Dramione and the Order of the Phoenix

Hermione knows Draco for four years now and denying her feelings for him is useless. Together, they grow strong but Draco wants to introduce her to his world. Will she stay with him for love or choose her best friends over him? After all friendship is more important and Draco could as well just work her and her friends, right?

**All the people to this book and the places belong to the one and only, lovely J.K.Rowling. I owe my childhood to her.**


10. Taking a walk

Taking a walk


I was so upset with Ron being an ignorant idiot, that I voluntarily sat down at the Slytherin table. Did the school rules actually allow this? To be honest I did not care, but I was afraid of Draco being told off. I was so angry about Ron, tha in fact I did not even care about the people staring at me. Draco pulled me closer to him and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

"Finally," he whispered, "finally, you are mine Mione."

Mione...my first nickname ever. No, my first nice nickname ever. I giggled, which was unusual for me, but I just had to. Pansy glared at me. If staring could kill, I'd be dead a thousand times by now.



After dinner, we decided to take a walk around the lake and stepped outside. It was pouring and it took him some time to convince me, to still go for a walk. The second I agreed, he grabbed my hand and walked down the steps. My hair got wet, but I did not even care, while having him around me. The lakeside, opposite to Hogwarts, was beautiful, obviously Draco had planned this evening. A blanket was lying on the floor, covered in rose petals, already lit candles, heart-shaped around the blanket. Obviously, he had been intelligent enough, to put a charm around it, so the candles wouldn't go out. Also the blanket was dry, so I sat down and waited for him to join me.



He sat down behind me and started massaging my shoulders.

"Don't worry Mione," he whispered in my ear, "I put enough charms around this place, to make us invisible."

I smiled at his words, thinking about how much he must have learned, just to prepare this. He gently started kissing my neck and pulled me back, so my head lay on his lap. Slowly, he pulled my shirt off my body and placed it in a basket. Then he lifted my head and placed it upon the cushion, he had brought. First, he kissed my neck again, then he slowly kissed my stomach downwards and opened my jeans. As I wanted to help him removing my pants, he kissed me on my lips and slowly pushed me back.



"Mione," he said and I loved this nickname more, every time he used it, "stop. Let me do this for you today."

I silently agreed, but did not say anything aloud, too afraid of ruining the mood. After he had undressed himself and only wore his boxer shorts, he climbed on top of me and kissed me again. He held my head with both hands and I ran my hands through his hair, not willing to ever let him go again.


Half an hour later, we lay on our backs, more than satisfied. It was the best feeling I ever had and climbed upon him, as he lay there. We both wore our underwear again, but I only planned kissing him anyways.

"No Mione, stop," he chuckled, "you'll make me mad. I will never let you go again, if you do more sexy things to me."

"If that is your final word," I said and he grinned as I came closer.

I grabbed his head and forcefully pressed my lips on his, while he grabbed my butt once again. His hands were pulling more than ever and his tongue was forcing it's way ito my moutuh. Sometime later he released me again and I got dressed.

"We should do this again," I sighed breathlessly, "just next time, you will be the one relaxing."

He smiled and kissed me on my cheek.

"We'll see," he whispered "we'll see."

Slowly we walked back to the castle, holding hands, not caring about the pouring rain.

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