Wide Awake *Trequel to Secrets Out?!*

Its been nearly a month and Samantha has still not woken up. But as more days pass by, things start to go from bad to worse. Arguments and fights. There is no peace. But will there be? Will the romance be there?


6. 1 year later

Samantha's P.O.V

A year has gone by and everything is back to normal. The hotel is running perfectly and me, Darcy and Harry are  family again. Im not going to lie but the even that had nearly killed me, has brought us all even more close. This time me and Darcy joined her dad on tour since he didn't want anything to happen. Christmas went by well as we had spent it this year with Harrys parents. Yes we were vampires but we could eat.

Right now I was at the desk waiting for my daughter to come home from Pre school. Today she decided that she wanted her uncle Jordan to pick her up. I decided to let him go. Saves me from walking.

Harry was no where to be seen today. Lately he had been acting weird. Something was wrong but every time I asked he would say it was fine.

"Samantha. A customer." My cousin Sharlene told me bringing me back from my train of thoughts.

"Good Afternoon ma'am. How may I help you?" I spoke.

"Good Afternoon dear. Well im here to check out."

"Of course. Could I please have your name?"

"Mary Jones."

"Aah yes. Well I hope you have enjoyed your stay Mrs Jones. You are welcome here any time." I said with a smile as she handed me back my keys. She also smiled.

It was Friday and mainly today people were checking out.

I heard a sound laughter knowing immediately who it was. Darcy.

"Mummy!!" She screamed as I made my way out of the desk so she could come and give me a hug. Jordan following behind.

"Baby!!"  By now she was in my arms as I gave her the biggest hug.

When I looked up, Jordan was there but he wasn't alone. He was with Harry and Zayn. Wonder where Harry was and why Zayn is here.

"Heyy Babe." Harry spoke as he kissed my lips.

"Heyy. Where have you been?" I questioned.

"I went to pick up Zayn. I was going to tell you but I could find you so I told Ian because I was already running late."

I turned around to see Ian coming out of the restaurant. He heard it.

"Oh yea Sam. Harry went to pick Zayn up." He answered.

I gave him a 'seriously?!' look.

"Anyways hello Samantha. How have you been?" Zayn spoke as he hugged me.

"Ive been good. How have you been?"

"Very good. I missed you, Darcy and everyone so I decided to visit." He answered.

"Well you are welcome anytime. You will need a room?" I asked . He nodded.

" Sam no room are available because people are checking out now. You can bunk with Zac because he has an extra bed." Shar spoke.

"I don't mind as long as I get a room ahah." Zayn laughed.

We all decided to go up so Zayn could leave his bags in his room. He said his hellos to my family.

I shut my door and went and sat as we all catched up with each others life.

Darcy had a small snack and wanted to play. I knew I needed to talk to Harry.

"Uhm. Uh Harry can I talk to you quickly alone?" I spoke scared as both Harry and Zayn looked at me.

"Yea sure." He got up and led to our room.

But before we left Zayn spoke.

"Darcy how about we go and get some treats since its Friday. That's if its ok with your mum." He stood as he looked at me and Harry for an answer.

"Of course sure but behave." Then they both left but I mouthed a thank you to Zayn. Giving me a wink. 

"What did you wanna talk about?" He asked as he shut the door behind me.



"Yes Harry. Us. Youre barely with me. We never kiss or go out. Im not saying I want you to stick by me all the time. But Harry I feel as you hate me and that you are drifting apart from me. Even with Darcy. I have to sing to her or read a book because whenever it is your turn you are never here. Where are you all the time? If you don't love me any more then tell e now instead of leaving me hanging!" By now I was upset.

I looked up to see Harrys face. He seemed shock.

"Are you crazy?! How can I be bored of you. I love you to to to much. I have reasons on why I am like this. It kills me on how I am right now. But all I now is that it will be worth it at the end. All I can say is wait for our anniversary. Please?" He begged.

I knew something was going on but if it is a surprise like this then ill give in.

"Fine okay." He stood up and kissed me.

"Well Zayn wont be back for a while so how about we have a quick one." By now he was already undressing himself and me. I eventually gave in and we did it

Harry's P.O.V

I cannot believe she thinks I don't lve her. But the surprise is worth it and it will be magical. After Sam and I got dressed from our session, we decided to head into the living room where we saw Zayn and Darcy.

Samanthas P.O.V

Zayn had a smirk plastered on his face while Darcy was paying attention to the tv.

"Was it more of a chat or sex? He asked mouthing 'sex' because Darcy was here.

"Oi. shh!! I screamed embarrassed.

"Both but more of the second one." Harry spoke not caring on what he had just said.

Zan bursts out laughing and I screamed. "HARRY!!" while throwing a cushion.

"What?" He spoke laughing. By now the three of us were still laughing. Darcy turned towards us and made her way to me looking a bit confused?

Opposite me Zayn was looking and pointing to me then his neck I was confused but then Darcy spoke.

"Mummy? Can I ask you a question" She asked shyly.

"Of course you can darling. Whats up?"

She got her finger and placed it on my neck.

"Your neck mummy. What is that? Some are pink and some are purple." Were you being clumsy?" She asked a bit concerned.

My eyes grew wide as I looked straight up at Zayn who had fallen on the floor with laughter. I looked towards Harry and he spat out his drink. Shocked.

I ran to the mirror and she was right my neck was covered with them. Hickies. Love bites. All from the dare devil himself. Harry. I gabbed a scarf and covered my neck.

"Yes Darcy mummy just fell." I gave Harry a glare and he just said sorry.

Couple hours later I went don to the restaurant since it was duty time. Harry went out and Darcy and Zayn were having a movie night together.

Dinner duty today was kind of quiet. So I said my good nights and headed to my room. 

As I opened my door, I could hear the tv. Making my way closer, I could see both my daughter and Zayn fast asleep.

I knew that if I picked up Darcy, she would cry and be cranky same with Zayn so I decided to wrap a couple of blankets on them. 

The door opened behind me and Harry walked in. Before h could speak, I showed him that both Darcy and Zayn were asleep.

Me and Harry decided to get changed into comfy clothes and then go to the grand hall where the others were.

Today was an eventful but also an amazing day. 

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