Dramione and the Order of the Phoenix

Hermione knows Draco for four years now and denying her feelings for him is useless. Together, they grow strong but Draco wants to introduce her to his world. Will she stay with him for love or choose her best friends over him? After all friendship is more important and Draco could as well just work her and her friends, right?

**All the people to this book and the places belong to the one and only, lovely J.K.Rowling. I owe my childhood to her.**


15. More coincidences

More coincidences


"Did you seriously demand respect from Hermione?", Draco asked annoyed, "don't you stupid girl know, that Mione is the only girl - wait, no, she's the only student who does not make fun of you? She's the only one, who feels sorry for your stupid, useless and uninteresting death. She's the only one, who wishes, you had some ghost friends. She's the only one, who even cares about you, how dare you disrespect her? You are...Mione are you crying?" 

Shocked by my tears, he embraced me and carefully stroke my hair. I was sobbing too much, to tell him that I was just touched, by how much he cared about me and hid my face in his chest.   



"Stupid Myrtle," he moaned, as we walked towards the Slytherin common room. 

"Don't say that," I begged him, "she's just miserable, because she lives in a bathroom. Would you be happy all day? I bet not, at least I wouldn't."

"Maybe," he admitted, "but I would certainly not feel the need, to pick on the few people, who actually like me."

I mumbled in agreement, although I did not quite see it the same way, as him. 

"Draco," Snape's voice came from behind us, "don't you think it's a little late, to 'scare' Ms. Granger? If a teacher like Mrs. Sprout would see you, he or she would give you detention, for sure. I recommend you to seek a better place to hide, or just go straight to bed."  



"What's the matter, with all the teachers running around school at night?", Draco asked, after the Slytherin's common room entrance fell shut behind us.

"Dumbledore probably sends them out, to have an eye on the happenings," I suggested, "I think he's not fond of Professor Umbridge being here." 

Now it was him, who just mumbled.

"Do you really think, Dumbledore mistrusts Umbridge?", he wanted to know. 

"I don't know but let's think about that another time," I answered and kissed him, pushing him down on the sofa, he had stood in front of. 

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