Skylers' Adventure

Skyler W. Evans has abilities, abilities that the Avengers could use. What happens
when they find her? What will happen? Who would be her best friends?


5. Chapter 4

                                                                  Chapter 4

     Everyone was everywhere because Loki. So many things happened Loki made Hawkeye his servant, We almost fell out of the sky, and the last one the Avengers left to go to New York, but the thing is I snuck on the ship by using my invisibility.

  When everyone gets out counting me I walk to the airport. I see there is some left I look and see if I have enough money and I do! I go see where I can go.(I don't know what city x-men is located.) So I go on that plane.


  I get off the plane and look around. I smile at the site of everything. I notice I still have my earpiece on so I contact Fury. 

"Hey Fury."

"Evans where are you." 

"I took a walk." 

"Well I need you in here."

"Can't, sorry."

'Why not?"


I end it right there and walk off. I start to think why I am starting to remember things here. I should've brought a bag with me.


After all the things in New York finish everyone splits up. 

"Fury we can't find Skyler."

"Send a search team around the ship."

"Yes sir."


                                                   X-men  (Before Professor Xavier died.)

"There is another one like us." said Professor Xavier

"Who is it?"

"It's a girl named Skyler Evans."

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