Wide Awake *Trequel to Secrets Out?!*

Its been nearly a month and Samantha has still not woken up. But as more days pass by, things start to go from bad to worse. Arguments and fights. There is no peace. But will there be? Will the romance be there?


8. Bad to Worse

Samantha's P.O.V

"He's a new born vampire. Guys I am too. Only a couple of years ago us kids were vampires." I spoke with a point.

"Yes we know but vampire is in our blood. Always has been all ways will." My dad said getting angrier.

At this point we were all standing. All the adults in front and the others trying to help us out.

"So why is Harry a vampire now?" My cousin Adam and Zac asked.

Everyone agreed and we all looked at my oldest uncle.

"Because she was going to die. Yes you and your daughter!" He answered. with pure vampire eyes.

Who cares everyone was red eyed right now.

"Woah! Wait!" Seth spoke. Everyone turned to look at him.

But then Harry spoke up.

"Wait!! You used me?!" He asked confused looking at the adults.

"You used him?" Jordan interrupted.

"Its not called using. We were trying to save a life." my dad spoke.

"How low are you guys!" Sharlene spoke.

"Wait stop!" Amelia walked to the front and spoke. "Who knew about this? We didn't." She said pointing to the all of us.

I couldnt speak at all. The fact that my own family used Harry to save me.

"No one we thought you wouldn't need to because we wouldn't let her marry. Especially not now shes too young!" My aunt spoke.

"Too young?! Too young? What the hell is wrong with you guys?! If you love someone obviously you would get married. We all knew it was going to happen." My cousin Adam spoke. He was at the point of attacking.

"I would have rather died than use the love of my life." I answered in a whisper. But everyone must have heard because vampire had good hearing.

"Babe what are you saying?" Harry questioned shocked with my statement.

"You heard me. I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN USE YOU!" I repeated. "Compatible is what you also said. What is it because he isn't a prince? Royalty is that what you want?!"

They looked down not happy.

"For god sake he is the father of my child at the end of the day. Either way he would be in my life!" I spoke.

"Look end of. You are not getting married.  The government have said all this. Now you all an leave." My dad said trying to leave with the rest of the adults. But I stopped them.

"No we are not finished. Fuck the government" They all stopped in their steps.

"And who decides?"

"I do"

At this point I really wanted to fight. I knew some of the younger cousins agreed with the adults. They think they can hide no way.

"I'm going to do what I want. If it means fighting for it then I will. THIS IS WAR!" I screamed before I grabbed Harry's hand and ran vampire speed to our room because that is where the boys were. As well as Darcy.

Harry's P.O.V

"I'm going to do what I want. If it means fighting for it then I will. THIS IS WAR!" Sam screamed as she grabbed my hand and ran vampire speed.

She opened the door. The boys immediately stood up asking what had happened. Darcy ran to me but when she came, Samantha ran to our room. I knew what she was doing packing so I quickly explained to the boys who were not happy. But knew they couldn't do anything.

"Harry can you please get Darc dressed in black clothing since were leaving. I suggest you and me where the hunting clothes. Were not hunting but we can run fast in them." She said whilst running around grabbing things we needed.

"Hey. Why don't me and Niall get Darcy ready because we know what she is wearing. Zayn and Liam can help you guys with the packing. Okay?" Louis said. I nodded and said thank you.

We all went in different directions trying to pack as fast as we could since the others would be here any minute.

Minutes later and we were all done and dressed.

I wonder what she meant by this means war. Was there going to be a fight?

Me Darc and Samantha were now in the centre of the room. Darcy in the middle and me and Sam holding her hands.

"Guys I suggest you move back since this is going to be worse." She spoke seriously. They listened and moved. Worse?

Our door was locked but the sound of banging was heard.

I looked at Darcy who looked a bit scared, with her backpack and her teddy bear in there. The grip on my hands tightened. I looked at my girlfriend who looked at me and then Darcy.

"Darcy please listen. Remember how your uncles showed you how to open the portal?" Samantha asked as she nodded. "Okay good. Well your allowed now. Close your eyes and focus okay?" Darcy did what she was told and Sam spoke again but to me. "Harry do you trust me?"

"Babe of course I do." I answered.

"Harry I need you to do the same but you have to focus more and I need you too unleash all your anger. Because with it, we can block entrance so they cant come to the kingdom. Okay?" She said.

I nodded and we began. The banging got harder and the door opened. But before anyone could walk in the portal opened but with there being to  much force, wind was felt. I knew she wanted to attack but I said n

"Stop!" Her dad said but by now we had already stepped into the portal and into the kingdom. A war was going to begin.

But I realised something. There was more than just us in the room. I turned and there in front was some of her cousins.

Adam, Amelia, Sharlene, Seth, Zac, Dan, Ian, Isaac, Yas and her other cousin Adam. As well as others. They told us before how they would join. We blocked all entrances so that they couldn't come.

Samantha's Dad's P.O.V

What did she mean this is war. Her and Harry left. We tried making our way but the doors were locked. After opening all the doors, we were now in her room. We were too late. She was gone. Along with my granddaughter and Harry. The other 1D boys didn't know what to do so they left. It wasn't safe. Anything could happen.

We turned around to go back to the hall but as we di some of the other kids were gone. We knew where and why. If it was a fight. Then it was a fight.

Things had turned from bad to worse.



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