You Reject Me?

Mystique Larken Is the Bad ass of the school, she has all the boys in the palm of her hands. She is a rogue but the alpha has eyes for her so he allows her to stay on his land. She doesn't trust anyone and is in no hurry to find her mate.
Kent Dux is the nerd that is invisible, He is the beta of the Landing pack and has a huge family. The have loads of money an all Kent has to do is get good grades to get his father’s business when he graduates high school/College. He has been in love with Clare Tanners since he could remember, but she has always had eyes for the alpha. This year he has a plan to win her heart.
What happens when they meet for the first time and both their plans are crushed as they lock eyes on each other? Will they be able to survive the love triangle going on, or maybe the secrets that put everyone around Mystique in danger including herself.

This Idea and Book Belongs to Me and McKenzie Fox. Please respect that and read on!


2. Dux

Chapter 2

The crunching of leafs fill the air, the silence is defining and it makes me have a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach. I look down at myself and I'm in only a T-Shirt, confusion is clear as daylight on my face. Where am I? I turn in circles as I start to feel fear set it, but I need to stay calm. Panic will get you killed and I have no desire to die today. A twig snapping seizes my attention and I almost get whip lash from my neck turning to fast. I look over to see great big yellow eyes, and black as night fur. The wolf slowly starts to move toured me, its eyes looking into my soul.


"Mystique" A voice in my head says, but it’s so familiar, like I’ve heard it in my head before, but this can’t be because I have never seen this wolf in my life.


"Mystique Larken" My head lifts up off the desk to see one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Ovito. He is a tall muscular early twenty’s man with beautiful green eyes. He has treated me like a brother ever since he got the job as English teacher last year. I have gotten his class for English ever since, and now I’m in for it. Sleeping in his class is the number one rule not to do, but I might be lucky enough to get away with a little bit of it. I look around the class room to see that the bell has most likely already rang and students were on their way home.


“Trever I'm so sorry! I got home from work last night at 1am and had to wake up at 5 am this morning. And yesterday I only got two hours-" I was ranting to him when I was cut off and is delicious sent filled the room. It was like the forest with pine trees everywhere and waterfalls crashing down. It was beautiful.


"Mr.Ovito, I was wondering if you had any work for me to do today." His Voice gave me shivers all up and down my body. It was strong yet soft and delectate like it was caressing my soul. I looked over to see a man with Brown hair spiked up in the front naturally and chocolaty brown eyes that captivated me. He had broad shoulders and I could see his defined mussels from this dark blue shirt.


"No Mr.Dux I do not have anything for you today, you can leave." Trever said still staring at me as if I was some type of monster. But my eyes caught his and a slight recognize hit his face with clear horror. I quickly turned around and speed off. But my reaction was quick and I raced off to find my mate.


I turn corners still following his sent when it suddenly stops, I look around to find any sign of him but nothing. Then a hand on my arm and mouth pull me into a deserted room. By the tingles up my body I knew instantly that it was my mate. He turns me in his arms and holds me there examining my face.


"No, this can’t be right. There must have been a mistake, you can’t be my mate. You’re the school whore, Claire is my mate." He closes his eyes and shakes his head putting his hands in his hair. I could feel my heart shatter and tears well up in my eyes.


"You Reject Me?" I ask trying to sound strong and like I didn’t care but the voice crack crushed that disguise quickly. He looked in my eyes and then turned around putting one hand on his hip and the other on his face.


"I don’t know" He sighed and looked up into the sealing. I quickly used my wolf speed to get out of that room and school before he could even turn around. I jumped in my car and speed out of the parking lot right before the water gates opened. I haven’t cried since, since those days, the days of darkness. I promised I would never speak of it again and I will keep that promise.


I raced deep in the woods with my truck, there was a path that I made for my truck. I sat in the front seat for a while just letting the teas stream down my face. I patched up what is left of my heart and pulled myself together. I never let a guy come this close to destroying me, I will not let him get to me.


"Pull yourself together Mystique, are you going to let some dick hurt you? No you’re fucking not, you don’t need him." I said to myself, giving a little pep-talk. I opened my car door and jumped out with a new attitude swirling through my veins. I open the secret compartment in my truck that keeps all my things in it. I was lucky enough that I recently went to the thrift shop and found the most beautiful dress in my size. It was Dark blue and underneath it was white, I tweaked it so it looks as if the dress goes from Dark blue and blends to white. I picked it up and brushed my hair so the curls flow out and look perfect. My makeup is minimal and I put a little chap-stick and a light smoky eye look. Finally putting on my dress I drove over to the pack house. I slipped on white flats that matched with the dress perfectly.


Stepping out of the car a little waver of sadness hit me and made me want to turn around and leave. But before I even turned around Kyle runs out smiling, he walks down the stairs of his mansion and pulled me into a hug. He is wearing a nice looking tux that brings out his broad shoulders and well defined abs. I have this little thing in the back of my head that says we have a bond, but how is that even possible you only have one mate and he/she is the only one your supposed to have a bond like this with.  I feel his arm wrap around my shoulder and bring me in toward his body so that he can kiss the top of my head.


"I'm so glad you came. I wasn’t sure if you would actually show up." He looks down at his shoes and a tint of red lights up his cheeks. He has this adorable little smirk that is plastered on his face and then he looks at me square in the eye. I couldn’t help but all deeply in love with his magnificent green eyes. The hold me captive for a few moments until I finally realize we should probably go inside before people start wondering where we are.


"Hey Angel we should probably get in there, my beta is looking for me." He starts to lead me up and into the party. My nerves are getting to me as I feel my palms begin to sweat. I take a deep breath and put on my mask of confidence. Stepping into the grand ballroom was like walking through the gates of heaven. And in that moment I felt as if I was really an Angel and I didn’t have to worry about anything except not making a fool out of myself in front of everyone.


I then sense a presence that chills me to my core, my mate. Why was he here? I soon got my answer as Kyle shook his hand and smiled widely at him. Kyle Turned around and looked at me, then taking my hand and squeezing it making me relax.




"Dux this is Mystique Larken, my date." Then he turns to look at me in the eyes, his bright blue eyes clash with my green ones. "Misty this is Kent Dux, my beta." Well my luck keeps getting better and better.



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