Wide Awake *Trequel to Secrets Out?!*

Its been nearly a month and Samantha has still not woken up. But as more days pass by, things start to go from bad to worse. Arguments and fights. There is no peace. But will there be? Will the romance be there?


2. My babies

Harry's P.O.V

As soon as I screamed her name, I made my way towards her.

"W-what has happened to her?!" I asked them as I placed my hands on her cheeks trying to wake her up.

"We don't know." One said

"I knew from the moment I got on the plane that something was wrong. I should have come back!" I said. It was all my fault.

"Honey it is not your fault. Okaay?" I looked up and it was her mum. I couldnt take it anymore. I took one step towards her mum and cried my eyes out in her arms.

I knew Darcy was there so I controlled myself since I knew I had to be strong. For her at least. After wiping up my tears, I turned around and made my way towards Jordan since Darcy was with him. He handed her to me and I took her out of the room. Niall following behind.

I had realised that I was in Samamntha's room when I made my way to the couch. I placed my daughter on my lap as I also sat down with Niall next to me.

"Honey why did you not tell me about any of this?" I asked her.

"D-daddy I dont know. I was scared and I didnt want you to be aswell." She spoke with tears flowing.

"I was all ready worried because I knew. But my boss wouldnt let me come home." I spoke but to my self. But Darcy heard.

"I am sorry." Was all she sed as she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck letting the tears flow. I cried with her.

Sharlene had come in and both Niall and her went to the kitchen since none of us had ate.

"Daddy?" Darcy spoke.

"Yes love?" I asked with a VERY small smile.

Right now we had ate and were all sitting.

"Will mummy be okkay?" She asked looking at me. I looked at the others.

I didnt know what had happened to her and I needed to find out.

"Of course she is. Mummy is just sick."

I looked at Sharlene since I dint know what to do.

Sharlene's P.O.V

Harry gave me a look. A look in which he needed help.

I stood up and went towards them.

"Darcy. You, me, uncle Niall,  your dad and everyone knows your mummy is a fighter. She also promised all of us mainly you and your daddy that she will be here and will never leave you. Remember. What are the words she always says everday and sometimes randomely?" I asked Darcy.

"She always says 'Forever and Always'. Daddy says that and they say it to each other." She sad looking up at Harry.

I looked at Niall who gave me a brave smile.

"Forever and Always Darcy Anne Isabella Styles and to Harry Edward Styles. No matter what. " I spoke as I held both their hands.

"Forever and Always Mummy." Darcy said quietly.

"Forever and Always Samantha Stone." Harry spoke also quietly.

After a couple minutes of silence, someone entered my room. It was Zac, Jordan, Seth and Ian.

"Sup guys. Any news?" Niall asked as he approached them.

"Actually yes." Jordan spoke.

"Harry could you com with us?" Ian spoke

"Its about Samantha. The doctors here." Zac spoke

"Niall you can come also." My brother Seth spoke.

Niall looked towards Harry who nodded.

I knew I had to take Darcy so I did.

"Darcy how about we go and get some treats with the others?" She nodded her head quick and we both left.

Nialls P.O.V

After Shar took Darc, me and Harry were sat with the boys.

"Are you sure that none of you know what has happened to her?" I asked.

"No. the day you left, we were all together. It was like an hour later and it happened." Ian said.

"What did?" Harry asked.

"So basically we all decided to go into the grand hall but just as we did, Sam started to feel a bit dizzy. Darcy was on the floor playing so dont worry." Seth started.

"Anyways Amelia saw and asked if she was okay because Sam had her hands on her chest. She said yes but then let out a big scream." Jordan said.

"She collapsed onto the floor and we all ran towads her. All the little kids were taken out." Zac spoke.

"Did a doctor come?" I asked.

They nodded.But gave no answer.

I thought vampires were clever. Harry smiled since he read my mind and the boys were like 'hey'.

"So what he say?" I continued.

"He said he doesnt know. He asked if she went out in the sun we said no and said that if she did she would wear the ring. He asked otheer questions but he was still confused. This doctor is a famous one. No one knows even the council dont. We have only got told that we need to wait one more month. If she doesnt wake up then...." Seth stopped.

"Then what?!" Me and Harry both asked.

"T-then shes dead." They answered looking down.

"But vampires are dead." I spoke. "No offence." I spoke defending myself.

"Yes we know. But if she isnt then she is and to properly make sure the doctor said they might give her some potion or something to drink to make sure she is dead i she wasnt. The doctors have given up." Jordan spoke.

"THEY CANT GIVE UP." Harry shouted.

His eyes went red. I was scared so Jordan and Seth grabbed hold of each arm and Ian and Zac tried calming me down.

I could handle vampire Harry no matter what but this side I had neer see. After he calmed down he came to me and said sorry. I told him that It was fine and I understood.

"Harry they dont know what to do. They have tried everything. This is the only thing to do if she doesnt give up. I am sorry."  Ian spoke

Harry's P.O.V

I cried and Niall and the boys tried to comfort me.

I still cannot believe Darcy had to go through all this.

My babies.


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