Dramione and the Order of the Phoenix

Hermione knows Draco for four years now and denying her feelings for him is useless. Together, they grow strong but Draco wants to introduce her to his world. Will she stay with him for love or choose her best friends over him? After all friendship is more important and Draco could as well just work her and her friends, right?

**All the people to this book and the places belong to the one and only, lovely J.K.Rowling. I owe my childhood to her.**


17. The Truth about the happenings

The Truth about the happenings


"Do you really think, Draco only uses you?", Harry asked me carefully, after I had explained the weird happenings to them.

"It's not like I told you right away, isn't it?", Ron replied, obviously proud of himself.

Harry and I were just as surprised as Ron, as Ginny slapped her brother in the face.

"Ronald!", she yelled at him, "how can you be so heartless? Hermione is really worrying about the guy she loves and you just care about being right? That's just sick. It's really no surprise, you're single."

"But, I was right!", he defended himself.



"Why was Ginny actually defending Malfoy?", Harry asked me, back in the common room.

"I don't know," I admitted, "I'm curious too. Perhaps, because she knows, how it feels, trusting the wrong people? Besides that, we're pretty good friends." My answer seemed pretty accurate, still I was wondering, what the real reason was, not knowing, that I would find out, soon enough.

"Harry, would you mind, if I watched you training Quidditch today?", I asked him, as he was about to leave.

"No, of course not. I can understand if you'd rather spend time with us today. Nevertheless, feel free to leave, when it's boring," he offered. I hugged him, gratefully, as Ginny appeared.


"Where are we going, Ginny?", I wanted to know.

"Be patient and have faith in me," she answered, for the 7th time already.

"Thank you, Ginny," I heard a familiar voice, "you can open your eyes know, Mione."

I have never been as surprised, as after opening my eyes. It was just beautiful, Draco, standing in the middle of thousands of roses. Red roses, my favorite flowers and Draco, my favorite friend. He had placed a blanket on the floor, some cushions and food on top of it.

"What's that for?", I carefully asked.

"The apology, for what you have probably witnessed this morning. You have to know it wasn't me, making out with Pansy. It was Goyle, who had taken some Polyjuice Potion. I would never make out with someone, apart from you, especially not Pansy," he answered.

Whatever he had wanted to add, I took advantage of the short break and kissed him.

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