoke.

"Right we are late already so let me tell you what Is happening.

All us adults will be introduced. If any of us have children aged 14 or under you bring them with you. Other than that you will come on the balcony when said. The Styles/ Twist family will be introduced so please listen. Even you boys. But Niall you will walk out with Sharlene. Got it?" We all looked at Niall who nodded.

"The ceremony will take place. Last to be introduced will be you Samantha. Harry and Darcy. Darcy will be crowned first then Harry. After that we will talk about the fact there will be no high court, then say the wedding will take place and then you are free. If you want to go talk or hang out with the town then do so. Everyone got it?" He looked around and we all nodded.

Harry's P.O.V

After the instructions were given, we were told to make our way. After calling our all the names, it was our turn.

"And lastly let me introduce Princess Samantha Stone, the future Prince, Harry Edward Styles, the daughter and also future Princess, Darcy Anne Isabella Styles." The guy spoke. Darcy was in between us. A crowd of laughter and cheer was heard. Me and Sam looked at each other and then looked straight ahead.

Her posture was like pure royalty. Darcy did the same since she was taught.

Overall the ceremony was the same as Samantha's.

"Do you solemnly swear to make sure that you take your role seriously and listen to those when in need." Her dad asked.

"I do."

The crown was then place on my head. I looked at Darcy who had a tiara.

"Congratulations! I now introduce you to Prince Harry Edward Styles and Princess Darcy Anne Isabella Styles.!" Everyone cheered. My mum was crying and so was Gemma. Couple of minutes later I went to them and hugged them.

"Okay now please may I have all of your attention." Everyone was silent. Seths dad carried on.

"As you all know a war had taken place between us and the High court." Sounds of murmurs were heard.

"Don't lie we know you hated them!" Zac spoke. We all looked at him as it was not allowed to over speak when  an adult was speaking.

"Anyways since there Is no member left in the high court, we have decided we do not need one. Its us and you. That's it." He finished.

Suddenly a round of cheers were heard.

"Well that was unexpected." Samantha spoke. "Uncle can I please say something?" Sam asked.

"Sure everyone has spoken but you." He laughed

Everyone went silent again.

"I see you guys are all happy. But I know we say this quite a lot. If you guys do need anything, anything at all even if its something small. Just come down. There is always someone from the family here. Only like what rarely, none of us will. So please speak up. Thank you." Sam finished of as she stepped back.

I knew I needed to say something so I did.

All eyes were on me as I made my way to the middle

"As you all know I use to help everyone do their duties and get to know you all because you guys are amazing people. I still haven't forgotten how you guys took care of Sam when she was pregnant and when they were both sick. I will never forget that. Whenever me and Darcy are here, she always asks if she can come see you all. You are our family. Always have and always will be. If you don't want to come here and talk, then just write a letter and we will come to you. I know I will. I am a new born vampire. I still am. I know I say this but thank you to everyone who has helped me through the stages and for helping me control my powers. While we were in war, I know some of you had decided to go to the 'mortal world' to protect my family. I am absolutely shocked that you would do that considering the risks. I know my family gave you food and you protected them You don't know how grateful I am. So than you." After that I stepped back. Everyone smiled and were shocked from my speech.

 "We now have an announcement to make." Adam spoke.

"This is good news." Amelia said.  She looked at me and Samantha. We stepped forward. I help her hand and we raised it up and screamed.

"WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!" We screamed and kissed.

"MUMMY AND DADDY ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!" Darcy said out of no where.

"THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!" Our families chanted long with the town. Me and Sam looked at them and then at each other. Bursting out laughing.




The crowed yelled.

"You guys are also invited. A wedding will take place in the other world and also here." Someone said. Me and Sam wanted them here.

After that it was time to leave. Me, Darc and Sam changed and headed downstairs along with the others.

Now for the wedding.




With crowns

*Authors Note*

Heyy I am only doing the vampire ceremony since it is completely the same as the human one Lol


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