Wide Awake *Trequel to Secrets Out?!*

Its been nearly a month and Samantha has still not woken up. But as more days pass by, things start to go from bad to worse. Arguments and fights. There is no peace. But will there be? Will the romance be there?


15. Prince Harry- Part 1: The excitement

Darcy's P.O.V

Today was an important day. Daddy was going to be a prince. But today I was also going to be a Princess. Princess Darcy Anne Isabella Style. I like that.

Some ladies were helping me get dressed. Normally mummy and daddy do but they were not here. It was nearly time.

Niall's P.O.V

I was so glad to have Sharlene back. I took her out on a date and lets just say the night was magical. We both decided to get dressed since we needed to leave. I couldn't believe it Today was the day Harry was to be crowned and also Darcy. Im sure you can tell by now that me and Darcy are really close.

"Baby are you ready yet?" Shar spoke as she opened the door. "I see you are half. Hurry up. I had to leave an hour ago!" She screamed and I laughed.

"Calm down babe. We will be there."

"Niall everyone is waiting and we all need to get ready."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Me and the others who stayed behind have to take you all. That includes you, the boys, Harry's family and ours. A lot of people so get a move on." She screamed and left.

Gemma's P.O.V

Waiting for Niall was annoying. Normally I wouldn't mind but this was important so I had my reason. We were all in Samantha's and Sharlene's room.

"Niall come on man. If I had to get up early then sure should you!" Zayn screamed.

"No time for fighting lets go." Liam spoke.

"Guys calm down." Austin spoke. "We just need to get the ladies though. Mainly the Princesses since they will take really long."

Along with Harry my lovely niece Darcy was also to be crowned. She would look so adorable.

Zayn's P.O.V

I was told to wake up early so we could make it on time. But we had to wait for everyone, Niall and when we could go. I was so excited to see the kingdom.

Liam's P.O.V

This was going to a really fantastic experience. Seeing THE Harry Styles be crowned a Prince. Even Darcy. I couldn't wait. Just being asked to attend the ceremony means a lot.

Louis's P.O.V

Niall took his bloody time. We all knew what him and Shar did but she came out early. Not acceptable. Even when he came we still had to wait.

Robins P.O.V

When they said family were allowed to come to the ceremony, I thought I wouldn't because I was not Harrys blood. But I was and I was so happy. Witnessing this was a great honour. I was so excited.

Des's P.O.V

My son. My son was to be a Prince. My granddaughter was to be crowned a Princess. This was amazing. I could not wait to be there Watching him we crowned.

Anne's P.O.V

Seeing Harry come back home yesterday brought a smile to him. I couldn't wait to see him be crowned now. I knew he was nervous. He was no where to be seen at the kingdom so where was he?

To interrupt my thoughts, some sort of black thing was seen in the middle of the room.

"Guys step a bit back please." Adam said. "Whoever it is you could have said you were coming!" He carried on.

It was Samantha.

"Samantha. You should know a warning could have been given." Seth spoke. "Why are you not ready?!"

"Right Okay I am sorry. Anyways where is the future prince. Darcy is getting ready. I was about to but then no one could fine Harry so I figured he'd be here. Why the hell are none of you there?" She asked not happy.

"We are but we were told that someone would let us know when we can go."

"Urgh. Go now! You guys are so late."

"Sheesh!" Jordan Spoke.

"Wow!" Zac spoke.

"Someone isn't happy." Seth said.

"You got that right." Yas spoke.

"Mean AND bossy." Isaac Spoke.

"Shut up! WE. ARE. Late!" Sam said. Wow.

"Forget that. If she is like this imagine her on her wedding day." Ian spoke. That made us laugh.

"Bridezilla is here along with the vampire seen." He continued.

"I would come hurt you but I need to look for Harry. Adam, Sean and Austin please get these guys in." And with that she left the room.

We were now going to leave. Cannot wait to see the kingdom and Harry.

Samantha's P.O.V

Harry was no where to be seen at the kingdom. I knew where he was so I decided to go tour place. Sure enough he was there, sitting crossed legged.

"Harry?" I called softly.

He turned and looked at me and then stood up planting a soft kiss on my lips.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you meant to be getting ready?"

"Well I was but when I heard that the future prince was no where to be seen, I needed to come."

"Well you found me." He said.

I sat down and patted the seat next to me. He sat down.

"What's wrong Harry?"



"Okay. I am scared. What if I get something wrong. Make a fool of myself or don't do my job prop-" I cut him of by kissing him.

"Harry calm the hell down. You will do great. Everyone makes mistakes. You already do duties. With me. Being crowned a prince doesn't change anything. All it does is it gives you a status. We don't follow that. We are normal. We do what normal people do. If you do need help along the way. Everyone is here for you. Darcy is so excited to be crowned a princess along side her dad."

As I said that, he smiled.

"Lets go." He said as he stood up and helped me up.

We opened up the portal and made our way inside. As we entered everyone was rushing since we were all late.

"Princess Samantha!" I turned and it was Ellie one of the helpers.

" Hello Ellie. Is there a problem."

"Not really. The only thing is we need you to get ready. Your mother is waiting."

"Okay you go I am coming."

She left.

"Well looks like I have to go. Ill see you at the balcony." I kissed him and headed to the dressing room.

It was showtime! 


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