Finally Found You (Luke Hemmings)

Aryanna is a student at the most expensive yet amazing Music School. But what happens when she falls in love with her music teacher Mr.Hemmings? Also known as the Lead singer for 5 Seconds Of Summer? but is dating the Popular boy band One Direction member


7. Chapter 7

Aryanna's Pov

i threw my phone at the wall and then the screen brightened and i saw that the picture was of me and Liam Kissing and i started crying and i went to the bathroom and redid my make up and l went downstairs and grabbed Luke's hand and took him out front and sat in the grass with him and i looked at him

" I hope you know yes i do like you but us having a relationship is wrong because your my Music Teacher."

he sighed "Yes i know its wrong but doesn't mean we can't do it in secret" he smiles and grabs my hand 

i smile softly and nod "yeah your right so why not?" he smiles and kisses me and i kiss back 

" So we're together now?" i nod and he stands up and pulls me up then spins me around and i giggle

" So he can do it but i cant" i look over to see Harry Pouting 

"Harry you did it once and it was when you were happy and didn't know what you were doing" i laugh and lean into Luke

Michael comes out and hands me my phone and when i unlock it its a picture of me and Luke kissing, i smile and hug Michael then i go on instagram and post it with the caption "sometimes you don't have to look so hard to find the one you really want <3 " i smile and lock my phone and lean into Luke and he wraps his arms around me and i blush and see Liam looking through the window with a sour look on his face while hes looking at Luke and i sigh.

" Hey maybe me and Luke should go hang out at his place" i grab Luke's hand and we go to his car and we go to his house.When we get there he grabs his guitar and starts singing "Everything I Didn't Say" i smile and then start singing along with him at some points. 

Author's Note

im sorry if this doesnt sound good im tired xD anyway ive been busy with a lot of stuff so i cant really update but i had time for this one! anyway hope yall love it

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