Skylers' Adventure

Skyler W. Evans has abilities, abilities that the Avengers could use. What happens
when they find her? What will happen? Who would be her best friends?


2. Chapter 1

                                               Chapter 1  

   I was in my room designing an outfit on my computer when i her a sound.

                                             -30 minutes before-

"Okay there is a girl named Skyler Evens. We need you two, to get her."said Fury in the ear piece . "Where does she live?" asks Barton "845 NW 20th st." "Alright we're on are way." said Romanoff. "What do you think she'll be like." asked Barton. "I don't know." They were quiet on the rest of the way there. "Here we are." 

They found her bedroom and found a way in there. They watched as she was creating something.

I heard a sound that was close to my bed and turned invisable. I walked over there to see a person dressed in black.'S.H.E.I.L.D should of non' I turned around and saw another agent. I know them both. 

I walked to the front of the room and started talking, but still invisable. "Well we have agent Clint Barton by my bed and agent Natasha Romanoff by my closet.

I turned visible and they came out of there hiding spots. 

"Let me guess Fury wants me to come with you guys back to S.H.E.I.L.D."

"Yes." they both said

"Fine but let me pack a bag okay." I said it as more of a demand.

Okay, We'll be outside the door." said Clint and they walked out.

   I packed my phone,laptop,clothes,hair things,shoes,my things for making clothes,wepons (daggers,guns, etc),my bathroom things,

I walk out with my one bag and we head for the plane.


We get out the thing and there was Fury standing and waiting for us.We walked to him. When we follow him there are all the Avengers. "Nice of you guys to finally join us." said Stark. We sat down but i sat in front of Barton and Romanoff. "Okay, you guys this is Skyler Evans." said Fury. They turned to me and i slide down my chair a bit. I saw some of them try to look in my eyes and see some sort of emotion, but i sat there with a emotionless face. "She is human. her abilities consist of magic for weather,flying,telekinesis,

and a genius." Fury said.

"Okay but what is she doing in here." asked Stark. I looked at him with a glare. If looks could kill. 'I mean she's only a teenager.' I read his mind. "Well she is going to be put as an avenger. I quit looking at Tony and looked at Fury. "What!? She's a kid!" Tony yelled.My blood started to boil. I had to breath in and out to remain calm. "Well Maybe you guys could use her." Fury said with anger all over his face. "Umm I think we can handle it just being us. I mean yeah maybe she's genius but we have it all covered." Tony said with more anger. I closed my eyes. I was used to yelling i got yelled at all the time. I guess people noticed my eyes closed and told Tony to calm down.

"This is not a discussion ." Fury yelled. Tony calmed down and sat down. I needed to get out of here fast.

I said i would be right back and went to the room they gave me. i searched through my bag for my dagger and pulled out a target and used my telekinesis to hold up the target. i threw the dagger and when I got tired I put the target and the dagger away.

When I got done I went to sleep


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