Wide Awake *Trequel to Secrets Out?!*

Its been nearly a month and Samantha has still not woken up. But as more days pass by, things start to go from bad to worse. Arguments and fights. There is no peace. But will there be? Will the romance be there?


5. All you need is love.

Adams. P.O.V

I couldn't believe it. My cousin Samantha was awake. I have been a mess. Every night I would just wait. Just wait for her to come and wish me especially goodnight. Also with us talking. Everyone was like that. Not just me. A true love kiss. I found it cliché. But I didn't care she was awake. 

She was awake. Before Harry could go, I ran towards her and gave her the biggest hug ever. Sam winced in pain. But why?

"Samantha. Thank God your'e alive." I said hugging her once more.

"A-adam. I missed you so much." She spoke slowly. What has happened to her?

"I'll be back i'm just going to get the others and doctor.

After saying that I left.

Harry's P.O.V

Seeing Adam run towards her broke my heart. She was gone for months and her and him were really close. Adam had just left to go and call the doctor and the rest but I knew he would come a bit later to give me and her some time alone.

"Harry?" By now she was sitting up. I took a step after shutting the door.

"Samantha." I said sighing and walking vampire speed towards her.

I kissed her cheek and then hugged her. We were both crying.

"I missed you so much." She spoke inbetween tears.

"Me too baby. Me too." I said in a whisper.

After a couple of minutes, I was now sitting by her side.

"How long have I been like this?" She asked.

"A couple of months I guess. I had a feeling something was wrong but I just didnt come back." I said feeling guilty.

"Harry it wasnt your fault. It happened but look you are here now right?" She asked making me look towards her.

"Yea." I said.

"How is Darcy?" She asked.

"Shes good. She knew I was upset so she tried being strong. Just for me."

"My baby-" Just as Sam finished that sentence, the door opened.

"Muuuummmmyyyy!!!!" A voice sounded. It was Darcy.

She ran fast. These past couple of months, she has been getting lessons on how to be a proper vampire just like us. I have also been getting lessons but not much.

"Darcy hunny!" By now they were both hugging and embracing each other in a hug.

"Mummy I missed you. Don't leave me again. Promise?" She asked wiping her mothers tears whilst she wiped Darcy's. By now everyone was in the room crying.

"I promise. Baby. I wont leave you, Daddy or anyone."

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